Happy New Year and video…

Happy New Year, fellow bloggers.  I hope yours is blessed and happy and fun and memorable.

I thought I would share a quick video after getting a lot of questions on how I colored these butterflies…


I did these very quickly with Copic Markers.  However, there is a big disclaimer here: The way I did the coloring here isn’t the “correct” way to use Copics.  And this video doesn’t go into details about the markers or even show a true technique.  It just shows how I quickly colored these butterflies.  Fast… with no big planning of colors… messy since I was cutting them out… etc.  If you are looking for “real” Copic Marker techniques, you can do a youtube search and get great help.  But, if you want to see how I did the butterflies above, here you go…

And here are the notecards I made for my mother-in-law with these butterflies.  All the cards are Hero Arts colored notecards turned inside out, so that the white is on the outside.  I embossed them all with Cuttlebug, Quickutz or Sizzix embossing folders.  I then used matching scraps and greetings from Papertrey Ink.  Simple and fun.  (Put on a good movie and color.  Take the colored butterflies to your son’s swim lesson and cut them out as you watch. The butterflies will be done before you know it. 🙂

123109 Butterfly Cards

Here is a close-up of one of the butterflies.  This also shows the tad bit of glitter I added with a pen.  Just the right finishing touch…

123109 Butterfly Cards 2 

123109 Butterfly Cards 3

123109 Butterfly Cards 1
Supplies: Hero Arts butterfly stamps, Papertrey Ink greeting stamps, glitter pen, Hero Arts notecards, Cuttlebug & Sizzix & Quickutz embossing folders, black pen for antennae, Momentos Black Ink, Nennah Paper, Copic Markers.

Kay and I spent the day today making cards for the Cards for Kids card drive.  Some of the kids could use some extra encouragement right now, so the more cards the better.  We also made cards to send to Winter, who is collecting cards for St. Jude’s.  Please check it out HERE.

Ok… off to make cookies with Audrey.  We plan to deliver them to some of Ken’s mom’s friends tomorrow.  Just spreading some smiles.


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118 thoughts on “Happy New Year and video…”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m not sure “correct” is important when you have such gorgeous results!! 🙂 I am amazed at how you find the time to do all that you do!
    Happy new year!

  2. These cards are fabulous! I love the butterflies, and what a great set they make. I made a lot of card sets, and this is so inspiring! I really love the Hero Arts butterfly set. Thanks…happy new year!

  3. Wow! What eye candy that big colorful pile of butterflies are! I’m loving those new stamps too! Thanks for the video~ I’m going to have to give your quick copic marker method a try (maybe even tonight). 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for the video and samples :). I was wondering exactly which set of butterflies that was from? I tried the link you had but it wasn’t working for me.

    Thanks in advance

  5. You are such a gifted artist… I would be thrilled to have even half of your talents! I would love to know how you photograph your cards…what kind of camera and lighting… they look gorgeous on film… my cards look HORRID on film and so I haven’t posted any of my creations because of that!

  6. Thank you for another great video, Jennifer! I wish I can make such simply and yet gorgeous cards like you!

    Wish you and your family a very happy, health, and wonderful 2010!!

  7. The butterflies are beautiful. Did you cut out the antennae or did you draw lines on the cardstock after placing the butterflies? Ruth

  8. Thanks for sharing this quick method of coloring the butterflies. I would have thought you spent a long time on them to get the shading. I need to go try this!

  9. Love the cards- very simple yet beautiful. It doesn’t hurt that it ia an easy technique and clever use of the cards. Thanks for getting my creative juices flowing.

  10. NOT TO KATY – I am a beginner, and I love to emboss with my Cuttlebug. It is really easy, and you can pick it up inexpensively. It also does great diecuts. The only downside is it doesn’t do really large diecuts, or work on fabric and heavy material like thick chipboard.

    Jennifer – these are lovely. My daughter was just here, and she decorated canvas tote bags with Copic markers as Christmas gifts. They are beautiful. As I do not have her talent for freehand art, I was thinking about about making diecuts (with the two step iron on applique already applied, and paper still attached) and then decorate the diecuts.

  11. I love your butterfly cards! You come up with the cutest ideas…thanks for taking time out of your day to share your creativity with everyone!!!

  12. I really like the simple elegence of these butterfly cards you made! The colors are striking with the embossed card bodies. I also watched how you colored them, it worked very well!

  13. Hi Jen,
    Happy New year to you and your family. Thank you to for the video. Am I right that you cut those little antennae off that butterfly and then draw them in even though they are popped up…..or do you do something else? Yours look so perfect!

  14. Hi Jen!

    I stumbled onto your site about a month ago and have been HOOKED ever since! These cards are beautiful! Thanks so much for all the great videos–I’ve learned a tons thru all of ’em!

    Happy New Year!

  15. Jennifer – thank you so much for the great, quick video. I have been resisting Copics; however I think I’m going to join in the fun and buy my first few.

    Any suggestions on what colors and/or color sets to start off a collection?

  16. Jennifer – these are just stunning. Thanks for sharing your method… I am a quick & fast girl too!!! love that you don’t worry about the lines!!!
    Love the set that you created.

  17. I always love it when you do sets of cards b/c you come up with quick and simple designs that still look stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Hello, happy new year. I found your blog by chance and I loved the butterflies in your cards, seem to be in a garden full of flowers and lit them that a healthy, successful ABLE from Venezuela

  19. i love the cards! I’m going to go buy myself the butterfly stamp now. =D What stamps did you use for the greetings/words? They’re classy and simple. I love them!

  20. Hi Jennifer- love the butterflies. So beautiful. On a different note…didu catch the bachelor tonight? It’s going to be a good one! Have good night!

  21. Your butterflies are gorgeous! Who cares about the technique as long as they come out as pretty as yours. It’s a fast way to color a lot of items, too. I bought this new set and love all the butterflies. In fact I really like all the new Hero Arts stamps. Wish I could afford all of them! Thank goodness my dogs gave me a gift certificate to our LSS.
    Happy New Year!
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  22. Missing your comments, cards, words of wisdom and videos! I get so used to looking at your blog everyday, when you don’t post for three days, I really miss it! I know you have a busy life with a family, job, and other things to do, which I totally understand! I just wanted you to know how much I love reading your blog and getting inspiration, tips and techniques from you. You’re the best, Jennifer. Thanks!

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