Happy birthday giveaway… news… links… oh my!

Lots of randomness for ya today.

First, today is the birthday of one of my favorite friends, Tim Holtz.  I tell ya, this guy is a good one.  Loyal, genuine, real and so stinkin' funny.  Oh, and yes, I guess you could call him talented, too.  :)  In honor of his birthday, I thought I would have a giveaway of a few of his products that I had extras of.  (Includes a set of his cling stamps, a Distress Ink and two Distress Stickles.)


I picked a winner from a previous post (you never know when I am going to do this!) and the winner is Kelli!  I emailed ya.


In case you didn't see, two very kind and talented scrappers now have their own product line.  I admire this so much – I never would be able to do it!  But these two will create amazing stuff without a doubt.  First is Elizabeth, who will have a line with one of my favorite companies, American Crafts.  Next is Margie, who will have a line with Advantus.  I can't wait to see it at CHA!  Congrats to these girls!


Kate – one of the girls we collect cards for in our card drive – really needs some prayers.  She got some bad news today that her tumor is still in her brain, with blood vessels running through it.  They were hoping it would be gone, but are now trying to figure out what is next.  Please pray for Kate… and especially for her family who are having a rough day.  Thanks.


Thought I would share a layout from this month's Creating Keepsakes.  It shows photos of my nieces and nephew in Africa opening cards that I collected here in my first card drive.  (They had recently left the US and moved to Africa with their parents to do mission work.  We collected cards of encouragement.)  They LOVED the cards and I was so glad that Kristin took these photos for me.

010710 Cards for Kids
(c) Creating Keepsakes (shows using rub-ons on metal circles)


Time for cool links:

  • Kathy has been creating fun new things lately – check THIS and BIG GIVEAWAY HERE.
  • Kandis did AMAZING pages HERE.
  • Adorable card HERE.
  • Stunning cards HERE.

Off to do some work.  Oh, and Go Longhorns!

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79 thoughts on “Happy birthday giveaway… news… links… oh my!”

  1. you are tooo sweet! Thanks for all the links – and yes Kate and her family will be in my prayers.
    Take care!

  2. Because of your blog, I learned about Kate and have been following her really tough journey. I was so hoping and praying for better news. The good thing, is that the tumor has shrunk—would have been very scary if it hadn’t. Thank you for all of the good things you do Jennifer.

  3. Cute layout! I’m assuming your family is still in Africa. Hope they are doing well. Like the goodies you are sharing with all of us. I’ll have to go over to Tim’s blog and wish him a Happy Birthday. I also like how you send us to other blogs. I now subscribe to a lot of them. Thanks for sharing.
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  4. Thank you for sharing Tim’s birthday … will give him a shout-out! LOVE this giveaway and it sure would look great sitting on MY studio table! Thanks for this opportunity. Sad news about Kate — prayers offered up!

  5. Love the layout, so glad you have shared the photos of them opening the cards 🙂
    I will defintely include Kate and her family in my prayers.

  6. My preayer for Kate, Jennifer… Birthday wishes for Tim. And that’s a pretty layout. Hope everyone of yours in Africa are doing well.. And thanks for sharing other blogs. Kathy’s blog, as well as yours, are already long time on my “Adorable Blogs” on the rightside bar ofmy blog.

  7. I love the layout! Great job. Love Creating Keepsakes, fantastic ideas. You give so much inspiration for layouts. I love it. My thoughts go out to Kate and her family. Blessing to you all.

    Shannon N.

  8. nice layout! so cute with the cards…luv your work …ty for the heads up on Tims birthday..sent wishes….wish CHA would come to MI! just too far to go…I keep up with kate..so hard…tugs my heartstrings for sure..ty for all the great links all the time, but I might have to quit looking! It keeps me in the den and not in my scrap room ! lol…good luck to the gang…cher

  9. Hi Jenn tell Tim Happy Birthday for me! I am continually praying for Kate and just wanted to check in here to let everyone know there is a live video stream right now with people praying for Kate! Off to go pray love ya!

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, all your links…. you are one of the few blogs I check EVERY day….. I really do value your opinion. Thank you for sharing….

  11. the cards for kid I so wonderful!!! It would not matter when the kids get them, just getting them would be a treasure within it’s self. Thanks for a chance to win a wodnerful prize in honor of one of (and I agree) funniest and talented artist!! Happy Birthday Tim!!

  12. Im new to your blog and loving it, I love your thoughfulness caring ways. I will and did pray for Kate and her family. I love what you and your family is doing for others in Africa. I also think Tim is great (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM) I love watching him on videos he’s so talented and so doe’s so well showing what he can do I understand it. Very great guy, remember him from Carol Duvall when I first found out about him. Great guy and your Great also. Thanks and so glad I found your blog. Blessed new year to you and your family.

  13. Such a special experience your niece and nephew are living and the layout is so beautiful…love the way it captures the look in the eyes on the children like they are savoring every minute. I appreciate you sharing the news of your friends starting their own companies and I will be sure to check them out. Thanks for taking the time for all your posts and you are a gem to include mine. Hugs,kathy

  14. thanks for sharing your goodies and Happy Birthday to Tim! Hopefully this comment will post, last time I tried it I ended up on a strange page and made me create a blog! I know, very funny, guess I don’t know much about computersafter all =)

  15. Thank you so much for continuing to share and inspire me daily! I have followed Kate’s journey all because you cared enough to share with us. She and her family will continue to be in my prayers. Thank you for all that you do 🙂


  16. Well happy birthday to the lovely Mr Holtz! Great LO Jennifer, such a beautiful family. Sad news about Kate, will be thinking of her and her family.
    Hugs to you, Jo x

  17. When I read the news about Kate it broke my heart. this girls has thouched the lifes of many; and this many are praying for her and her family.
    I knew about Kate thanks to your blog. My heart and prayers are with kate and her famly!

  18. Happy Birthday to Tim!
    Thanks for sharing your goodies and
    great LO Jennifer, such a beautiful family.

    Kari 🙂

  19. Happy Birthday to Tim!!! Awesome LO Jennifer. It saddens me to hear of these children suffering so. TFS!!!

  20. Hi Jennifer, I am new to your site….great site…full of motivation and inspiration…my prayers for the little girl.

  21. Hi Jennifer,

    Definitely will say a prayer for Kate. You are truly a special human being in your efforts to help those in need. and love the layout!

  22. Jennifer

    I just love how much fun the children look like they are having opening the cards. Lovely design on your layout too.

    Wow…great inspiring links. I took notes to make cards using some of these ideas.

    Sorry I have been MIA. I have been making card kits this week. Also, dealing with Kaitlin she cut 11 inches of her blonde curls off in the middle of the night. I am so sad she did this as it was all her soft baby curls and now her hair is straight.

    Sandi N.

  23. Wonderful layout. And I love your randomness … just makes me smile. I’ve been a Tim Holtz fan for several years now … he just ROCKS my world.

  24. Such a nice layout, the kids look like they had fun looking at all the cards they received. A Great big Happy Birthday to T!m who is probably at Disneyland spending the day with Mickey, I`ll go to his blog to wish him a Happy Birthday there also.

  25. Awesome Tim Holtz goodies! I played along with his 12 Tags of Christmas for the first time this year and some of these stamps were featured!

  26. Happy Birthday to Tim Holtz! I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for all the speed links, I have founds some fabulous blogs through you!

  27. Jennifer, your blog has so inspired my creative projects and my action for community service. I appreciate all the many links to new people and inspiration.

    Thanks for what you do and who you are!

    And Happy Birthday Tim Holtz–such great products you create.

  28. Thanks for these wonderful links. I really like your card-projects. I am thinking about starting a thing like that in Germany. It is so easy to make a card and you can bring so much joy and encouragement to the kids and their familiy.

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