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Every time I go to CHA, I plan to get great photos.  And video.  And it never happens.  It is such a crazy busy time and I end up regretting the lack of photos afterward.

But I did get some (not so great) photos with my iPhone.  Thought I would share them here for a bit of fun.  Notice that I have no photos outside of the Hero Arts booth.  Yep.  We were that busy!

Just randomly…

My Shari and I.  She calls me "my jemmifer" and I call her "my shari."


This is the adorable Lisa Johnson. She is so sweet, gorgeous and cheerful.  She was working the Marvy booth across from Hero.  If you have never been to her blog, you must check it out (HERE).


This is our demo area – where we have the Hero Arts make and takes. It actually only shows part of it – it is big.  They go on throughout the day.  This is my favorite part of the show – love showing people new techniques.  That is sweet Sally in there…


Here are two of Hero's original artists – Sally and Nancy.  They have been there for over 20 years and are such incredible people.  Sally is our fashionista and Nancy is our cheerful gal.  They both like to call themselves the "moms" of the group since they take care of us.  Love them both dearly.  Check out all the empty booze in front of them – ha – we thought it was funny. ๐Ÿ™‚


Here we are in class.  We all get so energized when we are teaching, and it shows in this photo.  That is Sally next to our crazy Shari.  Carol is in the middle – she is the amazingly organized one who preps our classes.  Let's just say: she rocks.  And that is Aaron, Hero's CEO.  He is the best boss ever and a great guy.  (And I am not saying that just because he may read this.  In fact, if he does read this, I will be embarrassed that he saw I said it.  Hee.)


Here are Lisa and Tami – two of the most talented artists I know.  And kindest!  They are showing off our new supplement – all woodmounted stamps.  This was during set up of the show.


And, yes, when I am with my Shari, our maturity level drops significantly.  ๐Ÿ™‚ Here we are trying on (ugly) hats in the hotel gift shop.  (Colin just looked over my shoulder and said, "Is that really you?  Are you with your Shari?"  Ha.)


What did I say about our immaturity?  Another example of my Shari…


Ever wondered what a big classroom looks like at CHA?  Here is one before class starts – 75 retailers in the class…


Oooooo… rubbah goodness here.  Be sure to look closely…


This is Lisa demoing our little girl stamps with Copic Markers.  She is sooooo good at this and it is so fun to watch her work.  Amazing stuff.


Check out that cutie!  That's Mr. Colin in Tim Holtz's Idea-ology booth.  It was a sample I made for him using his new papers and clocks.  Lovin' those clocks.  (I will share a better look at this project soon.)


Here is sweet, sweet Tami.  I am so excited she is working with us.  This girl is a delight.  Complete delight.  She led her first-ever make and take here and it rocked.


And here we are leaving the show.  Boy, were we exhausted.  That's Todd in the front (our VP and funny man), Tami, Shari (nice expression), Carol and Richele.  Wish I had a better photo of Richele.  She works with Hero, too, and is very talented, kind and hard-working.  Love her.


On thing you will quickly find out about us – we are a huggin' bunch.  We hug a lot.  ๐Ÿ™‚


That's all for the trip, but here are the iPhone pictures since I have been home.  Things are busy in our house.  We finally are redoing our downstairs bathroom.  They tore out the ugly tile and found 3" of concrete under it.  Not sure why, so they tore it out.  Here, you can see down into the basement.  Nice.


Just thought I would throw in cute Colin.  He was helping his daddy pick out a new coat.


And, here is my car.  I loved this car…


… but now I drive this.  It was realllllllly hard to switch to a minivan.  REALLY hard for me.  I just don't feel like a mini-van-mom.  But with Colin and the girls, and my parents and brother living close by, we really need it.  The third row of seats in the Pathfinder weren't great.  So, here is the new mini-van.  Sigh…


Yes, it had been a busy week. I am now tired…


I will be back with a real project tomorrow.  Take care…

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  1. How fun!!! Super photos from CHA, so glad to ‘see’ everyone! And yes….I know how it feels to NOT want a minivan….us moms have to be hip and cool too, you know! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Looks like a great time at CHA. I need to become a retailer just so I can go to CHA. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Totally with you on the mini-van thing – I resisted for SO long, but glad I finally caved. Distance in the vehicle makes for happier driving companions IYKWIM.

  3. I think that I need to but going to CHA on my “bucket list”! It would be awesome to see all that!!! Thanks for the post and welcome to the “minivan mom club” I am truly torn about our van, but it get me to where I want to (and need to) go! So I know what you mean about your “sigh”

    Great picts!!

  4. you should try the flex by ford. I have for boys and it works relly well. it is not a min van. but has the room like one. do you all just stay around your home towns. or do you go to places like salt lake.

  5. Oh… sigh! Someday I hope I get to visit a CHA and experience it. But your photos are the next best thing! So glad you had a good time! (and those wood mounts are beauties!!!)

  6. Great pics…looks like you had so much fun. The stamps look amazing…can’t wait to get a better look. Take a breather now and relax.

  7. I really enjoyed your photos! I also have a friend…she is ‘my Bethany. She is also a real nut. Love that! You just fall in love with some people. Glad you’re getting the rest you need! Looking forward to more posts.

  8. Oh Oh Oh – I saw a frog stamp that has MY name on it. Can’t wait to see this one in the store!!!!

    looks like you had a good time.

    And that face on Colin – is beyond adorable – glad you shared.

    Welcome home.

  9. After all that excitement, you definately need a rest! Love the expressions on Shari’s face…you have captured her true nature!

  10. Oh, I would love to do a ‘make and take’ with HA at CHA and see all the new goodies in real life and learn from the best!

  11. Great pics, thanks for sharing. Looks like such a fun group! I made the switch from an SUV to a mini-van about 6 months ago, feeling the same way (my son is 4 so close in age to Colin I think). Now, I love it. I hope you end up feeling the same way about yours.

  12. It looks like you had a great time. I can’t wait to see how you use some of the new goodies that were released there.

  13. Great photos, I’m still basking in the CHA glow…busy making samples for classes. I had so much fun meeting you all, I was a little star-struck! So happy you are home safe and sound!

  14. thanks for the pics. I would love to work for a company like that one day. LOVE the mini-van. I drive a little Nissan Sentra and would love to be able to afford a mini-van like that. Colin is too cute.

  15. Looks like you all had a super busy but fun time at CHA! The last photo of Roxy snuggled up with you makes my heart glad! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you all had such a good time! Sorry about the mini-van. I don’t blame you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully the adjustment period won’t take too long. Hope you are feeling better.

  17. I feel like I was at CHA-not quite, but almost ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks like a FAB time! So glad to see HA people working hard and having FUN (that’s importnat)! Love the peek of the new wooden stamps! Wow!

  18. Looks like a fantastic time!! Although, I know it was hard work!!
    I have a question…Kate (cards for Kate) will be going through a rough treatment and transplant in the next few weeks. She will be isolated to her hotel room for 4-8 weeks. Are you still collecting cards for her? I would love to send her another one.

  19. Thanks for sharing your CHA pictures… my favorite one is you and your Shari trying on the goofy green hats on. You look so happy, like you and your BFF really are having the time of your lives!
    P.S.~ Give Colin a squeeze for me… such a cutie!

  20. You are driving my mini-van…same color, same model! Love the pictures from CHA…am bummed that it won’t be back in Orlando this summer. Looks like so much fun.

  21. I love your pictures because they are just real! From real life! And that’s so cool! I wish I could be there but that will never come so at least I can enjoy those pics and feel the busy atmosphere of CHA. Thank you!

  22. Neat! Thanks for sharing all the behind the scene pics and peeps. I love hearing about the people that make companies tick.

  23. Hi Jennifer,

    I totally agree with you about the van. I didn’t consider myself a “van mom”, until I had my 2nd child. I have the same van you do, even the color, and I must say, I totally love it! It is so spacious and comes in handy when you are out and about with the kids. I especially love the automatic doors — great for when you have an armful of kids and shopping bags. It also comes in handy when it is raining and you are making a mad dash for the car! You will learn to love it, I’m sure and once you are used to driving it, it will feel like a car. You should see me whip that thing around! Ha! And it is a very “light” van…doesn’t feel heavy or clunky like some bigger SUVs and vans out there. Good luck!

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