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I know people were a bit uneasy/sad/unsure about some of the changes happening in the new year with Creating Keepsakes magazine.  I, too, will miss Ali and Becky's columns.  However, CK has many other great things up their sleeves that I think will be wonderful.  January's issue just arrived here and I love it.  I love seeing goodies from Maggie Holmes and other rockin' artists.  Really – very inspiring. If you don't get the magazine, be sure to check it out when you go to the grocery store or book store.  It has great stuff.

Here is one of my projects from the issue.  My article is still there and now has step photos for some of the projects.  I like that. This layout shows making a dimensional border with punches…

082409 CK Jan LO1
(c) Creating Keepsakes.  Photos by Lisa Russo.

This shows creating patterns with score lines on punched shapes…

082509 CK 6
(c) Creating Keepsakes.

Next… some fun links for today:

  • Fabulous card HERE by Mariana – one of my new favorite stampers.
  • Check THIS out.  Sweet Elisa Ingram shared some fun photos from her church group making cards for Kate.  What a great way to get kids to send cards to kids.  So giving.  Thanks, Elisa.
  • AMAZING cookie idea HERE by Erin Lincoln.  I am so doing this for Colin's school holiday program next week!!
  • Sweet Kristina has an adorable blog.  She can now help people with making over their blog.  Check out her post on 11/29.  She also has a lot of fun crafting inspiration often.
  • Sweet Kathy was the one who told me about Eric, the boy from our last card drive that passed away in October.  On her blog HERE, she shares about the great impact the cards had on their family.  Wow.  Thank you, Kathy. 

Off to blog surf.  More tomorrow!  Night. 🙂

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55 thoughts on “The new Creating Keepsakes”

  1. I really enjoy these posts of yours where you share places that inspire you. At first I think “Oh, I don’t have time to look at all those links right now” but I always do, and I’m always glad I did. So thanks 🙂 and p.s. i love that layout. it is so sweet to see boys being loved by their dads.

  2. Love your layout and card! With adorable pics and bright colors (esp. that bright blue background – so pretty), it’s just eye-catching! Your snowman card is amazing too – great detail w/ the diamonds.
    Thanks also for the links – so fun!

  3. Really glad to hear that you will still be doing an article for CK…I need to have some stability in my inspiration resources!

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    Yes, I just received my Jan. issue and I have highlighted so many pages….Loved your layout, so bright! Adorable pics too!

  5. Thanks for the sharing these links! I really enjoy going through them for inspiration!
    I love your layouts and absolutely love your column in CK!

  6. that is the most precious scrap page! I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing the update on Eric, too. Now I’m challenged to pull off some simple stamping despite all that’s going on… Big hugs to you for motivating and coordinating others to share love and encouragement with all these kids. THANKS!

  7. Jennifer,
    Loved the new issue of CK….I’ve already used several of your ideas…the hearts for butterflies. Thanks for always inspiring us…I also just used your gift card holder idea from earlier this week!


  8. Thanks Jennifer for sharing the snowman card. I look forward to your post each day. Even though Creating Keepsakes has made changes, change is good, even if we don’t want it at first.

    Thank you for making our lives happier!

  9. Jennifer

    I think it is wonderful you are still with CK. I did notice they had more of your designs/pages this month.

    Great money cards. Fun for teens:)

    Wow…I got lost in time seeing some of the goodness on these other blogs.

    Have a blessed day

    Sandi N.

  10. I agree….this issue of CK is fabulous! Loaded with good ideas. I was uneasy, but all fears are calmed now having seen the current issue and knowing you will still be coming to my mailbox each month 🙂
    Love the card and layout, as always, thanks for the inspiration!
    Blessed December to you!

  11. It’s a great issue..sad about the ones leaving but I must admit I immediately ripped through it to find you and make sure you were still there. It’s the first section if look though each month!!
    The Snowman card ROCKS!!!
    You’re always inspiring dear friend.

  12. Love the layout and card! Also like the links and great ideas. I’ve never read a CK mag, but will be on the lookout the next time I’m at the store.

  13. Yes, there were some beautiful projects in this month’s CK. I’m up in the air about the changes. Guess I just have to get used to them. I’m so happy your column is still there–I love it. Will really, really miss Ali’s column though and am not happy about that.

  14. Your LO of your son and hubby is sooo sweet and touching!!!! LOVE the use of the Flourish Background stamp….it is my all time favorite BG stamp!!!!

  15. Thanks for the links-I have missed Erin so much since she left the CKMB! Although I love seeing her projects pop up on the HA blog, I’m anxious to catch up on her blog posts. I’m so glad that you still have your article in CK-still waiting on my issue. 🙁

  16. Thanks Jen for highlighting the good in CK…I have read where many people are not satisfied with the current issue, but I absolutely LOVE it!!! I feel that with new faces, you are going to see new creativity. And I found your column to be SUPER user-friendly and very informative. Thanks for the hard work that you do each month to bring a little bit of your creativity to my scrapspace 🙂

  17. I haven’t gotten the magazine for a few years – maybe it’s time to take another look.

    I LOVE the way you did the border – very eye-catching.

  18. I picked up this magazine at the store last week because of this layout.:) It makes me smile – love the page, the journaling and the photos.

  19. Thanks for this information. I have been worried lately about the magazines. I like a paper issue to look at and take with me when I am away from home. I don’t subscribe to all the fance electronic phones, etc. Even if I didn, I still like the paper issue. I have subscribed to all of them and now some have gone electronic and my remaining issues are online………….I don’t have time to just sit online and look at them, so I am missing all of those issues. Also, some of the contributing authors, Ali, Becky, and others leaving made me feel like maybe I wouldn’t be receiving a paper issue. Change is good and I don’t mind issue changes as long as I get a paper copy to hold in my hands and to fall asleep with at night…………the laptop breaks when it crashes to the floor as I fall asleep!! Paper makes a much more acceptable sound as it hits the floor!

  20. SO sad to see some of them go from CK, but it’s great to see new faces. I’m glad your face is still there!!! You are amazingly talented. Love reading your blog and following you in your goings on. Is that stalking?! hahahaha Thanks for sharing your talent and your family with us. Merry Christmas!!!

  21. I have to say it completely blew my mind when I opened the newest CK issue and saw that Lisa B. was leaving it! I wondered if the mag was even going to stick around so I’m glad to hear your positive input. I’m always incredibly inspired and awe-struck by what you create, Jen! Your articles always leave me wanting more. You are so full of creativity! So glad we’ll still see you featured and I really appreciate your positive attitude about changes at the mag.

    Your pages and cards are amazing – thank you for sharing!!

  22. HI-
    Thanks for the great tips on the Hero Arts Blog! Always love your videos!
    And I too thought this months issue of CK was great! I’ll miss those ladies – but change can be OK! And – we can still check out their blogs when we need a fix! (But am so so happy you are still in the mag!!!
    Thanks for all your creativity and inspiration!
    -Kristin B.

  23. Your LO is too totally adorable – I had such a chuckle looking at the dynamics there. I love the way the pics are still the highlight in amongst your lovely decorating – beautiful!

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