Time for Giving…

Hi, there.

I am not great at asking people to donate money.  Instead, I ask people to send in cards. 🙂

But there are two things that I want to tell you about.  Two ways you can give a bit of money this holiday season to help others out.  Please just read them – they are both unique and powerful.  (And, if you are interested in photography, please check out the second one for sure!)


Many of you know that my sister-in-law, Kristin, and her family have moved to Liberia to run a dental clinic.  Their work is amazing and doesn't just stop there.  Kristin does a lot to help a local home for children – Mother Dewellie’s Orphanage Home.  In fact, she raised the money to get them their first beds a few months ago.  You can see them here…


Now, Kristin is looking to give a wonderful Christmas to the 16 sweet children in this orphanage.  For these children, this is simple – a day of full tummies and likely the first toy they have ever owned.  They estimate that this would only cost $30 per child.  If you are interested in donating to help Kristin give these children a great Christmas, please click HERE(ETA: If this link doesn't work, please email me and I can give it to you directly.)  Here are three of the children you would be helping.  Love their smiles…

Isa Pauline Flomo


There is an angel named Lidia.  She has a photography business called Oh So Posh Photography.  She is doing an amazing thing and starting a non-profit foundation to get photographs for family's of terminally ill children.  Wow.  She needs a bit of money to start it up, so you can donate HERE.  Also, if you are a photographer interested in getting involve, let her know. 

Lidia photographed Kate (the sweet girl from our card drives) and captured some amazing moments.  I beg you to watch the second slide show HERE The beginning shows drawings made by Kate's sister.  So moving. 

Please consider helping out Lidia. I know I will be.  And if money is tight, which I know it is for many, please just spread the word. 

Thanks for listening.  Here's to praying God blesses everyone this holiday season…

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33 thoughts on “Time for Giving…”

  1. Jennifer: Both stories touched my heart…I tried to click on the link “here” but it wouldn’t allow me to go any further..I wanted to find out about your sister in law’s cause and send something to her. I was touched at how they were able to by beds for the kids..In this day and age of materialistic holidays, I was touched that these kids need the very basic of things and would love to send her a little something.
    Praying for Kate and her family and hope to be able to do something for the photographer too…
    Take care and have a blessed holiday.

  2. I tried the link for Kristin’s Sweet 16 too, and got a Paypal error message.

    What a great reminder of how blessed most of us are and how such simple things are enough for many people in the world.

  3. hi there- I stumbled across your blog by following deux shabby chic on youtube and they mentioned you. anyhow, I would like to contribute money for the orphans- can you email me? the link is broken. thanks 🙂

  4. Jennifer I am so amazed by your sweet soul! I would so love for you to be in my family! Great causes, both…lovely pics of Kate and her family…you are doing amazing work on this earth! I would love to be able to donate but I simply cannot. I hail from MI…it is much worse here than people see on the news. We are heavily supporting our own right now..but there is always next year..God Bless you and your family, Cher

  5. Hey Jennifer can you send me the link to donate for the orphans..or update and I’ll check back tomorrow. You are so busy thinking of other’s that you barely have time to stamp. It’s just awesome how many lives that you have touched and I look forward to helping! Hugs,Kathy

  6. Thanks for sharing these Jennifer. Sometimes it all gets a bit crazy near Christmas and this is a great reminder to take a deep breath and get life and giving in perspective.

  7. I couldn’t get the link for you sister-in-law’s charity to work either Jennifer. If yo email it to me, I would like to make a donation.

  8. Both wonderful causes. I will do what I can. You are such a caring person – thank you for allowing your readers the opportunity to help others.

  9. Jennifer, thank you for sharing these two wonderful stories. Truly God is blessing those who help those in need. I will spread the word and see what I can do to help. It is fun to play the “Elf” when I can.

  10. Thanks for sharing the videos of Kate. It touched my heart it made me cry. I’ve hear of her story through you but this is the first time I cried. They’re a beautiful family and I’ll help pray to God for kate’s recovery. She’s just a little pretty girl…

  11. Jennifer

    I love reading of causes like this. It reminds me there
    is still goodness in this world in helping other.

    I am talking with DH to see what we can do:)

    Sandi N.

  12. Jennifer,
    Do not feel guilty for asking for money for good causes. You do so much for others and we can quickly see that these are very worthwhile causes. It is very humbling to see the work that your s-i-l and her family are doing. They are truly inspiring.

  13. Jennifer, I’ve been following Kate’s story since you originally posted it. I leave comments for the family, letting them know that we are praying for them always. I’m so inspired from the work you sis-in-law is doing. How wonderful for these children to have such angels. Thank you for reminding all of us what this season is all about.

  14. Thank you so much for making these needs known! I think you’re pretty amazing yourself. I am so touched by these photos and also by your eagerness to help people in need. Thank you for the ways you’re reaching out to so many!

  15. Jennifer-Thanks so much for providing the link to Lidia’s foundation. It’s such a poignant example of how one person can inspire many to do good things.

  16. thanks, Jennifer, for bringing things like this to our attention for us to share and pray in numbers. Your sister in law and all those like her will certainly be in my prayers tonight…any you, too, for being the wonderful person you are.

  17. There is NOTHING like photos of your loved one, they become priceless after they’re gone. What a beautiful idea!!

  18. Jennifer – I love your blog and always look forward to new postings. Please email the link to help with the orphanage.

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