So sorry I disappeared there for several days.  I was out at Hero Arts out in California and I just adore being there.  The team is so passionate, loyal, FUN, kind, generous, loving and brilliant.  I enjoy those moments with them, so I never really got out my computer to post. I am not just saying this so you all think Hero Arts is as wonderful as I do.  I just am telling you this because I always like to hear of good companies out there.  Makes me feel better about the world, ya know? 

Anyway… I have a giveaway for a lucky winner.  I have been trying lots of adhesives to find one to replace my discontinued kokuyo adhesive.  (By the way, I hear someone supposedly is buying the line, but not sure if that is true.)  I found one I think is good – the Tombow Permanent Adhesive Dots Dispenser.  So I thought i would give one away here, along with my absolute favorite foam adhesive – the EK Success 3-D Dots White Adhesive Foam Squares.  They come in 1/16" and 1/8" thick – I use both.  LOVE them.  Anyway, here is what the winner is getting…


And the lucky winner is… CraftyGirlfromMG!  I will email you.  (By the way, I am now giving away stuff randomly to someone who left a comment on the post from the day before.  Love the unexpected gifts. 🙂

082309 Thanks Butterfly U
Supplies: Click HERE.

I am going catch up with life-online.  If you have anything worth sharing, let me know. 

Oh, and am I the only one who JUST realized that Thanksgiving is next week?  Oh my. 


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173 thoughts on “Home!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with a good company. I think that we all can use positive news once in awhile. And, I do think of that when I am out shopping.

  2. Glad you are home safe! Keep us posted on the Kokuyo line – it was my favorite adhesive – I would LOVE it if someone took over the line!!!!

  3. Glad to hear you love the company you work for! You don’t hear that so much anymore! Don’t worry about Thanksgiving! It’ll all come together! And what’s most important is that you are with your family enjoying each other!! You cares if you forget to buy the turkey?? LOL Happy holidays!

  4. Those EK Success 3-D Dots are my new favs! I love the height they give to any project, and they hold so well! I’m so jealous!

    Oh! I love your card, too! You’re always so full of inspiration!

  5. Glad you had such a good time in California. I have been a Hero Arts fan since the day I started stamping 30 years ago?? Wow I feel old now. Thank you for the chance to win some adhesive. I have four rolls of Kokoyu left–bought up as much as I could when I heard. I loved that product so much. It would be great if someone bought the product.

  6. Jennifer,
    I love your blog, you are so full of truly creative ideas! I also liked to check out the blogs of some of your crafty friends, why did you remove their blog sites? Just wondering.

  7. Love, love butterflies. This card is amazing.
    Have you tried Scrapbook Adhesives E-Z Runner adhesive? It’s my fav.
    Glad you had time at Hero, I bet it is an amazing time.

  8. Welcome Back Jen! You’re card is really pretty.
    Thanks for sharing it.
    AND yes…it is alarming how quickly time passes, I too can’t believe Thanksgiving is less then a week away.
    Appreciate the info on adhesives as I too was wondering what I was going to do now that Kokuyo is not an option.
    All the best.

  9. What fun it must be to visit Hero Arts!
    And HOW did Thanksgiving sneak up like that!! I was going to make a bunch of stuff – –
    will I find time?

  10. First, I LOVE this card using that new cling stamp…..I have one on the way, and cannot WAIT to ink it up!! AND, re: being the only one who didn’t realize Thanksgiving was next week, you have a friend in NJ, my little sister, who is hosting TG this year! So glad she realized what time it was before the big day!!

  11. Oh no… kokuyo adhesive is being discontinued??? I wonder why I couldn’t find the refills. drats! Thanks for letting us know about the Tombow perm. dot adhesive. 🙂

    Beautiful card.

  12. I’m getting more and more convinced that I should get into Hero Arts. Now, to find someplace that sells it. BTW I love your site and your cards. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing the list of kids to send cards to.

  13. Love the coloring on the butterfly and flowers. Thanks for the recommendation about the foam squares. I keep trying different ones to see what I like best.

  14. I switched to the Tombo as well, and so far I like it. Love the card…I am that much closer to investing in Copic Markers so I can create the same boldness. Thanks Again!

  15. Ok, I will try this adhesive out. I have loved the Kokuyo brand and am SO sad I can’t find it anymore. The Tombo adhesive I have is like a glue runner and so far, not too impressed with it. I don’t think it glides very easy. And what would we do without the pop dots?? I love them and try to pop something out of most everything I make 🙂 It’s all the bling and pop! LOL

  16. Your card is beautiful! And it is crazy that Thanksgiving is in one week! I need to get moving on that! But today had way too much fun reorganizing my craft room, I can feel the creativity flowing back into my veins as I keep organizing! Love it!

  17. GULP…next week????? Where is the time going? I’m glad you enjoyed your time with Hero Arts Jennifer! Beautiful card too!

  18. It’s great to hear you share about a company you love, and it’s always nice to hear about how you love your job! We should all be so lucky as to do what we love for our job, right? This card is awesome, I love that butterfly and the dimension you achieved. Lucky girl winning those fun adhesives! Thanks for the tip on them!

  19. Yes, Thanksgiving is next week – and then…. I guess I’d better get working on my CHristmas cards!

  20. Hi and welcome home! Nice to get away and have a great time..dont worry..if u dont post we know something important is first! I loved that adhesive as well..so if u find out we can still get it ANYWHERE let me know! I will order a case! Your card is lovely..as usual…congrads to your random winner…u are sweet to do such nice things…and yes, turkey time is upon us…but my son will not be here…but my daughter will YEAH! Enjoy the season…we sure do! xox Cher

  21. I am also just realizing that Thanksgiving is next week. I’ve been busy at work and have a baby with a cold. The fall and winter also sneak up on me now that I live in a warm climate. I am from Dayton (not too far from the Cincy area) and am used to the weather reminding me that the Holidays are coming.

    Thank you for sharing your favorite (old and new) adhesives. I like to find ones that work well for both card making and scrapbooking 🙂

  22. It was great to hear you had a good trip, but there is certainly no place like home!! On the subject of adhesives, I think I own everyone ever invented. I have to say that I have never liked tape adhesives; but I am loving my Glue Glider. I have not had a problem with it coming apart at a later date. (now if only I could make a card/LO that I want to keep long term!! LOL!!) Thanks for everything you do.

  23. Love the card, especially the color combination. I realized Thanksgiving is 7 days away when I had to start my “to do” list today. I have a planner. Listing things to do starting one month prior. All the way up to the day of. Seriously. How else does one feed 30 people???

  24. I think that this card is one of the best you have done. Thanks so much for creating the things that gets our juices going.

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