Can’t think of a title…

… but I am posting anyway. 🙂

Just a quick post tonight before working on the new card drive post. :)  And, just fyi – we will be posting the final list of Cards for Kate and Eric soon and then we will pick prizes.  (But, yes, you can still send in cards for Kate and Eric's family.  It just won't be for this round of prizes.)

I also should give a shout out to my dad.  He has ended up being the kind soul who goes to the post office every single day to pick up all the cards you send in.  Dad, you rock.

Thanks for all the kind comments.  I really like what Tim wrote again on his blog today (don't tell him I said that – again – ha) about really feeling motivated by hearing from you all.  In fact, I am starting today to make a better effort of leaving comments on my favorite blogs, too.  I rarely take the time to do so, but I realize that is wrong – it only takes a few seconds, ya know?  (I will also continue to share some of the gems I find out there on twitter.)  Also, he is right – when you give you get – so I will doing more prizes from random comments.  (I have some prizes planned for the next few days…)

These are some cards I did back in the spring, but I don't think I have shared them yet.  Everything is Hero Arts and Bazzill cardstock.  Some pieces were cut with my Silhouette.

050709 Lots of Flowers

050709 Stars Celebrate 

050709 Butterfly
Supplies: Hero Arts stamps, Bazzill Cardstock, Silhouette die cuts, Creative Impressions ribbon


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227 thoughts on “Can’t think of a title…”

  1. ALWAYS LOVE your cards Jennifer!!!…you just have the right nack of combining elements so they look so pleasing to the eye!!!!
    Have a wonderful evening 🙂

  2. Jennifer, You asked, you get. You may get overwhelmed. I watch your videos at 2 peas, and then watched a lot of the ones you have on your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I have learned so much. YOU ROCK!

  3. I hope Hero Arts realizes what an asset you are to them, I can honestly say that more than half my heroes were purchased because I saw your stunning artwork. My only question is , If I have all the same product(purple butterfly card) why can’t I ever think of it first???
    Thanks for posting such stunning work, it gives me hope!

  4. I am taking a quick break from doing my holiday invitations and doing my daily blog check. I just saw something on Ali Edwards’ site about taking the time every day from now till Thanksgiving to post one thing we are thankful for. So I clicked on over here to say, “I am thankful for your creativity and inspiration.” Truly, between the blog, the tweets, the online classes (ah, nine weeks of color and paint, what could be better except with chocolate?), and the AMAZING thoughtful things you do for others, I am thankful that I have a chance to “know” you! Thanks so much for all you do!

  5. Jennifer, are the leaves in the first card a stamped image or did you cut them from other paper? I LOVE that card and plan to copy it! I’m new to your blog, but I’ve already found a couple of cool ideas that I’m anxious to try!

  6. I love these cards. I really really do need to get some of that ribbon!! It is just awesome and looks perfect on whatever you use it on!!

  7. I forget to comment, you are right, it only takes a minute. Thanks for being a bright spot on the internet, the news is never so positive! Love the cards.

  8. I made your crockpot Taco Soup for tonight’s dinner. Loved it! The kids liked it too!!! A very good thing…..:) Thanks for sharing Jennifer.

  9. I love the stars and the butterfly card! I like it when you show “old” cards, because I might actually have the stamps! That butterfly is soooo versatile! How about featuring it on a New Year’s card? Maybe I’LL try that soon!

  10. I remember reading a blog where the writer mentioned she tried to take the time to leave at least 5 posts a day, to let people know they were read and appreciated. I liked that and I’ve tried to do at least the same ever since. Love your cards. The first one is sublime.

  11. Jennifer, I do try to leave comments on most of the blogs I visit. I figure that if I get an idea, I need to compliment that person for inspiring me. I get very inspired by your blog and copy a lot of cards you make. I like all the card samples today, especially the one with the green ribbon and flowers. I really like the pearls off to the side. It’s a touch of elegance. Have a great rest of the week.
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  12. Well, I for one would like to start with an apology. 24 hours does not pass that I don’t stop by to “see” you. Everything that you do is such an inspriation. Not just your endless creativity, your boundless generousity as well. Thanks for all you do. You have made me a better person.

  13. Luv them all! Good thing I don’t have to choose one 🙂 I’ll have to come by more often than I do & get more inspiration. Thanks!

  14. I love how the dots on the green ribbon are echoed by the dots on the leaves. I learn so much from your designs. Thanks for sharing and being such a generous person in everything you seem to do.

  15. Ooh, I love how you combined the backgrounds stamps with the swiss dot bazzill cardstock. Genius! Your blog is always such an inpiration to me and I love the fresh ideas you’re providing for some stamps I own, but am not using enough. 🙂

  16. Beautiful cards, especially the brown one!! Thanks so much for blogging so frequently. I must confess that I look forward each day to seeing what you have posted. You brighten my day and inspire me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  17. Great cards. You know what I love about your cards with ribbon? How you layer things on top and around the tied part. I love it!! Like always you are an inspiration.

  18. Jennifer…I am guilty of not leaving comments as well..I just have such a hard time with the different choices like google, aim, mr. linky…can’t figure them out really! So I feel stuck no being able to leave a comment when I often times really want to do so. I loved all your videos on 2 peas but it would not let me leave a comment there! So frustrating! Anyhow…your work is the bomb! Such simple elegance all the time! You do inspire me…and I am sure everyone else too! Kate’s story is heavy on my heart, as well as Eric’s..I am a bit swamped myself the last month after being sick for 7 weeks…but I plan to contribute soon. It is not about the is about making folks smile…which I always do when I read your posts and see your work…TY for being you! and sharing with all of us, Cher

  19. Love these cards! Especially the star one 🙂 I’m always so amazed at all your cards. They always “look like you” lol, but never the same! ( I hope that makes sense 🙂 )

  20. Jennifer you’re crafting is just so inspiring! I love coming and seeing what you are creating and all the wonderful tutorials! I just love your work and often find myself so inspired to create art! thank you for your talent!

  21. You are so right, Jennifer! I normally comment on every blog I visit (not many), but I always shy away from making comments on your blog! I guess every time I looked at how many comments you have and think that you have more than you can handle and you don’t really need my silly comments! I will do better from now on! 🙂

    Gorgeous cards as always, Jennifer! Love your colors, design and the coloring on the butterfly! Thanks again for the daily inspirations!

  22. Thanks Jennifer for sharing such beautiful work. Also, reading your post about your Dad going to the post office made me think about how many people there are out there behind the scenes so to speak, who work hard, for nothing, just to help. So a big shout out to your Dad from the UK to say thanks too!! Take care, Solance xx

  23. Jennifer — thank you for sharing your talented gifts with us….you are such an inspiration and I wish I had 1/4 of your creativity!! I very much enjoy all of your emails and appreciate the time that you spend in making our worlds a little brighter!!

  24. Simply–thanks for being you. I appreciate how you shared your ideas and talents. I appreciate how you have created opportunities for all of us to share our ideas and talents.

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