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I am so happy to be part of the Giving Thanks Blog Hop going on with some great friends of mine in the industry.  (A big thanks to Stephanie for setting this up!)  Throughout the week, you will be able to follow this hop around to see some celebrations of gratitude and creativity.  (Everyone may not post each day but you can be sure there will be things happening still.)

I thought I would share this week some things I am thankful for.  (And try not to get to cheesy while doing so – ha.)  Tonight, I am so grateful for all you crafters who sent in amazing cards for Kate and Eric.  It is simply wonderful – I wish you could all see the piles of cards we have gotten.  And, as a thank you, be sure to come back tomorrow.  We will be announcing some of the winners of the big prizes we offered!  So excited.

In the meantime, be sure to check out these great blogs.  They will make you smile…

Debbie Hodge
Kelly Purkey
Lisa Dickinson
May Flaum
Patti Milazzo
Stacey Kingman
Stephenie Hamen
Margot Potter
Lain Ehmann
Margie Romney-Aslett
Rhonna Farrer
Wendy Smedley
Jodie McNally
Liz Hicks
Becky Novacek
Elizabeth Kartchner http:

More for this blog hop soon. I am off to bed.  Night!

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24 thoughts on “Giving Thanks Blog Hop”

  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of the focus on family. It’s a shame it usually gets lost between Halloween and Christmas. No frantic gift buying, no rush to decorate . . . just time to cook and be with those most important to us. How nice!


  2. How is it that I’m already subscribed to most of those people? Interesting. Thanks for introducing me to Google Reader, by the way! It’s changed my life.

  3. Thank you for the videos…they are awesome and helpful to an old gal like me who works 3-11 and unable to get to many classes at my LSS.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving. I work. SOmeone has to in the hospitals and it is my turn.
    God bless
    Kim Jones

  4. Thanks for the blog list I checked some out and found some great ideas. I like when you have the links set up so we can just click on it and it appears. Very convienient.

  5. A giving thanks blog hop sounds wonderful Jennifer! Looking forward to hopping around all the blogs. Thanks for all the links too.

  6. Thank you Jennifer for your blog and share so much goodness and creativity through it. It has been so inspirational visiting and reading your postings- plus the way you like to help people out there as well as spreading the kindness everywhere.
    I have myself lots of things to be thankful too – and the greatest thing is that we have opportunities to find and know people who cares and makes difference in the world. Please consider yourself as one of them.

    Happy THksgiving Day and everyday!

    Love, Lya

  7. I am grateful for these inspirational blogs! Thanks for passing along your ideas each day. I like how you link to other blogs for us to view. I use to follow 2 blogs, now my favorites list is never ending! I enjoy keeping up with them all! Thanks Again!

  8. I think we all need to be reminded to stop, take a breath and look around at all we have to be thanksful for….hope that doesn’t sound too CHEESY!

  9. I love to give give give!!! I will have to check these blogs out later today after work!! gives me something to look forward to. THANKS JENNIFER!

  10. Love Thanksgiving and I’m so thankful because for the 3 yr now, my whole family will be together – about 32 of us! And I’m thankful for my fellow cardmakers. We have been making cards for

  11. Something I am grateful for is your inspiration. You share yourself with us, and we gratefully read, experiment, and grow in the craft we all love so much.
    Thanks so much for all you show us.

  12. Hi Jennifer,

    Just a quick thank you for sharing the link to Kate dancing her little heart out. I’ve visited many youtube sites with videos dedicated to her and I’ve fallen in love with her. She has the MOST BEAUTIFUL EYES EVER! I listen to Audrey Assad’s song about Kate over and over again…were it not for you championing Kate’s cause, I would likely never have known about her plight.

    So today…I’m grateful for you.

    God bless you and yours,
    Barbara (in Atlantic Canada)

  13. Congratulations to all the winners!!! I love Thanksgiving because of the closeness of family. Everyone just seems to be grateful for so much. This holiday always gives me the warm fuzzies.

  14. These blog hops are so much fun, and Thanksgiving is a great holiday to use as a theme. Thank you for the inspiration and links to further inspiration, Jennifer!

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