A Giveaway!

Hey there! 

I am sick with a bad cold, but I wanted to hop on here to give away something wonderful.

The absolutely adorable Shimelle offered me to give a spot to her online class that starts tomorrow!

Here is a peek at her amazing creations…


The class starts tomorrow (Tuesday, 12/1) and runs right through the Christmas season, finishing on the 6th of January.  Scrappers can join at any time.  It's $32 (for lifetime membership) and you can find all the details HERE

Shimelle is an amazing person – her energy and spirit is so fun and lovely.  I hope you can check it out.

To win, just leave a comment here by 11:59pmEDT tonight… just tell me your favorite holiday tradition.  I will pick a lucky winner tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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302 thoughts on “A Giveaway!”

  1. My favorite Holiday tradition is getting my handmade Christmas cards done and postmarked by Dec. 24th (if its been a rough month Ü). Eat fried oysters on Christmas morning but Hubby isn’t havin’ ANY part of that Ü

  2. My favorite holiday tradition is gathering the family to decorate the xmas tree and then sit all together for xmas dinner. Love it.

  3. Oh, Jennifer…hope you get well soon, remember to drink some hot tea with honey! It really helps!
    As for Christmas, I find the most precious thing is to meet friends & family members(specially those long time no-see and long distance ones – which we got a lot)and just spend some cozy moments in catching up the “news”. It does not have to be an expensive dinner or gifts. Just a simple get together at home…
    Also I just sent you an email!

    Good night!

  4. WHen our children were all living at home they were encouraged to think of those less fortunate. We would adopt a senior who had no family at the local nursing center. We would call the activities director and get a name and what they thought that person might like as a little gift for the season. We forget the elderly and feel Christmas is all about the kids, but many older folks have no family remaining. I still carry on the tradition. SOmethimes you get laughter sometimes tears but always hugs.

  5. Favorite holiday tradition? CHEESECAKE!!! It’s the reason I can’t seem to loose my 25 lbs of “marriage weight” 🙂 I have the best recipe….

  6. We have a few traditions – hard to pick a favorite. I’m glad my “kids” still live close enough to home that we can do things together. My son and daughter like to decorate the tree together. Even though they have their own trees in their own homes, they come here together to decorate mine. Another tradition is that we always eat hors d’oevres for dinner on Christmas eve. We make a meal of pigs in a blanket, mini quiche, meatballs and such. Yum!

    Thanks for the chance to win your give away.

    Sue P Snellville, GA

  7. My favorite tradition is doing the advent calendar with our family. When we were first married we were stationed in Germany and bought chocolate advent calendars. Twenty-eight years later we continue this tradition. We always want to know what shape of chocolate each person got each day.

  8. My favorite tradition was watching on tv the midnight mass from the vatican with my husband, with a glass of wine waiting for our children to fall asleep

  9. My favorite holiday tradition is getting together as a family in the kitchen to make gifts like cookies, cakes and muffins for gifts. We really enjoy this time together and we have loads of fun.

    Thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com

  10. My favorite holiday tradition is reading all our wonderful Christmas books with our kids. They love to hear the same stories every year, and I love pulling out the classics 🙂

  11. My favorite tradition is setting up the tiny Precious Moments nativity set my husband got for me years ago. The tradition started with the farm animals set of a cow, donkey & camel. (I was collecting cows at the time.) Slowly, every year he added another set as my Christmas present, and every year I cried. The gift of a complete nativity set took 8 years. We set it up each year in a special place with a light shining down on it so it looks like there’s a glow from the Star in the East. It’s such a cute little set.

    Jen, you must rest, drink lots and lots of water, juices, hot tea, etc. And Zicam always seems to cuts the down time in half for me. big hugs!

  12. Oh WOW what beautiful projects.

    My favourite Christmas tradition is going to carols by candle light…… we take a blanket and a picnic dinner of cold chicken and ham and salads, a bottle of bubbles and good Christmas spirits. It is beautiful to sit there watching the stars while listening to the myriad of voices singing together…… just beautiful.

  13. Well first it’s the Christmas decoration inside and out. Then the baking begin’s. I cook all kinds of desserts. My childrens favorite is Cinnamon Bow Knot. Out family traditon for over 50 years. But my favorite is filling the stocking. It just warms my heart from Christmas past to now.

  14. My favourite holiday tradition is NOT having a special tradition!!! hee hee hee
    I love to catch up with family & sooooo enjoy mum’s homemade shortbread!! yum.
    Cheers Sandie

  15. One of my favorite Christmas tradition is something Puerto Ricans call a parranda . . . our version of Christmas caroling. A small group of friends quietly gather together outside the host home usually after the family is asleep. Armed with musical instruments everyone begins to sign ‘aguilnaldos’ or Christmas carols until the host family invites you in. Once inside the parranderos and the host family enjoy refreshments, music and some dancing. The party goes on for a few hours then everyone, including the owners of the house, leave to bring the parranda to another home that same evening. It is an event that is enjoyed by everyone in the family . . . from kids to grandparents.

  16. It has become a long time tradition (38 years) that I bake Christmas cookies and I have to hide all of them at different places in the house from my husband. When my kids were little they would have so much fun helping me hide them and looking each day before it was time to eat all them, if he found any of them. He still cannot stay away from them after I bake them, and I continue to hide them. Ha!!!

  17. My favorite Christmas tradition was when growing up. When my brother would come home to visit, we would all go to Christmas Eve service then come home and eat finger foods that Mom had fixed. We would all get into our PJs and Bruce would read us a new Christmas story. My all time favorite is The Littlest Angel. I would recommend to anyone!! It’s still my favorite and I’ve over 40 now… 🙂 This was still back in the day when Christmas was still called Christmas in school. Bruce was a school teacher and would also read these books to his class.

  18. My favorite Christmas tradition was when growing up, my older brother (who was a teacher) would come home to visit. We would go to Christmas Eve service, come home and eat finger foods that Mom had prepared and then we would change into our PJs and Bruce would read us a new story he had found. My all time favorite (to this day) was The Littlest Angel (and I’m over 40). This was back in the day when Christmas break was still called Christmas (and not holiday) and Bruce was allowed to read these stories to his class. 🙂

  19. Hmmm. favorite tradition? Driving through the neighborhood several times a week to look at all the outdoor lights and decorations – I love how festive my neighbors are, and how excited my 11yo daughter still gets every night 🙂

  20. Hi Jennifer, I hope you are feeling better soon. My favourite holiday tradition is spending time with the family over meals and doing kris kringle!! A couple year ago, my niece and I did a puppet show and everyone enjoyed it. Another fave things to do is to celebrate Christmas at church and singing all the christmas songs….it brings warmth and joy to the heart!

  21. My favorite Christmas tradition is watching my children place the each of our ournaments on the tree and talk about where it came from or repeat the stories they’ve heard about the ornaments through the years.

  22. My favorite holiday tradition is putting up the Christmas tree with my family while listening to Christmas music and eating cookies and drinking eggnog. The smallest child always gets to put the star at the top of the tree. We don’t put the tree up until we are all here together. Even though my daughter is away at college.

  23. My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies. My greatgrandmother’s cookie recipes and singing Christmas carols all day long!

  24. Dec. 01 I take my little girl to Starbucks for her first hot chocolate of the season — I always take a picture of her with her red cup and then she signs the hand protector and I scrap it 🙂

  25. my favorite holiday tradition is gift wrapping..although it drives me crazy when I need to rush to have all the gifts wrapped, I have to admit I still enjoy it. My kids even enjoy helping me out.

  26. my favorite holiday tradition is gift wrapping..although it drives me crazy when I need to rush to have all the gifts wrapped, I have to admit I still enjoy it. My kids even enjoy helping me out.

  27. One of my favorite traditions is to prepare the thirteen desserts of Christmas and share them with family and friends (Christmas tradition in Provence!).
    Hope you will feel better soon 🙂

  28. Cool giveaway- I can never get to classes IRL. So many things to love about Christmas- donating food hampers, Christmas Eve dinner, decorating the tree with the family ornaments we had when I was a kid, putting out the nativity set we bought in Africa.

  29. by far my favourite tradition is spending christmas with the family by the pool (i live in Australia). its so relaxing… and eating seafood, hot food at christmas seems so foreign to me that i can’t even imagine it. haha. thanks for the chance to win.

  30. My favorite tradition is sitting by the fire with hot chocolate that has whipped cream on it. It’s as simple as that! Smiles. Thanks for all that you do.

  31. My fav holiday tradition is making cookies for Santa with my two girls, Sydney and Megan!

    :0) Terri from Texas

  32. One of my traditions is making some of my O-ma’s recipes. My aunt and uncles do not make them anymore. They depend on me to make the sage dressing, homemade gravy, potato candy and spiced walnuts. It brings back such memories to make these – O-ma was the one that taught me to cook. This year, our 8 year old daughter joined me in the kitchen. She was so full of questions….I can see this becoming my favorite holiday tradition.

  33. A tradition in our family is to get together every Christmas eve and have a themed party, were we all dress up and have fun. My Dad is always ‘Santa’ and gives out presents. It’s so fun to start christmas off surrounded by people you love. C x

  34. Sorry you’re under the weather. Hope a little chicken (or, turkey) soup and some serious crafting will make you feel better. You are always so generous to share your wonderful ideas.

  35. my favorite holiday tradition is my sister and I and our families sleep over at my moms house christmas eve. we have the special cookies my mom make with our coffee/tea while we open our gifts. the cookie recipe is my great great grandmas. the kids think its great cookies for breakfast! wouldnt be the same other wise.

    thanks for the giveaway.

  36. My favorite Christmas traditions are those spent with my family. I love that we all stop what we are doing to decorate the tree, bake cookies, and watch Rudolph on the tv. I am very excited about Christmas this year as it is the first for my son to really understand the holidays. I would love to get Shimelle’s help on documenting this special time! Hope you get better soon Jennifer! I love reading your blog!

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