A silly Thanksgiving…

At our house, we are a bit immature.

We like to have fun.  We don't care about fancy meals and elaborate decorations.  We would rather spend our time on other things.

… such as creating silly things like this:

112809 Turkey 1

Yep, everyone at our Thanksgiving table got a funny-looking pinecone turkey.  The colorful feathers were picked to fit their style.  (Audrey?  Big fluffy pink feathers.  Kay?  Slick blue and purple feathers.  Colin?  Exactly one of each color feather available.)

And mix-matched google eyes added to the fun…

112809 Turkey 2

And, you can see our goofy turkeys looked nice on my mom's classy Thanksgiving table set-up.  (We all went there for her incredible meal.)

112809 Turkey 3

And if our family is a bit nuts, that makes Uncle Mike (my brother) a complete loon – he made this funny looking one, too…

112809 Turkey 4

Colin had fun making them. Yes, he is using a hot glue gun.  But anyone who knows him knows that he is more careful than most adults – no problems.  And this was reason number 1,203,293 that I love the Ranger Craft Sheet – perfect for hot glue.

112809 Turkey 6

112809 Turkey 5 

And, just to show we have a tiny bit of class, check out this lovely arrangement from Jana.  As Kay says, she is part of our family, without a doubt.  So glad she joined us for Thanksgiving… and that she always adds some class to us.. and laughs at us when we get a bit crazy.

112809 Turkey 7

I am hoping to find some more holiday crafts like this.  If you all have any links, I would love to see them!

Oh, and a few things I have found…

  • Sharon showed me THESE adorable creations on Etsy.  So stinkin' cute!
  • I really like Melissa's idea of using recycled pieces on cards – pieces from previous year's cards or wrapping paper, etc.  You can see them HERE.  What a great way to save some money and time.
  • Gonna get THIS for somewhere in the house.  Maybe every room. :) 
  • If you are looking from some great crafty tutorials, check THIS out.  Dawn offers so much.  (If you need Stampin' Up, she would be a good one to contact – she was demonstrator of the year.)
  • So happy – the Silhouette now has Hero Arts designs.  Some great ones.  Check them out HERE.
  • We steam veggies almost every night (that I cook).  THIS is our favorite spice.  It really adds a fabulous flavoring.
  • I am amazed at how great holiday photo cards are these day.  If you are looking to order some, THESE are amazing.  I always make my own, but am loving on these.

Watching the Incredibles with the girls.  More tomorrow. 🙂

OH!  Wait.  Anyone local – Stamp Your Art Out is celebrating the release of new Hero Arts stamps on Saturday, December 19th.  I will be doing a free make and take from 10:30am-12:30pm.  Please call them at 513.793.4558 if you plan on coming.