Sad news

Hello, folks.

I got new this morning that Eric, the boy we were collecting cards for, died peacefully last night.

I am really not sure what to say, but I do know that I will spend a lot of time thinking of him and his family today.  I know he now has comfort and peace… and I pray for the same for his family.

And, a huge thanks to all of you who sent cards.  I know that love you were sending his way will be helpful to his family now.

And, if you are the praying type, please send up some for my brother-in-law and his family.  (The ones who I did my first card drive for – the family in Africa.)  His mother passed away a couple days ago.  This is especially hard since his father passed away last year.  They will be coming home for a few weeks.  We hope to see them while they are here.

Sorry to pass on this sad news.  Please go give your loved ones a big hug.  I know I will.

(Please don't miss my last post – it has a bit of information on the Card Drive.)

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55 thoughts on “Sad news”

  1. Oh I am so sad for his fmaily and today is his birthday! My girls and i were finally able to make some cards yesterday for him and we were going to mail them to you today- so so so sad for his fmaily. I do believe tho that he is in a better place, but it is hard for the ones left behind. I do belive that God is good even in hard times and trials. I will pray comfort for them. We will send cards for the family.
    And we will pray for your brother-in-law as well.
    Blessings to you sweet Jennifer!

  2. I agree with Victoria. Prayers for everyone. May God surround them during this time.

    Is this the same Sister and Brother-in-law who was taking care of the baby? Wondering how she is doing too.
    Thanks to you Jennifer and family too.

  3. May God send his peace and blessing to all those you mentioned by wrapping His loving arms around them.

    So sad to hear the news. They will all be in my prayers.

  4. i am so saddened by this news. There are no words for the loss of a child. I pray that God’s peace, the peace that passes all understanding will guard the family’s hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

  5. new here, sad to heard about Eric. Praying for your brother in law, it’s difficult to be overseas and have your family far, more under this circunstances.

    God bless you


  6. I am so terribly sorry to hear the sad news about Eric. Just last week I sent cards to you for Eric and his family. His family are in my prayers. I will also be praying for your brother-in-law and his family too.

  7. My thoughts and prayers will be for this brave family …I hope they find comfort in so many people were touched by their little angel Eric.Thank you sweetie for updating us.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about Eric’s passing…his family is in my thoughts and prayers. I’m also praying for your brother-in-law and family…I’m sorry they have had so much happen within the last year. My thoughts are with them.

    Big hugs to you, Jennifer.

  9. I’m so sad to hear this. Just this morning I put together some cards I was going to send to Eric’s family. Prayers going up for his family, as well as your brother-in-law’s.

  10. I heard the sad news from Kathy last night. 🙁 Eric’s family is in my prayers and I plan on sending them my condolences as well. Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law’s Mom too. Extra difficult to deal with when so far from home. Praying for them too.

  11. I was working on cards to send to Eric and his family. Just so so sad to hear. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and your brother in law’s family. Just like you said, I think I will give my family a big squeeze.

  12. Very sad news. I can not even begin to imagine what his family is going through. My oldest is Eriq, and he is almost 8. Many prayers for them.

  13. Oh Jennifer! I am so very sad to hear this news. I cannot even imagine what the family must be going through right now. I do pray for his family that God would strengthen them during this sad time. I also pray for you and your brother-in-law and his family. Must be so hard for him to be away from home and then to hear that his parents had died. How sad. Praying for you and your little family to sweetie. May God be your portion during this sad time for you and your family.

  14. I am so sorry to hear this news. I will be praying for comfort and peace for his family. I sent cards for him and his family Saturday. I will also be praying for your brother-in-law also.

  15. I am so sad to read your message that Eric lost his battle.
    I will also be praying for your brother-in-law and his family too.

  16. I’m so sad to hear the news. My condolence to Eric’s family. May Eric rest in peace. I will also pray for your brother-in -law and his family.

  17. They are in my thoughts and prayers. Also the same for your brother-in-law and his family. God has a plan even if sometimes we don’t ubderstand it. Talk to you soon.

  18. OMG… I am deeply saddened. I don’t know what to say. My daughter and I sent out cards to you Friday to pass to his family. I hope that his brother will be able to fight this disease… it is truly a sad and unfair disease to afflict innocent boys. My thoughts and prayer are with his family. Thanks for letting all of know. I will say a prayer or two for your BIL’s family.

  19. Jennifer, Thanks for sharing with us. We will certainly continue to lift Eric and his family along with your brother-in-laws family in prayer.


  20. Jennifer

    Thanks for this message. I will be praying for them and your BIL’s family too.

    I think I will be spending some extra time with the my girls.

    Very sad news.

    Sandi N.

  21. oh, no, so sorry to hear this…praying for his family and for Eric.

    And for your family as well–so hard to lose a parent at any age…you still feel like you’re 8 years old.

  22. oh gosh Jennifer. As i got your email updates and reading this, I was shocked and tears started coming down. It is so so, very extremely hard to hear any one pass but the hardest is hearing a little child going thru this. That for me is the hardest thing in the world to hear and see. I’m an RN and I deal with adults and have been in hard situations. But to see a child go thru this it’s very hard and painful.
    I will pray and think of little Eric!

    He is now safe, painfree and is an angel with wings and will protect his loved ones for now and forever!!


  23. Oh so sad! The last time I checked, he wasn’t doing well. I can’t imagine how hard this must be for his family. My prayers go out to them and to your brother-in-law’s family as well.

  24. My thoughts and prayers are with Eric and his special family and also to your BIL with his loss as well. Please let us know if more cards are needed for other families.

  25. that is such sad news. I had my cars ready to bundle up and post today. Do you think maybe to post the family a sympathy card instead? I will remember both their family and your BILs in my prayers.

  26. I’m so sad to hear this news. I wish him peace in the arms of God. I will pray for his family. So sorry to sorry to hear the passing of your BIL mother, sad sad day.
    I’m going to give my family an extra hug today.

  27. Very sorry and very sad to hear about Eric. Yesterday was his birthday. My prayer for Eric’s family and your brother-in-law.
    Hig hugs for you, Jennifer…

  28. I spent all day(yesterday)thinking about Eric and his family, specially his mommy.
    I know it was his birthday. The sadness and the pain are beyond any words at this moment.
    May God gives her strength and keeps her heart as well the rest of the Family.
    Just wish Eric could get to see all the cards coming to him.
    All prayers and thoughts with Eric’s Family.


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