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Sad news

Hello, folks.

I got new this morning that Eric, the boy we were collecting cards for, died peacefully last night.

I am really not sure what to say, but I do know that I will spend a lot of time thinking of him and his family today.  I know he now has comfort and peace… and I pray for the same for his family.

And, a huge thanks to all of you who sent cards.  I know that love you were sending his way will be helpful to his family now.

And, if you are the praying type, please send up some for my brother-in-law and his family.  (The ones who I did my first card drive for – the family in Africa.)  His mother passed away a couple days ago.  This is especially hard since his father passed away last year.  They will be coming home for a few weeks.  We hope to see them while they are here.

Sorry to pass on this sad news.  Please go give your loved ones a big hug.  I know I will.

(Please don't miss my last post – it has a bit of information on the Card Drive.)