Dry Erase Book and a giveaway…

Happy Wednesday.  Just have a few things tonight… and a giveaway. 🙂

For all you cardmakers out there who love to help others, I have a link for you.  A kind angel is collecting handmade Christmas cards to raise money to help her nephew who is very ill.  Click HERE for more info – what a darling boy.  I will be sending lots in.

Next, I have received lots of questions about the dry erase book I had in Creating Keepsakes a month or two ago.  It is an American Crafts album (my fave) with the page protectors that came with it.  These page protectors (as do all) work great with dry erase pens.  So, I just create pages to put in the album.  I have a font that is for tracing and can create any words I'd like.  (Read more below on an easier way to create your own.  And, once again, forgive the poor photos.)

042109 CK trace 4

042109 CK trace 1

042109 CK trace 2

Here is after Colin did a bit of tracing…

042109 CK trace 3
(c) Creating Keepsakes

We loved this book.  However, I have since changed our system so it is easier to take places.  I now have a full-sized binder that zips shut.  It is filled with office page protectors.  I print lots of different activity pages and put them in there.  Most I download from the internet, but some I create or tear out from activity books.  This way he can do the pages over and over.  (I hated that we pitched so many pages before this.)  This has worked so well for him – we are now using it for reading and adding stuff.  If you are interested in pages to download, click HERE or HERE.

So… giveaway time.

I love these albums from Cosmo Cricket and realized I had two extras.  So, I am sharing.  Just leave a comment here by Saturday night at 11:59pmEDT telling me your favorite fall meal.  (I need ideas.)  A lucky winner will get these babies…

Cosmo prize

Have a great night.

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335 thoughts on “Dry Erase Book and a giveaway…”

  1. being from Texas originally, we love what we call Frito Pie – chilli that is poured over fritos then topped with cheese and onions if you like. very yummy on a cold evening. serve with salad and you have a perfect meal!

  2. I like chicken and sausage gumbo when it starts to get cold. It’s finally a little chilly in southern Louisiana this morning, but I’m sure it’ll be hot again soon!

  3. My favorite fall food is any kind of baked goodness. There is just something about fall that makes me what to be in the kitchen 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Hi Jennifer – Love your blog and the penmanship books. Being a teacher – this is an awesome idea! For dinner – here’s a dish we love that may be a bit odd, but is soooo delish!. Take your boneless (can be skinless) chicken spread a layer of mustard (yellow or any variety/spicyness works too depending on your little ones). Sprinkle with a generous layer of paprika. Cook slow in a glass dish until meat reaches appropriate temp for chicken (165 – 170 deg)and juices run clear. Delish and moist! Serve with a veg or salad. (PS – Have done in the crock pot too – great for a ready meal after church on Sunday). Enjoy!

  5. Mmmmm…. favorite fall meal is baked potato soup made from scratch with milk, flour, baked potatoes, sour cream, cheese, bacon, and green onions. So very, very good! Happy fall 🙂

  6. Love the album!!

    My favorite fall meal is chili. Everyone in my family likes chili in a different way so I make a huge pot and then we have bowls of macaroni, rice, cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, onion, tomatoes, black olives and corn bread. Everyone builds their own meals.

    The only thing that makes chili better is apple cobbler for dessert!

  7. Soup, soup, soup! I got a great french onion soup recipe from America’s Test Kitchen (time consuming but super yummy). I also like to have vegetable soup made from all the bits of leftover veggies from the summer. Add some alphabet noodles and sometimes the kiddos will eat them.

  8. Here is a fall favorite at our house (and simple, too.)
    Pork chops – spread both sides with spicy brown mustard, then broil.
    Tossed salad.
    Hot apple dumpling. I usually buy my dumpling from the Amish market nearby, but there are good recipes on the internet, too. There’s something about cinnamon and apples that says fall to me.

  9. What an awesome idea! My favorite fall meal is probably tied between two: either homemade chili and cornbread or fresh hot doughnuts and apple cider!

  10. Love the dry erase book – so cute!! My favorite fall meal is beef stroganoff. Probably not the most healthy, but it’s still yummy!

  11. Great mini book idea! I love to make homeade chicken soup and fresh cornbread made from scratch with half whole wheat flour and half unbleached flour. Last night we made apple crisp with fall apples – yummy fragrance filled the house!

  12. I love to make a pot of homemade chili sprinkled with cheddar cheese, and served with homemade rolls and butter.Thanks for the cute giveaways – the ideas are already swirling!!

  13. What a very cool idea! And, so eco-conscience!
    Our fav fall meal is Green Chili with cornbread! Yummm!!
    Green Chili is not well known east of the Mississippi…we learned about it living in Colorado…wonderful stuff!

  14. Super cool book! I bet he’ll learn super quick with that kind of help! My favourite recipe for fall is potato soup with sour cream that can be altered with pumpkin and/or carrots. Yumm 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. your creations are awesome!

    My favorite fall meal is soups, I just luv potato soup, I add chuncks of carrots to mine…yummy. I like grilled cheese snadwhiches with it. Of course warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream….hhhmmmm. I hope you are inspired by all the fabulous ideas!

    enjoy *~*

  16. I have two favorite meals. My first is Beef Stew/ Roast Beef made in the crockpot. The second is a slow cooker turkey breast. My friend Melissa kept telling me that she would put a turkey breast in her crock pot and leave it there on low all day….with no liquid or anything!!! I did not believe her. So finally I tried it and it turned out terrific. The meat was so tender and juicy. Who would have thought…

  17. Jennifer,
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Favorite fall meal – or meal to bring over to a family because it is great re-heated too.. No Peek Chicken
    Cream of Mushroom Soup
    Cream of Celery Soup
    Can of Water
    Uncle Ben’s Long Grain and Wild Rice (original recipe, not fast cook)
    1 tbsp Parsley

    6 to 8 chicken breasts
    lipton onion soup

    Combine first five ingredients and put at the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan. Lay chicken on top, then sprinkle the onion soup. Cover with tin foil at 325 and cook for 2 hours and 15 minutes…don’t peek!


  18. I love the album and the cosmo albums are adorable… My fav fall meal is pot roast, made with red wine…. YUm

  19. We love our “Fall Supper”. It starts with stopping at an orchard stand to buy apples. I also pick up cheese, crackers, cider and cider doughnuts. It is mandatory to eat an apple on the way home. THere we make popcorn. We eat in the living room using the best platters.

    Your album is adorablel!

  20. Thank you so much for this idea! My weeone is going to be starting preschool next year and I wanted to get him started a little ahead of time. this is a fantastic idea and I think you for sharing! you are truly inspirational!

  21. Just watched the food network so I have food on the brain. I love taco soup with either pbj sandwiches or grilled cheeses. The taco soup is sooo easy (2 cans each of: shoepeg corn, cream of potato soup, pinto beans. I can diced Ro-tel. 2 pkg. taco seasoning.) That’s it. I also love to add browned ground beef. You know, if you add sour cream and cheese…..BOOM! That’s good stuff. Bon Appetit!

    <3 the blog.

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