Cards for Eric, too.


As you know, we have received an AMAZING amount of cards for Kate.  Wow.  You are all amazing.  So we thought we would bring another child into the drive.  This way, if you still want to make cards or make more cards, you can make them for this child.  Just spreading the joy around a bit.  If you have already sent cards, those will go to Kate and her family.  But any future ones – it would be great if they were made for Eric and his family.  (You will be eligible for the same prizes.)  In hopes that we can get cards for him, too, we will extend the deadline just a touch – the prizes will be drawn on October 31 – so you have time to get them in before we pick prize winners.  (ETA – No worries.  If you send cards and they don't get here in time, I will still include you in the drawings. 🙂

OK… on to Eric…


I found out about Eric from my friend Kathy Rocoosin.  Eric has ALD.  (ALD is an inherited recessive genetic disorder linked to the X chromosome.  The 1992 movie "Lorenzo's Oil" brought this rare disorder to the world's attention.)  He was diagnosed on May 18th, and his little brother received the same diagnosis on May 29th. For information and updates on Eric, you can visit his website HERE.

Eric's mom, Leslie says, “Eric is a fighter and he has endured a tremendous amount.  I am confident that he will not surrender.  The docs have not thrown the towel in and we have not either… so pray hard everyone because we really do need a miracle.”

Eric will be 9 on 10/26.  He has a sister (Rachel – 7) and brother (Jacob – 5).  His dad is Bob and his mom is Leslie.

All the "guidelines," mailing info, etc is the same as for Kate.  You can find it all HERE.  Again, we would love it if you mailed the cards to arrive here by October 31.

I know I have asked a lot from you all to send cards for Kate and her family.  But if you could just do it one more time – this time for Eric and his family – that would be wonderful.  Imagine how much it would make him smile. 

Thanks, everyone.


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11 thoughts on “Cards for Eric, too.”

  1. Jennifer I can’t thank you enough for doing this. I’m so excited for Eric to get all of these cards made with love! Not only are you a creative genius but, you have a heart of gold. Much gratitude and big hugs,Kathy

  2. I am also tearing up. I will be getting some cards made very soon to send off! Thanks so much for doing this for these wonderful, determined children!

  3. He looks like a sweet kid–hate to see a family go through so much pain, but I’m so glad you shared his story so that we can make a tiny effort to make a day better in a small way. It’s a good thing. thanks for letting us join in.

  4. Jen- Isn’t it amazing what one small act of kindness can create?! I was reading about Kate and the amazing photo shoot Lidia Boicu did for the McCrae family. I was so touched by the beauty of her gift and the photographs themselves. I had to tell her so. She is starting a non-profit organization to connect photographers across the country and help give the gift of photos to families in the unimaginable position of watching their children battle for their lives. If possible, can you share on your blog? Lidia mentioned she had over 1.5 million,(yes, million!) visitors to her blog following Kate’s story. Amazing. Inspiring. Thank you for sharing Kate’s story with all of us.

  5. You are an amazing woman. I can’t believe that even though you have so much on your plate daily, you still take the time to do these amazing acts of kindness. I will be sure to send some cards. Hopefully before October 31. I also have a 20 year old with a horrible diseasse, but I thank God everyday that she is alive and kicking. Thanks for all you do and I will send those cards soon.

  6. It’s so painful to read something like this….especially having my own children!! I will be making cards for this awesome boy and his family and would love to donate my handmade buttons for a prize!

  7. Will send some cards over, missed the cards for Kate deadline due to some illnesses in my own family (nothing life threaening but very time consuming)so I have the cards here and would love to send them for a good cause. I did manage to donate to Kate’s family through another site at least but have been feeling guilty about not sending cards, now not so bad 🙂

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