Updates on Kate


I am sending the first package of cards to Kate and her family tomorrow. 

And… more and more prizes are rolling in.  Really good ones.  So, I am making a few changes:

  • The new deadline is October 15th.  I decided to extend the deadline because we have more prizes coming in.
  • And since we have so many prizes, we decided to make it that you get one chance per card sent in.  So, the more cards you send in, the better your chances to win.  If you have sent some, you are welcome to send more.  
  • Feel free to put little things in your cards.  Nothing big or heavy.  But things that would be good: sticker sheets, stamped images that can be colored, jokes, photos of your pets (it seems she likes dogs), etc.  Get creative!

Also, a few people asked how I know Kate.  I don't.  I just heard about her on Twitter.  Just a girl out there who I really want to make smile.  She also has hair that looks like Kay's when I met Kay.  Makes me melt.

I need to spend some time adding more prizes.  But, in the meantime, here is a card I made for Kate's older sister, Olivia.  I used some non-made-in-the-US clear stamps for these (not sure of the brand) which are hard to ink, but I couldn't resist the images.  The greeting is from Papertrey Ink (which is made in the US – great quality.)

090709 Butterflies

I am off to add prizes before going to bed.  Night!

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11 thoughts on “Updates on Kate”

  1. Jennifer

    You have a very kind heart. I find you to be a true blessing in this world.
    Kate will love getting all these cards.

    I have a few ready to go for Kate. However, I want to make one for each family member too.

    Great job to you and your friends for pulling this all together.

    Sandi N.

  2. is it a problem if i am not a card maker, but i want to make cards for the family? my cards will look unprofessional. ๐Ÿ˜ just so i know

  3. Hi Jennifer, beautiful card! I already sended the card for Kate, I hope she liked and get weel soon ๐Ÿ™‚
    Greating from Argentina!

  4. Hi I love that card, butterflies are some of my favorite images. I am so excited to help this family feel some love. Having a daughter of my own who fought cancer I know it can be tough. My kids are excited to help too.

  5. Hi Jennifer and everyone else out there reading about Kate and making cards for her. Her Dad did announcements this Sunday at church and wanted to thank everyone for their prayers for Kate and their family. It has been a very hard and long road. He looked very tired and worn. As you can only imagine it is very hard for Mom and him to leave Kate at the hospital and leave to go take care of themselves. And that is needed. It has been a long road and still so much more to go through. They will be so excited to receive all of your generosity through these cards. A light of sunshine in their lives. Thank you all for caring.

  6. Hi Jennifer! Been offline for awhile and just getting back to making my rounds to all my faves. I’m sending a card. So sweet of you to organize this card drive for Kate. xx

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