Happy Wednesday

Greetings from Ponca City, Oklahoma!  I am here with the family for several days to visit Ken's parents.  Hope to get caught up on computer work.  Lord knows I need to! 

No worries – my parents will be at my house collecting the Cards for Kate.  They are coming in so fast now – amazing.

Thought I would share a few random things.  You know me – I can be very random. 🙂

First, I noticed that Stamp Your Art Out in Cincinnati is having the CUTEST kids class.  I thought I would share the info here in case anyone is interested.  It is the Crafty Kids Camp on Saturday, October 3 from 2:30-4:30pm.  Should be fun.  For kids 8 and up and it is only $15 with all supplies provided.  (I am not teaching it.  Call 513-793-4558 if you are interested.)  Check out this cute project they will make… click to see it bigger.

Oct 09 Crafty Kids Camp

Thought I would share some fun things from 2Peas this mid-month… 

  • Love THIS page from Shannon.  Her little guy looks so much like Colin here… and I love the owl she used.
  • Look at THESE cute Halloween bags.  Love them!
  • I have on word for THIS page by Nichol: Wowsers.
  • Oh my word, THIS makes me want a baby girl.  (In 5 years.)
  • Another stunning one HERE.  Wow.

I also did a few things for 2Peas this mid-month.  First, here is a warm card I did with alcohol inks.  I first stamped that background with embossing ink and heat embossed white on glossy white paper.  I then applied lots of alcohol ink.  After drying, I lightly sanded to reveal the background even more.  For more info on the project, click HERE.

(c) twopeasinabucket.com – Click HERE for more information.

Next up is a package of candy I made for Colin.  Just something fun to do – I gave this to him on his first day of school.  Click HERE for more information…

(c) twopeasinabucket.com – Click HERE for more information.

Here is a paper pumpkin I did – with Colin's help.  Easy and fun.  Click HERE to learn more.

(c) twopeasinabucket.com – Click HERE for more information.

As for TV… I watch The Good Wife last night.  I liked it.  The cast is great – may want to check it out.

Off to sleep.  I love sleep and miss it dearly.  In fact, I have been talking about taking up a new hobby.  (Since my hobby is my job, really.)  I told Ken I think napping would be a great hobby.  Inexpensive, right?  I started my new hobby today with a 2 hour nap this afternoon. 🙂


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24 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday”

  1. Welcome to Oklahoma!! I’m just over an hour from Ponca City! Thanks for all you do for the scrapbooking & stamping world!

  2. Ah, thanks for the wonderful links! Sleep is soo important! Tonight my little girl slept all night through for the first time in her life!! That means I had more than 4 hours sleep for the first time in 14 months!!! I feel soo refreshed! It would be a perfect hobby for me, too…

  3. I mean……..does everybody just want to be your best friend or what!!!!!! How do I LOVE the treat bag you made for Colin….I wish I had one of those waiting for me at home!!!! Might I mention we don’t have Tootsie Rolls here in Croatia…snif snif!!

  4. Thanks for the really cute ideas, I loved the thinking ink classes from 2 peas and learned so much! That card is great and so easy to do, now! Thanks to you for sharing the info!

    Love all the ideas and links. Napping is a hobby that I think all of us can use.

  5. Love the little candy bag for Colin. Too cute! Hope you get a lot of naps in this week. 🙂
    It was nice meeting you at Scrapfest!

  6. I would love napping as a hobby! LOL! Welcome to Oklahoma! I am just about an hour and a half from Ponca! It would be awsome to meet you one one of your trips here! Have a great time with Ken’s family!

  7. Jennifer

    Thanks for sharing your designs. I loved your warm card so much from class, I picked up all the products to make it. Going to get the stamp at some point.

    Napping…I could so use a dalily nap. I am really happy you are finding time with family and a few naps. Oldest DD is getting up at 5:30 am to get ready for school. I am trying to adjust to this new wake up time:( She is age 9 and has to catch the jr high bus.

    Enjoy your stay.

    sandi n.

  8. Enjoyed your last two posts! Glee really rocks, have House on PVR to watch soemtimes soon and well I watch a lot of other shows, you don’t want to know, having a PVR makes it too easy! We really love TBL over here! And community is fun! Oh and naps rock! I love naps! Had a short one today! I really try for it everyday!

  9. Does your father in law work for Conoco Phillips? My husband does and was there last year for work……
    I hear it is quite the small town! Enjoy! 🙂

  10. I loved the GOOD Wife too!!! The cast is GREAT!!! Love the 2peas pumpkin made from strips too. so cute. Almost as cute as Colin!! Good night!!

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