How-To Video: Recycled Stamped Gift Bags

Hey there, all you crafting folks.

I have a simple little video for you today.  It shows stamping and creating little Halloween gift bags from Hero Arts packaging.  There are a few little tips in here – and they are quick and easy to do.  For more info, click HERE.

091509 Candy 1
(c) Hero Arts Blog – click HERE for details.

Wanted to update on the Cards For Kate.  Well… I got in a bit of trouble at the post office yesterday.  When I went to my PO Box to get the cards, there was a note in it to go see the people at the counter.  Eek.  They came out with a HUGE bin with a big sign taped on it saying “overflow.”  Turns out they want me to invest in the biggest PO Box possible due to the large number of items I was getting.  It is much more expensive.  But I just smiled.  Why did I smile?  Because that means you all have sent lots of cards for dear Kate.  I explained to the lady what I was doing and she was nice.  Colin said to her, “We are just trying to fill Kate’s bucket.”  (If you don’t know what that means, you need to check out THIS book – the best kids book ever.)  So, even though I got in trouble, Colin and I left smiling… with full buckets. πŸ™‚

I am about to go add TONS of new prizes HERE.  A big shout-out to Kristina for helping to get so many great things donated.  And a big thanks to the donors.  I hope next time you are wanting to make a purchase that you will consider these companies/people first as a thanks for their generosity.  Here are some more new prizes…

PRIZE 7: Product from Studio CalicoIncludes a Lollipop Guild add-on kit valued at $39.50 (ATC holder not included)

 SC_WebAd_Blog Image01 

PRIZE 8, 9, and 10: Product from Studio Calico Storytime Alphabet Stamp sets valued at $9.50

StoryApha SC_WebAd_Blog

PRIZE 13: Two adorable placemats from Jill McDonald Donated by Jill McDonald – an amazing artist!

Aloha place mat  Let's Dance place mat

PRIZE 14: A subscription to CARDS magazine Donated by Scrapbook Trends.  Wow!  Huge value.


PRIZE 15: A subscription to SCRAPBOOK TRENDS magazine Donated by Scrapbook Trends.  Wow!


Also, sweet Jana will be adding more names to her list of people whose cards we have received.  Thanks, Jana.

Time to get a bit of work done.  I head to Scrapfest tomorrow.  I can’t wait to meet some of you.  Please come and see me at the Hero Arts booth.  I teach most of the afternoon, but will be in the booth the rest of the time.  There is a dinner planned for Saturday night – click HERE for details.


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35 thoughts on “How-To Video: Recycled Stamped Gift Bags”

  1. Great idea Jennifer! As always my dear. Will you be at the dinner on Saturday night? I’m trying to plan on how to hck I can meet up with all the people I haven’t seen in a while. Let me know.

  2. Your treat bags are awesome!! What I would do for a Tootsie Roll (don’t have them here in Croatia). The prizes are AMAZING! I popped on over to Jana’s and read the awesome news!! Thank the good Lord!!! Will continue praying!!

  3. Jennifer

    Oh my what lovely prizes. I am so happy so many cards
    are coming in for Kate and her family. I am sure the
    prayer going out for them are even more. I know while
    working on a card I say pray for her as I am doing it.

    Love your video!!! It rocks and recycles too.

    Thanks so much.

    Sandi N.

  4. My Cards for Kate are going out today. I hope you don’t “get in trouble” again at the post office! That’s too funny!

  5. Jennifer,

    Love your contribution to greater things than just the crafting community. We have “How Full Is Your Bucket?” and LOVE IT. Gave it to our Kindergarten teacher as a gift for the classroom last year. Awesome concept for kids to grasp and practice early in life. We are praying for Kate at our house and celebrate the news they have today. Thanks for always inspiring us to look beyond ourselves….
    God bless you richly today

  6. As always- great inspiration both in the creativity genre and the selflessness genre!
    Thank you!
    AND – it says on the ScrapFest website that you will be there this weekend! What are you teaching and when will you be there???

  7. Ok so I saw the video and then immediately had to go back to my craft room to dig out the packaging from the stamps I put in a binder yesterday (following your idea there too). I got a few out. I’m only diggin’ so deep, LOL! Thanks for all of your ideas! Love ’em!!

  8. Fantastic video, Jennifer! Now I’m craving Tootsie Rolls…We’ll see strong I am when at Costco this afternoon. πŸ˜‰

    Such amazing news about Kate!! God is so good! Praying the tumor continues to shrink.

    So cool that the post office is ‘making’ you get a bigger box! Do they keep your P.O. Box # the same? How are you for donations to help with the shipping? Email me if you need more help in this area and I’ll see what I can do. πŸ™‚

    Have a blast at Scrapfest!! I so want go and meet you and some of the others from the HA community but it’s just not practical this year. Maybe next time. πŸ™‚

  9. LOVE what you did with the Hero Arts packaging, girlie! SO cute and creative!
    LOL about getting in trouble at the PO. You are such a rebel! Ha! πŸ˜‰ SO happy cards are pouring in! I’m glad to help get as many donations as I possibly can! It’s the least I can do and I won’t stop until there’s no one else to ask! Ha! πŸ˜€ Hugs! Have fun at Scrapfest! Wish I could go!!! Hugs!!!

  10. Totally think this a a great project. I think that re-using is critical to our environment and a super way to extend your crafting dollars! Fab demo!

  11. Jennifer,Way to go, you GREEN girl. Did the Post Office insist you get a larger box? I hope after you explained that this was a temporary situation that they were more cooperative. I’m a retired Postmaster and that’s what I would have done in my post office. Please give Colin a big hug for me. You and your DH have taught him so well. He has such a sweet giving spirit–just like his Mom. I’m still working on my cards for Kate. Hope to be “mailing” them soon.
    Love, Angie

  12. Love that is recycle (HELLO GREEN WORLD!!) and I just adore the projects. So inspiring.
    Thanks πŸ™‚
    ps LOVING the post office story!!! People are more awesome than they think they are!

  13. After digging through the trash yesterday to retrieve the one I had JUST tossed, I had to go buy the white stazOn pad today. (:

  14. what a great idea…and the earth thank you…Grenn life…love it…but i have a question: what kind of ink did you used? thanks for your answer.Helena.


    My kids’ school is doing the bucket theme. It’s awesome with a whole school behind this book. They did a whole assembly on it and practice it everyday, like we do. I just have to say Bucket and the kids know to use indoor voice or stop because I am going to fill their bucket.

    I do give tokens for when they do bucket filling, when our token bucket is full they get surprises. (Yes, we even have bucket filling,tipping spies all around to let Mommy/Daddy know when they do something great or not so great (hopefully not the latter.)

  16. An overdue thank you for the nine weeks of Thinking Inking at Two Peas. It has been fabulous!!!! I learned so much about how to improve using products I thought I knew well! It was like having you here in my studio and I enjoyed your company.

    I really appreciate being able to print each lesson. I have a whole notebook of ideas and reminders now.

    I can’t imagine the work that went into that. It is greatly appreciated.


  17. WOW jennifer! you are AMAZING! I am always looking for ways to recycle, and I think you just went overboard in a GREAT way! Thank you for the idea!!! you are truly and Inspiration! I am off to my scrap room to work on some things, and hopefully find some of this packaging….i know i have some, somewhere :)so terrible, i should be doing homework!!!!

    have fun at scrapfest!!! wish i could be there, but money does not allow…one day maybe they will come to something will come to Indiana…they always seem to skip my state.

  18. Every time I throw one of those away, I wonder what I could’ve done with it. Now I wish I would’ve kept them.

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