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Hey, folks!  I have a few things today.  A video, info about the Cards for Kate card drive and a recipe.  Yes, the recipe is random, but it is tasty. 🙂

Here is a video for the Cards for Kate card drive.  It is just Colin showing us some cards and the new rockin' handmade prize Tim Holtz made and donated.  (Click HERE to see the prizes – we have 50 already!!!!!!!!)  The video isn't a big deal, but it is worth it to see what Tim made, and my son referring to the "salt and sawdust" Tim likes to put on flowers.  (Also known as Distress Stickles. 🙂

A few people have asked about the ages of Kate's siblings.  Will is 4 and Olivia is 7. And, please keep Kate in your prayers as she is needing some today.  (For updates on Kate, visit  You can also follow her Dad on Twitter HERE.)

Next, I tried a new recipe tonight.  It was based on a recipe I saw on Oprah by Tom Cruise.  I am not his biggest fan (his beliefs about PPD drive me nuts) but I have wanted a Carbonara recipe that wasn't too unhealthy.  So, I changed his a bit and found this to be tasty.  (To see his original recipe, click HERE.)


3 tablespoons olive oil
2 cloves minced garlic (you can use more – I don't like a lot)

2 tablespoons chopped onion (you can use more – I don't like a lot)
8 to 12 thick slices Italian bacon (I cut off the fat.  I bet you could use pre-cooked bacon.)

4 eggs
1 package spaghetti

1 1/2 cups grated Parmesan cheese
(Ken added chopped fresh tomato and basil at the end and loved it.  I liked without.)

In a pan, combine olive oil, minced garlic, onion and the Italian bacon cut into small squares. Let simmer for about a half-hour, being careful not to let the oil get to a boiling point.  (This would be muchhhh faster with pre-cooked bacon.)

In a bowl, beat 4 eggs with lots of salt and fresh ground pepper.

Cook spaghetti until al dente, drain and immediately add egg mixture to pasta. The eggs are actually cooked by the pasta. (Make sure the eggs are thoroughly cooked before proceeding.) Pour in the mixture from the frying pan and stir. Finish with the parmesan cheese and serve!

I really liked it.  I appreciate good Italian recipes without heavy cream. 🙂

OK… back tomorrow with some card shares.  Night!

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18 thoughts on “Cards for Kate Video”

  1. Omg! Colin is sooo precious! God Bless him.
    I need to try this recipe…and btw I feel the same about Tom. Thank God I DO NOT wish him a PPD of 2 years like I had.
    Thanks for sharing about Kate.
    Dayami 😉

  2. LOVE that video, Jennifer! Thank you for doing that!
    So cool to see all of the cards coming in!
    Colin is such a cutie pie!! That Tim Holtz album is GORGEOUS! Very cool! Hugs!

  3. Colin is such a cutie–love the sawdust with salt! so right on 🙂 Thanks again to you ladies for organizing this card drive! I’m going to get another in the mail for Kate and family…send some more smiles!

  4. Maybe you should send Colin out to Phoenix to cheer up the McRaes. By the way, after reading their blog, I’ve determined that Will is 4 and Olivia just turned 7 in July.

  5. Holly and Aaron’s other children are 7 and 4…Olivia just turned 7 in July, then, of course, Kate is 5. I sat and read all 48 pages of the journal they have written Sunday night. It is just heart breaking.

  6. Hi Jennifer!
    I’m Ilaria, from ITALY ^__^ love very much your blog! I read it every day!
    if you want I can give you some advices about other great italian recipes!
    do you know “Bucatini alla Amatriciana?” … “Melanzane alla Parmigiana?” “Lasagne?” mmmh… yum! Lasagne!!!

    a big kiss for you

  7. Such a great video, Jennifer! Love how you’ve got the family involved and the love for others you’re instilling in Colin (I’ve really got to work on that more here). 🙂 Thanks for the twitter link too for the McRaes. I’m now following.

  8. Yeah for Kate! What a beautiful gift!

    Dang you guys have a fancy post office!!! Love the entire video…
    It’s awesome to hear those bugs (cicadas?) in your yard!!! REAL summer!

    Cool stuff… And I love my sawdust and salt!!!!

  9. Colin is just awesome, I love the reference to the “salt”. What a cutiepie! Carbonara is a great recipe…in my college days, I lived 2 blocks from the college and my girlfriends would all come to my house where my friend (from Colombia, SA) made carbonara…she was heavy on the pepper, which made it a little spicier, but it was always good…nice fond memories. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great video. Colin (and Ken)are such great helpers! 🙂 I’m so glad that Kate is getting lots of cards. Thanks for the recipe too!

  11. Oh my, Colin is just so precious and hilarious! I love all your videos of him! How fun and wonderful to have him so involved in the card drive for Kate. Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Jennifer, i send you 4 cards yesterday. I live in France and I hope the cards reach you soon… I hope they gives a smile on Kate’s lovely face.
    I think of her everyday when i look at my 2 little boy (Alexandre is 5 too)
    a kiss and thank you for all that you do for this family

  13. You brought tears to my eyes Jennifer with this video. Thinking of Kate and all you’re doing just makes me proud of our hobby. Thank you!

    PS Yes, I sent cards in for this wonderful cause:) You may have been getting mine out of your box that day.

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