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Due to my spazzy life the past few weeks, I am behind on sharing links to my Thinking Inking videos.  I got emails from lots of people saying the counted on me sharing it here and linking them, so here they are…

Today I will share the rest of Week 6, which had some ideas for Dimensional Pearls, Liquid Pearls and Stickles.  HERE is one on using them to paint.


Love the shine of Dimensional Pearls…

TI WEek 6 2 e

Here is the video…

Next up is HERE, with cool backgrounds.


Distress Stickles in Antique Linen looks SO awesome spread thin on projects – like little specks of fool’s gold…

TI WEek 6 3 g

I really recommend trying out these products.  They are VERY inexpensive and they never seem to fun out.  Gotta love that.  We used the Distress Stickles in my classes at Stampaway and people LOVED them.  Great product.

Hey, I have a question for you.  If any of you have coached or spouses have coached t-ball, could you leave a comment here?  I would like to ask a couple questions – no big deal.  Was going to sign Colin up for it, but he doesn’t like to hit off a tee – would rather someone throw it to him.  He nails it everytime. 

I will be back with more to share regularly now.  I sure missed you all.  Today I took a nap when Colin did – 3 hours.  Heavenly.  Ken has been telling me to get a new hobby, since my hobby turned into a job.  And today I told him that I know what my hobby is going to be: napping. πŸ™‚

Have a good night!  We are grilling pork chops, roasting potatoes and steaming broccoli.  The perfect meal.


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16 thoughts on “Videos Galore…”

  1. Hey Jennifer – my son is the same way – too young for regular ball, but hates (and has moved up from) the tee. I signed him up for it, though. He’s finished with it now. I can’t say I regret putting him in it, because obviously it is great to play. But, he sure had some 3 year old melt-downs when he couldn’t hit the tee….guess it’s lessons in ‘losing?’ Good luck with it!

  2. Jennifer – wonderful projects and ideas, thank you so much! I love your new hobby, too! Sign me up for homework – I’ll just tell everyone “I HAVE to!”

  3. Jennifer, I just have to say that you make THE CUTEST cards EVER!!! That brown one up there with the flowers on is just adorable!!! sigh, To have even a smidge of your talent….

  4. Jennifer,
    Thanks for the great videos–I love all of the ideas. I have coached t-ball and softball–feel free to reply with some questions.

  5. Hello Jennifer. I love your blog and all your wonderful ideas. You inspire me a great deal. Speaking of which. I saw your wipe off alpahabet album in the current CK magazine. I was just trying to figure out where you got the font from. I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks much.
    Nicole M.

  6. Hi Jennifer: Love your work and all of your videos. I’ve been saving all of them over at two peas. Will these latest videos be saved in your archives in case I’d like to refer back them? BTW let Kay know we miss her!

  7. Beautiful work Jennifer. Naps the best thing in life, it restores the soul. I can’t believe this week coming will be the last inking class. Where does the time go. Enjoy your dinner. :0)

  8. I’m loving the Thinking Inking classes, Jennifer!! I have the files all printed off for future reference. πŸ™‚ Hope things slow down a bit for you now.

  9. OMG!!!!! Where have you been???????? Having withdrawal quivers……….so glad to see you are back…..whewwwwwww!!!!!! Life is normal again. Thanks for all of your inspiration and sharing….you have turned me into an addict also…….not that my hubby is thanking you $$$$$$$$$$$$$ te he he!!!!! Oh well ya can’t take it with ya….hahaha!
    thanks again
    Laurie VF

  10. Hi Jennifer,
    I coached t-ball when my DS was younger. Most (all) of the boys on our team where able to hit a thrown ball, so we just cleared it with the opposition coach before the game started and they were able to hit that way. You have to have an adult throw the ball.

    Have fun, enjoy watching your boy play!!!

  11. Jennifer Kitty Kat…
    So inspiring! These videos are great! Such a nice thing to see on a Sunday morning! I love those techniques and it makes me want to create of course..
    Now, if I can get all these boys out of the house!!!!

  12. Jennifer,
    Just watching & rewatching your videos is so inspiring! I learn something new each time! I just want to “play” all the time!
    Thanks for sharing your pearls of wisdom!

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