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Quick questions answered…

Not much time – headed to the zoo with my little dude.  No school this morning.

Been getting a lot of emails from folks about stuff.  Here are a few answers…

Q: Where do you get your vintage textbook paper?
A: You can get old books at antique stores, etc.  You can get good deals at places!  But me?  I like mixes of stuff.  I go to a person named Green Paper Package.  I love their mixes and like to support people on etsy.  You can see the goodies on etsy HERE or ebay HERE.  Check back often – there are new things up often.  I love the old maps, too.

Q: Do you still have your brother-in-law's CDs still available for purchase? 
A: Good news!  You can now get these online.  Just click HERE.  I always get emails from people after they get them – saying they love it.  (If you haven't heard his music, I used him on my early videos on youtube.)

Q: I'd like to send in cards for Kate.  Where do I get the info? 
A: The more cards we get, the better.  So send them in!  Click HERE for info on sending them.  Click HERE for prizes you may win.  

Q: I'd like to donate prizes for the card drive.  Can I? 
A: Sure!  Just email me.

Next, be sure to check out Hero Arts today.  I am hosting the blog again this week with a fun focus on the men in the Hero Arts world.  Love it!  Giveaway today, too.  Click HERE.

083009 Thanks Star For more information, click HERE.

Gotta get going.  Before the zoo, Colin wants to build a shelf that I got for my scrapbook room.  He loves to build.  Have a good one.