Looking through old scrapbooks…

One of the best things about scrapbooking is looking back at old pages.  Seeing the sweet faces in the photos that have grown up so much.  Seeing the products on the pages that were so new and fun to me at the time.  Seeing the craft that has made me so happy. 

Here are some I stumbled upon on my computer tonight…

Love the pages with photos that just make me say "awwwww…"


Love the pages that make me say, "I wonder how long it took me to sew all those buttons down…"
Amazing Buttons
Love those pages where I was way too honest, but also thankful that I was…

Thank You Ali

Love those pages that make me love my husband even more…

Love those pages that remind me that friends and family rock…


Love those pages that I remember hurrying to complete…

Feb08 - White Pen - Over Print- Layout

Don't you love memory lane?  It is a great place to meander…

I am at my stamping retreat with a few friends, and Audrey flew in today to hang out with us.  Love having that silly girl across from me while here in my own little piece of heaven. 🙂

A few links for you before bed:

  • THIS is one of the most amazing pages by Jamie Waters.  Wowsers.
  • Loving the bottom card HERE by Debbie Olsen.  Yum.
  • Check out THIS great card set by Lucy.  What a great gift idea.
  • If you are in Cincinnati, be sure to check out Jana's class HERE.  It is technique-heavy.  It will rock.
  • The last Thinking Inking video went up today.  Boohoo. :(  HERE it is… I will catch up on all the other classes later.

I am heading up to chit chat with Audrey and Jana in bed.  God is good. 🙂


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9 thoughts on “Looking through old scrapbooks…”

  1. I enjoyed that stroll down memory lane with you. Gorgeous layouts! I too love to look at my past layouts! Isn’t that the reason we spend so much time making our books?!?!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    although i check on yur blog (and VID’s) every day, i never left you a comment. But now you brought me to tears with your honest scrapbook page ‘Thank you’. Thanks for being you and sharing sooo much.
    Hedwig (from the Netherlands)

  3. I remember seeing some of those pages on your blog and LOVING them the first time. Now that I see them again I recall how much I learned from reading your pages. How inspired I have been in many of my card making creations by what I saw in your blog. I love that you reflect on honesty and love and that you share what inspires YOU. Happy sunny Sunday!

  4. Jennifer. You don’t know me, I’m nobody. I have really obsessively almost followed your blog and your thinking inking class was probably the highlight of my year, the anticipation of it and then the wonderful 9 weeks of it. I have admired you more thank I could ever express, and always thought that you were probably the happiest, luckiest, greatest wife and mother there is. I still do. I see that your relationship with your step daughters is something that I who grew up with no mother would have lived a different life if I had someone like you. Your “Thank You” page spoke to me, straight to me. Every single day I cry, I wonder why I’ve been given this horrible life of sadness every second of every single day for every day of my life for as long as I can remember. I try to put on a happy face outside my home, but knowing that you, too, aren’t perfect, while being kinda my crafting idol, really gives me hope. This is rambling and I’m sure you don’t understand, I just wanted to say, more than these words express, Thank you, for your “Thank You” page. It helped someone, it helped me. Take Care.

  5. I’d like to thank you for the Thinking Inking series. I thought I know a lot, but you have really jump started my creativity. Because it showcased all the “old” LOs, this post is my favorite of all your posts. Thanks so much.

  6. Jennifer, Thanks so much for the Thinking Inking classes.All your videos are so easy to follow and so inspiring. I really loved the “kitting video” and others where Colin slips in to help.Kay did a great job in her “take over” too.I appreciate your honesty and your generous attitude.It is so refreshing to hear from someone who is not ashamed of her spiritual side.
    I saw a video for a card with a transparency panel. You must have made it for another site because I couldn’t find it in your archives.Anyway it was such a great idea, I immediately made a card like it for a friend.Please keep the inspiration, tips and personal insights coming–we love it all and you too.

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