Last post of Kay’s Takeover

Hey.  I forgot to post the last post of Kay's takeover of my blog.  I am missing her tremendously.  Ouch.  But here is her post, and I will be back tomorrow (after my big class tonight!) to post more…

Hello! It’s Kay on Day Seven of the seven day Non-Hostile Takeover. Isn’t it sad that this is the last day I’m going to be posting? Let me take a moment…

Alright! Lets move on to the last card. This card was created using a Hero Arts light blue note card, which was inked with Memories Ink in midnight blue. The ink pad was pressed directly on the note card. The beautiful thing about ink is that you can make paper any color you want. The “stars” in the “sky” are made of Diamond Stickles which I accidently put in rows. Even though it would’ve looked better randomly, but hey. (Blood of a mathematician, you know?) The stamp is one of my favorite Hero Arts owls, which was colored with the almighty Copics markers and Hero Arts black pearls for the eyes.


What I usually do for card inspiration is to first find a stamp that I really love. Sometimes, when I see the stamp, I see what I want to do for the card in my head, minus the greeting. Then I go to the stamp greetings cabinet and pick one out. That simple! I actually made some mistakes in this card… wait. There are no such thing as mistakes!

This card reminds me of the country side at night, with all of the stars in a dark sky. The owl is just sooooo cute, I think, which is why it made my top five favorite products list.

Just a thought… have you noticed how many Hero Arts products I’ve been using since the historical Pink Card where I didn't use Hero? That’s called “buttering up”, a skill I learned in French class. That and putting your hair up with a pencil.

Anyways. This has been an amazing week of blogging and I look forward to taking over again sometimes. It’s practically historical, Non-Hostile Cyber Takeover Week, and I know this is one history test I know I’ll make an A in.

Until next time, may you be as happy as my family with a camera.

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29 thoughts on “Last post of Kay’s Takeover”

  1. Hello Kay , i love your card and your posts, you can take care of your Mum’s blog if she is busy.

    Thanks for sharing and i hope you enjoy the last weeks of Summer!!!

    Hugs Yvon.

  2. Thank you Kay. it has been a pleasure reading your posts all week long. I also want to say that this last card you made describes your personality. TFS!!! :0)

  3. Hi Kay, i’ve never learned french very well, but i’ve never learned to put my hear up with a pencil either…LOL
    anyway, now i can’t try, i’ve cut my hair pretty punky short, so…

    Anyway, hope you’ll start your own blog this way like your mom does, with daily stuff etc. that would be cool!
    hugz, karin

  4. hI kAY §


    So, in french ” to put my hair up with a pencil” …… i am french and i don’t know what you mean by this ……?! LOL !!!!

    Big kiss from France end thanks again

  5. Merci, Kay. I absolutely adore the little owl – your card is very elegant.YOU sparkle! Hope you’re enjoying band camp.

  6. You sparkle … totally scraplifting that one. Awesome work Kay-thanks for filling in for Jennifer.

  7. Kay, I’ll miss reading your posts! You are totally kewl. You are a celebrity in the making. Keep following your passion! Until the next takeover……

  8. Kay

    I realty enjoyed your blogging. My daughter loved it too. She said you are the best teacher ever in class.

    Blessings you to you. I hope you have a wonderful year at school. We will miss you on the blog.

    Sandi N.

  9. Kay, I really enjoyed your take over and all the card samples you shared with us on your mum’s blog. Hopefully you will get a blog of your own to inspire kids your age to get into card making. Of course, I would probably look at it, too, because I love your sense of humor! You deserve an A+ for your take over!
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  10. Nice job Kay! You’ll be missed. Maybe you can be a “guest” on the blog once in awhile. =) You’re a very talented young lady. Keep up the great work!

  11. Awww, gonna miss you Kay and your bubbly, funny and original sense of humor! You are extremely talented girlfriend..keep creating so you can inspire us!

  12. It’s good to catch up on your posts after being away for a week leading a Christian holiday camp for teens. I missed reading the blog. You’ve been a great blogger – lots of fun and some really cool cards too. Hope you have a good time away, and that we see you again soon on the blog.

  13. thanks again for a great takeover week Kay. Great starry night- isn’t it beautiful away from the city lights?

  14. Hey Kay, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your non-hostile take over!! You inspired me to pull my chalks out again!! They must have been so sad sitting there in the drawer. I look forward to the next take over!!

  15. It’s been a pleasure reading Kay’s posts and the beautiful cards. Looking forward to seeing her post again in the future.
    Best of luck Kay!!

  16. A big “woo hoo!” shout out to Kay for her am-ahzing non-hostile blog takeover! Thanks for sharing great inspiration, wonderful stories, and awesome cards/ideas! LOVE the starry night concept! I can see doing “constellations” of people’s names, or even the shape of an owl! TOO FUN!

  17. Kay, you have done an awesome job this week. Thanks so much for taking over.

    Love your projects this week, too. You are a very talented young artist.

  18. Cute card, Kay! I’ve been watching for your last post. Thank you so much for brightening my day with the art and humor you’ve shared during non-hostile take-over week. It’s been fun!

  19. Kay, you are a delightful, clever, talented young lady. Thank you for sharing your personality and talents with us during your Take Over. Your humor and words of wisdom are true gifts. You will succeed in every thing you choose to accomplish.

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