It’s all in the family…

Just thought a few of you crafters might enjoy this video of Colin. 🙂

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137 thoughts on “It’s all in the family…”

  1. How gorgeous, is he taking bookings for craft classes yet? I wonder if he’s mastered the Cricut Expression… I’m sure we’d all like to see any cards that Colin has made. I think he could teach us crafters a thing or two!!

  2. I love this video! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that “ropes” my husband and son into crafting projects! Actually, they are as kind as your family and love to help out and spend time with me. We’re both lucky ladies to have such great guys!

  3. That was too CUTE! My three girls love to help mom scrapbook and stamp. My eldest loves to work with the cricut machine! I love how your family helps you get ready for classes, priceless!

  4. 1. Your brother is a VERY patient man.
    2. Your husband is a Saint (no way mine would cut and punch).
    3. I want Colin’s eyelashes.
    4. I love this kid. What a charmer, and my goodness is he ever smart! Oh and great fine motor skills!!

  5. So stinkin’ cute! It’s amazing how well he demonstrated the cuttlebug. Amazing. You must be very patient with him when you teach him things, because he was so patient, detailed, and articulate when he explained the cuttlebug. He even told your brother or husband what to expect (that the butterfly was going to come out the other end). Kudos to you and the rest of the family!

  6. Oh my goodnesses, that was the best video! I love that Colin knows how to do a Cuttlebug…he must teach me! I don’t know how! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing, woman! It made my day!

  7. How sweeeeet is he? Actually brought tears to my eyes. My only child is off to college TOMORROW. I remember those little boy days like they were yesterday. Time really does go by fast. I hope you’re spoiling him rotten with Mommy love…sigh.

  8. He is definitely a chip off “the ole block” I adore his face in the Hero catalogs. What a charmer!!! You are a very lucky gal!!!!

  9. Too sweet for words. It made me smile. You’ve inspired me to share my hobby with my little guy (he’s 2). Thanks for sharing.

  10. just found your site…it’s wonderful!!

    your son is so precious! love it that he runs the cuttlebug better than we do!

  11. tooo stinkin’ cute. you know, you can only getaway w/ free service before he realizes he can charge a fee. LOL! it’s cute when our kiddos love to help and cuttlebug is kid-proof and simple to use.

  12. Wow! Thank you Jennifer for sharing this! I love finding ways to incorporate my daughters help into my scrapbooking/card making, I never thought to let her(my 4yr old) do the cuttlebug stuff… great idea! What other tasks do you let him do? Any particular one he likes to do the most??

  13. This just makes me smile so big! I love hearing Colin talk, he is so adorable!! Thanks so much for sharing this fun family video so that we get a peek of how a class kit is put together by a loving family!!

  14. Oh my gosh…Colin is too adorable!!! And smart…whoa the boy knows his papercrafting…LOL…Thanks for sharing such sweetness with those of whose grandchildren are older than all your children

  15. that was one of the sweetest videos ever. I thouroughly enjoyed it. How nice everyone works together to help mom. You must be a wonderful mom!!!!

  16. Too cute! Do you think I could borrow Colin to teach me how to use my Silhouette? LOL! Thanks for sharing – it brightened up my day.

  17. OH MY GOODNESS!!! HOW PRECIOUS! My Baby turned 20 this year and got married and oh this little video brought back sweet, sweet, memories! Thank you for sharing this

  18. Oh my, what a bright little button you have there! Utterly, totally, one-hundred-percent a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. What wonderful memories this video will conjure up when he’s all grown!


    PS Hope you were paying him the going rate for the job Jennifer!

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