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Happy Friday.  (Aren't those two simple words music to your ears?!  Love them.)

Wanted to share a few more things about the Cards for Kate Card Drive, along with a few cards I made for her family.

First, Simply Scrapbooks up in Dayton, Ohio (an incredible store – TONS of great stuff and a cool staff) is collecting cards for the drive and will send them on to me.  So, if you live near there, just drop them off.  How cool is that?  And, by the way, I will be teaching a few classes up there on November 21.  Keeps your ears open, the details will be up soon

Next, I am adding prizes to the prize list HERE.  Some great stuff from some awesome companies and such.  I am not really going out looking for donations – many of these people are volunteering on their own.  Big-hearted people.  Love that.  So, if you send in cards, not only will you make a little girl smile, but you may also win some great stuff.  I can promise you that prize list will grow big time.  Last time I did a card drive there were lots of winners. 

Also, many people mentioned wanting to donate directly to the McRae family to help them out.  A wonderful gal (thanks, Priscilla!) found on the McRae's site the information on how to send money to them.  It is tax-deductible and set up by their church.  It is really easy to do.  Go to and go to "Online Giving/Tithing."  Next, click on "Click here to give online."  You have to register/login and then there will be a drop down button for giving to McRae.

Another way you can help the family out is to get a Pray For Kate bracelet.  You can get info on her dad's site HERE.  I sleep with mine on every night.

Next up, I wanted to share the first of many cards I plan to do for their family.  This first one is for Kate.  Sweet and simple.  I plan to tell her a few frog jokes inside.

082109 Kate 1 Supplies: Hero Arts stamps (background, greeting, frog), Ranger White Inkessentials Pen, Peeled Paint Distress Ink, Copic Markers, Hero Arts Black Pearls.

Notice the white dots on the background?  I love the highlighting that the Ranger White Inessentials Pen gives.  It is a great pen.  And the trick to keeping it writing solid: write slowly.  Works perfect.

This one is for Kate's brother, Will…

082109 Kate 4 Supplies: Hero Arts stamps (background, greeting, frog), Ranger White Inkessentials Pen, Soft Pool Ink, Copic Markers, Hero Arts Black Pearls.

I just love those Black Pearls for eyes.  Really makes these critters adorable.

And for Kate's sister, Olivia, I used this crazy bird.  Love using bird's legs as the "L"s in "hello"…

082109 Kate 3 Supplies: Hero Arts stamps (background, greeting, bird), glitter pen, Soft Lilac Ink, Copic Markers, Hero Arts Black Pearls.

It is hard to tell in these photos, but I used a glitter pen to make them pop.  You can kind of see it here…

082109 Kate 2

By the way, if you are looking for a great stamp set with just about every greeting you will ever need, try THIS one.  Love it. 


Oh, and yes… I am now a Copic girl now. I am addicted.  I tried to avoid it, but a sweet friend gave me a taste of them and I was in love.  And the kids love using them, too.  (I am so thankful you introduced me, Ellen!  Hugs.)

Gotta go watch some mindless TV. Night!

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24 thoughts on “Creating for Kate”

  1. Thanks for sharing Kate’s story. I read the entire journal on her site, and it has been a true walk of faith for the family, hasn’t it?! It took me several days to get through all of the posts (it’s so emotional and the details are so vivid), and I continue to pray for Kate and her family.

    As always, your cards are simply adorable! I’m planning to send one or more cards, myself. I have a question about the Copic markers. Is there a big difference (besides cost) between the Sketch Copic markers and the Ciao Copic Markers? I’m thinking of investing in a set, but I want to choose wisely! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. All of these cards are wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration. Also thanks for sharing Kate’s story. it stops and makes you appreciate the small things in life. TFS!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Jennifer….
    Love the Cards you made…will be sending mine to you soon!!
    I’m glad you are liking Copics…they are really a lot of FUN!
    I know you will still use your pencils too as you are the Pro with Prismacolor…
    Big Hugs to you….
    Your such a special person to do what you do for others!

  4. I love your cards. I’d like to make cards for the family, but I live in SW Florida so I can’t very well drop them in the box at the store. Is there an address that I can send them to? Thanks.

  5. Where do you get your copic pens? I do not see them anywhere locally near me. what colors do you suggest to get to try a few? Would love to try them but want to get some of the colors that I would really use. Linda Gerig in MIchgan

  6. Jennifer, beacause you are such an inspiration, you have earned the Kreativ Blogger Award! The details are on my blog! Congratulations!!

  7. Jennifer, I am so glad that you are doing this card drive for Kate, I will add her and her family to my prayers. I hope you don’t mind, I started a discussion thread over at Hero Arts asking for cards and giving them details of your blog. (I can remove if you do not approve of the request or wording).
    Hugs Cathy

  8. Hi Jennifer

    Great idea on creating for Kate and the cards are too cute, I’m sure Kate and her siblings will love them.

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for the e.mail answering some of the questions I had on ‘Thinking Inking’.

  9. I just love these sweet cards and she will too. Sorry you are feeling under the weather. I am sending get well wishes. Thanks for sharing you lovely cards.

    Sandi N.

  10. very sweet, simple cards, Jennifer! I love that you’re a Copic girl now, too 🙂 They’re so much, fun, aren’t they! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. My sister-in-law sent me your site and I’ve sent a card to your address, have also forwarded the e-mail to others who will send more cards. Thanks for taking the time to help this sweet girl.

  12. Jennifer- I too, have been following the McRae family and the journey they are on with Kate. Love these cards…wonderful idea! I was just looking over the new photos with them and Patrick and caught your name on the comments. I wondered to myself, “could that be the Creating Keepsakes Jennifer McGuire?!” so I clicked and sure enough, it’s YOU! I love watching your little one grow up via CK mag! So cute…!!

  13. where can i go to read about kate and her family. last year my gd and i made some cards and they did not get sent. i was out of state. i will be more than happy to send some this year.

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