Thinking Inking Video… and another…

Hey, there!

New Thinking Inking is up HERE.  It is the last of the Distress Crackle Paint projects for the week.  I really love this stuff.  Even if you aren’t into the brown-distress-look, there are great ways to use it in a colorful and clean way.  It is simply about adding texture to your projects.


TI WEek 4 3 i (c) – info HERE.

And I thought I would show some old projects I did with the Distress Crackle Paint, too.  I have shared these before, but just in case you wanted some more examples.

This one has a video.  If you watch it, you will notice that I did this before meeting my current best friend – The Foam Inking Tool from Ranger. πŸ™‚  So, ignore the icky foam piece I use in it…

040708 Blink

Here is a card, also using Distress Crackle Paint…

Class 4

Yes, my use of butterflies started long ago.  I think it started when Scenic Route came out with these rockin’ chipboard butterflies…

052008 Tami

Well, I better wrap it up.  Have a great weekend.

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24 thoughts on “Thinking Inking Video… and another…”

  1. love all your projects jennifer! you have encouraged me to use crackle paint… i used some tonight on some scenic route chipboard flowers and i just love it. thanks!

  2. I love your videos! Always watch them. I love to learn the techniques you show and it’s a great way to learn about new products.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I really enjoyed this video especially when you put the crackle paint on the paper and than cut out the shapes. Thanks for the idea. Looking forward to next weeks videos.

  4. Your videos have been so great! I love the scrapbook page with all of the crackled butterflies. That photo is gorgeous! By the way, which tiny alphabet is that? The one that you said goes with everything? I’d love to get one for myself! Thanks!

  5. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying these videos, how much I am learning and what great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them with us

  6. Jennifer

    I am loving all your wonderful tip and ideas on using crackle paint. I am starting to see how all the colors go together in Tim’s line. He is a smart man!

    Many thanks for all your hard work.

    Sandi N.

  7. Jennifer thank you so much for your guidance, you are really somebody special to do all that you do family, job, creative things. You are the stamp and ink virtuoso. Your videos are helping me to love my hobbie and to enjoy life as well. God bless you and your beautiful family!

  8. Jennifer you are rocking these cards. You are making me a fan of tools that I haven’t really enjoyed in the past but I guess I just needed to be shown QUALITY examples of how to use them all. Now… where to fit it in my budget for some crackle paints!!!

  9. How do you do it? These videos are amazing. I cannot thank you enough. In person classes are kinda scarey for me. Having you at home via videos is a godsend. I love the crackle paint. Gotta have it and gonna get it!!!!

  10. Thank You so much for all your classes, tips, creativity! I enjoy your videos so much that today I bought a bunch of Ranger’s products and I’m looking forward to applying some of your techniques!

  11. Jennifer,
    You are so wonderful for sharing all of your idea! I have seen the crackle paint, and never thought I would need it, well over the weekend I went out and purchased 4 colors, and are having a blast with them! I also purchased the daubbers, in 6 colors, what a easy way to put on paint! Totally AWESOME! Thanks again!!!!!

  12. Yep, now I need crackle paint. The title of the page made me tear up. It seriously does go by too darn quickly.

  13. I like your videos because they look simple enough for me to do. Or I would of thought! After watching your video on the crackle paint I bought 2 bottles. If I put on more than the thinnest layer..they don’t crackle. I see a few large soft cracks and then it starts to bubble. I tried waving the heat gun over the area trying not to hold in one spot but no success. I tried it on chip board. Any suggestions?

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