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Hey there.  Kay has decided that my blog needs a little more fun and is going to treat us with a few more days of her goodness.  It seems todays post involves "barf" talk – ha – sorry about that. :)  You can tell how much fun she is – we have a good time together. We could spend hours crafting and laughing.  Our best crafting time was when she went with me to my favorite stamping retreat and spent every moment making cards – I think it was 46 in total.  Here she is…

Aloha! It’s Kay again, and in the words of King Julian (Madagascar 2): ?You gotta love a non-hostile takeover." That’s right! I’m taking over the blog for a week! Why? The response to the last post was incredible. If I had a cookie for every nice comment someone wrote, I would be one happy teenager.   Thank you!

When I was little, only seven or eight years old, I was really into card making. I took a lot of classes – I even went to CKU. And yesterday I was digging through my old cards, when I found a beautimous card that Awesome Audrey made once when I was sick. (Awesome Audrey is my wonderful sister.) The card contained one of the best Audreyisms* ever. Here it is:


I love this. Let me explain it, just a little bit. The silver bird stamps are supposed to represent our family, with the tall long-legged bird Dad (though in a fair representation it would’ve been me – I’m 5’7”), the beautiful peacock is Mum, and the three birds in a row are me, Audrey and Colin. But what we love about the card is what she wrote in the postscript…

"P.S. Please don’t barf on me."

This may be the best get well card ever, because it is just so totally Audrey. What a way to make you’re incredible older sister feel better when she's sick, right?

Oh, and my Mum asked me to let you know that the winner of the AC goodies is Jennifer R.  Lucky girl!

Until later, may you be as happy as my sister with a cookie.

(*Awesome Audrey Fact* Audrey will occasionally come out with a hilarious comment, an “Audreyism” if you will. They’re usually random and completely off the wall.)

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34 thoughts on “Special Kay…”

  1. that sounds like something my audrey would say. she comes up with things like that all the time and she is only 4.

  2. Such a cute card made by Audrey….I think it is Wonderful you took over Jennifer’s Blog for a bit….
    Jennifer works way too hard and needs a break after all those FAB thinking inking classes and videos…..
    Thanks Kay!

  3. You are just too cute, Kay!

    And is it just me or does anyone else think that audrey-ism needs to be the newest Hero stamp? A top seller to be sure! 😉

    (And Jen? I love that Audrey made you the beautiful peacock (hen?) :))

  4. Kay you just make me laugh. It’s funny how there is always one in the house with ism’s, in our house it’s my daughter Kayley she says some of the funniest things ever with out trying too and we tend to call them her Kayley moments however I like the term you used and may have to start calling them Kayleyism’s. Thanks for the laugh today!

  5. how fun! love the “non-hostile takeover” reference…i just watched this movie yesterday with my daughter. thanks for making me smile. 🙂

  6. Awww … I LOVE that you’re back, Kay. Thanks for making me smile – and appreciate little things (like sending cards!) Stick around, kay? (ha ha)

  7. HI Kay! Another sweet & funny post! I sense your very own blog in the future! You’ve inspired me to stamp with my little ones this weekend!

  8. That is a GREAT card your sister made for you. You should start your own blog. I’d follow it. I’m so very impressed that you’re only 14. You write very well. Quite entertaining.

  9. this is adorable! love that you’re taking over the blog for a week, kay. you mum deserves a little break. and i can tell you’re going to keep us laughing 🙂

  10. Aloha, Kay! That Audrey-ism should definitely be made into a rubber stamp! Have fun with the takeover. Your mum deserves a break now and then!

  11. Is this your mum’s holiday then ???!!! Well done you. I am so jealous that you got to go to CKU so young – i don’t think I’ll ever get there (ok, I live in Scotland so the chances are REALLY slim !!!) Love the card – well done Audrey !!

  12. Ha! I almost spat my breakfast cereal all over the laptop when I read this – so funny. I’ll definitely join the campaign for Audrey’s comment to be made into a stamp! Loving your takeover. Hope your mum can have a bit of a rest whilst you’re in charge. Hx

  13. Thanks for the laughs you gave me Kay. I love your sisters card and the love you all share. Looking forward to more of your posts. TFS!!! 🙂

  14. Kay,
    You are hilarious!!! I’m sure taking a class with you would be SO much fun!! Thanks for sharing the card your sister made. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.
    P.S. I hope this earns you a cookie. 🙂

  15. Kay, I wish I could be half as funny as you! Your post are so great! Thank you mum for sharing you with us. Your cards are so great too!! Have a great weekend.

  16. How funny is that! Perfect sentiment, even if we don’t want to admit it … just ask any Mom who’s being up all night with a sick kid … yeah, don’t barf on me is so right! Can’t wait ’till your next post. Marta

  17. Great job Kay. Fun to have you on your Mum’s blog. You will keep us laughing and in good spirits. thanks!

  18. (with the voice of King Julian) Woohoo!! Kay is back!!!
    We are all thrilled that you’ll be with us for a week! Hope you do lots of videos showing us cards, your tips for organization, etc…
    Audrey’s card is a cutie too!!!
    Stay sweet 🙂

  19. LOL! What a sweetie. And let’s face it, we’re all THINKING it “please don’t barf on me…” At least she has the honesty to come right out and say it! I think that deserves a cookie 😉

  20. Hi, Kay! Love your appearance this week, it’s a GREAT idea and you write really well, too! Love this card you shared, it is definitely a keeper! What a great story. p.s. You’re taller than I am! 🙂

  21. Kay – you are cracking me up! And, making me miss my little sister!! Need to call her now! This will be a fun week!

  22. It warms my heart to see your family being so supportive of you. Colin is REALLY cute
    Yeay for them all and I wanted to thank you for making these videos to share with us and show us how much more we can do with these Ranger products

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