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Hi, everyone.  Kay, my sweet 14-yr-old girly, decided she wanted to take over my blog for the day.  Kay and I like to create together.  I always look forward to summer when we can go down in my studio in the basement for hours.  We often get what Kay refers to as "basementitis" – where we start to act goofy and loopy due to an overabundence of crafting time in the basement.  :)  I am very very very proud to be her "mum" (stepmom).  You will see why here… 

What’s up? It’s Kay, and I’m taking over an entire blog post for the day! As Mum’s Personal Assitant, this is like a promotion for me, and I’m super excited. I wanted to start by sharing some of the cards from my class.

I got to teach a class at Stamp Your Art Out for kids, and it was soooooo much fun. I tried to make cards that weren’t too girly, because there were two boys in the class, and the kids had a blast. The amount of creativity in the room was incredible, mostly because the kids were not afraid to make something that was nothing like the original card. I loved it! I tried really hard to make the class fun – we had “Story Time” whenever I saw something that made me remember something crazy I had done. Their favorite was the "Great Ink Pad" story, inspired by them leaving the tops off of the ink…

I trip over stuff, and drop things a lot, and a few days before the class I dropped an ink pad on the ground… and got black Staz-on ink all over my foot. Clearly, this is why I never moved up in ballet. And they don’t call it “Staz-on” for nothing.

Anyways, it was a really big hit. They all told me I was the “best” and “coolest” teacher ever, and some of them were really excited for my next class there. So am I, believe me.

So here is the first card!  This card was really really really fun to make, because I just love the stamps. They’re really modern, with “LOL” and cell phones, and either a popsicle or a computer mouse. The card design was inspired by one of Mum’s cards (click HERE), only hers had animals on it and mine has a popsicle/computer mouse and a peace sign.

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

This is my absolute, favoritest card EVER that I taught in the class. The colors were inspired by my Vera Bradley Wristlet (see HERE), and I love owls (and gems, one of my top five favorite products ever), so it was perfect. But my favorite part was the “You’re so COOL!” stamp because that is something I say ALL the time. Again, this was inspired by one of Mum’s.  (Click HERE to see.)

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

This next card was fun, because the colors remind me of St. John. It also used two more of my top five favorite products ever, chalk and diamond Stickles. I really love the Diamond Stickles because they take on the color of whatever is behind it, thus eliminating the use for more than one color at a time. Plus they are a lot of fun to use. It also used clear stamping, which was really fun to teach because it’s easy, and the kids just lapped it up. (Thanks to this class, I am now seriously considering being a drama teacher.  I bet I’d be good at it.)

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

Another fun card. (What card isn’t fun though?) I loved it because, first, it had a cupcake, and second, it got to cut a card in half. I really love the colors too, which were inspired by a picture on the wall.

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

*Special Kay Tip* If you have a color you love, but need colors to match, find an object that you love and use it as inspiration.

This next one was awesome to make and awesome to teach, because it had so much potential for creativity. The kids loved coloring the animals, as did I, and thought the colors were awesome. The card wasn’t too girly or boyish which rocked, and the stars were fun. It used Pop-dots, which is another of my favorite supplies, and a corner rounder.

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

Well, okay! This was fun. I’m currently working on attempting to edit another video, and I’m sure you will know when it’s mine.

Until then, may you be as happy as a bird with a French fry. 😉

Kay (Age 14)

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  1. Hy Kay!

    You are very talented and I love all your cards.My favourite is the first “LOL” card.
    Greetings from Austria (in Europe)

  2. Hi Kay, your cards are so lovely. My favorite is the Owl. I’m sure that “mum” is very proud of your artistic endeavors. TFS!!! and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  3. hello from France Jennifer and Kay !

    i don’t speak and write very well english but i love what you did !

    jennifer , your cards and videos are a really great source of inspiration for me …..
    Kay you have a great talent like your MUM !!!!!

    have a nice day


  4. Great job! Love that cards! You gave me lots of ideas and I’ll just have to get my 13 yr old daughter to job in and help. Thanks!

  5. Hi Kay,
    Fantastic blog post!! Thank so much for sharing all your wonderful cards with us. It’s no surprise that you taught a class. Glad it was a huge success!

  6. What an amazing job you did Kay! Looks like you are following in your mum’s footsteps! Looking forward to more posts from you!

  7. Kay, I love your description. You are full of spunk, and that line “happy as a bird with a french fry” will stick with me!


    Kay, I am just speechless!!!! You are such a wonderful teacher!!! Please keep it up. You are beyond talented and I can tell your Mum is very proud of you.
    Sending you lots and lots of *hugs&kisses*.

    I have no doubt you’ll be the *best* drama teacher out there AND you post made me happier than that birdie with a french fry…for sure!!!

    ps Make some videos pleaseeeeeee 🙂

  9. Hi Kay,
    You are great at making cards and blogging! The cards are very cool for teenagers! Thanks for the ideas! All three of my daughters love to help mom make cards and stamp! I hope that when they are a bit older we will be able to create like you and your MUM! Both of you are very very creative! Keep up the great work.

  10. Kay, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! What fun! Great cards! And those were lucky kids in your class, that’s for sure! Love the bird and the french fry line, too! Especially since I’m an avid bird watcher and a french fry aficieonado (sp??)!

  11. Wow all your cards are wonderful Kay! Your blog post has so much enthusiasim in it I can tell you had a blast with the kids! Great job~

  12. Wonderful job Kay. That was so cool. You are a good teacher and your cards are awesome.
    I hope you will always be as happy as a bird with a french fry.
    Your mum seems pretty awesome too.

  13. Hey there Kay You sure can give your mom a run for her money! Your cards are fabulous! TFS!

  14. That was awesome Kay! I had so much fun reading your post 🙂 I wish we lived closer so that my 9yo daughter could attend one of your classes, they sound fun 🙂 One question: what stamp set did you use for the first card?? My daughter would love that!

  15. Loved your Blog Post and Cards Kay…how fun to get to craft with your Mum….
    I bet your class with kids was wonderful. You Rock!
    Have a Great day!!

  16. Kay, you were terrific. I only wish we lived in your area, my children would love to take a class from you. You are a natural teacher! Thanks for sharing your really cool projects!

  17. You did such a fabulous job, Kay! What a great teacher you are and I just loved your blog post! I can see why your Mum is so proud of you! I bet you two have so much fun creating together! Great work and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!! Keep creating!! Hugs!

  18. Are you sure she is only 14!!! I think it is wonderful that you all are spending time together and that she has been so inspired and inspiring! Look forward to seeing more you Kay.

  19. Wonderful cards, Kay! I especially love the owl card.
    I am sure your class was tons of fun. How great for you
    to impart your love of card making to other kids.

  20. kay, you are sooooo cool!! and how awesome that the kids in your class got to have you as teacher 🙂 i loved your cards!!

  21. Kay! You have some serious talent girl — you stamp, you write, you teach…wow! 🙂 And SO much fun that you and your Mum share this together. Wish I could send my girls to one of your classes…they would love it! Let me know if you ever decide to teach in Nebraska. *wink*

  22. Hey Kay – totally loved your post and those cards are super cool. I can see you’ve got your Mum’s talent and then some. Congrats and I look forward to seeing more of your art. Thanks!

  23. Kay, your post on the blog was adorable! I especially liked your comments and commentary. It was so cute. Your cards were darling,too, and I can see why kids would love to attend one of your classes. Looks like your mum’s creative juices have also influenced you. I’m sure someday you will have your own blog. I’ll look forward to your video. Have a fab week-end.
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  24. Kay,

    You did an AWESOME job! I love your cards! I know how proud your mum must be! Made me miss my Cincinnati hometown and the stores like SYAO. There isn’t anything to compare here in Indy! 🙁

    You are also a WONDERFUL writer!

    Keep up the great work!

    Kathy 🙂

  25. Ok so when is Kay going to be starting her own blog! LOL seriously she is good and I know that she got that from you Jennifer!
    Tell Kay until next time we will be waiting…

  26. I see you take after your mother’s talents.
    Thanks so much for sharing w/ not only us, but the kids you taught.

    Great cards.

  27. Kay, your cards are great. I think it’s wonderful that kids as well as teens are learning to make and send cards. In this texting age it is so personal to receive a handmade card. Keep up the excellent work!

  28. Hey Kay your cards are B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T, no wonder the kids loved the class. Well Done! Look forawrdto another blog post from you.

    I have a question for Jennifer – I have searched high and low for wooden text stamp I’ve seen you use (I think maybe there are 2) please could you let me know what they are as I’d love to order them. Thanks so much.

  29. Kay, you are awesome! Way to go. I love your cards and detailed explanation for each one. You and your Mum are quite lucky to have each other. And, your teaching skills are great…stories are always the best way to connect to your students. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to future posts by you.

  30. Hi Kay! Awesome job with the blog post today! You are witty and funny and it was great to read about your experience as a teacher! You should think about starting your own blog to show off your awesome creations… 🙂

  31. Wow Kay, you are a future Garden Girl for sure, I bet your Mum is very proud of you 🙂 Fab cards, wonderful writing and a true inspiration!

  32. Hi Kay!!! Looks as if we may be visiting kaymcguireink.typepad soon 🙂 You did an AWESOME job with the blogging and the cards are fab also!!! Congrats on your class!!!

  33. HI Kay. Awesome – Fantastic – Fun blog post today.
    I wish I was a kid and could take your classes at SYAO!
    You are wonderful and fun. I hope you take over Jennifers blog again b/4 you leave. I love the cupcake card – but then I really like all of them
    Jennifer you must to SOOOOOOOOO proud.

  34. Kay – I enjoyed seeing all of your cards! Too bad you weren’t teaching closer to me. My 9 year old daughter would LOVE to take one of your classes. You’re also a good enabler like your mum…now I want that Hero Arts Owl stamp! I’m looking forward to the upcoming video.

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