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Hi, everyone.  Kay, my sweet 14-yr-old girly, decided she wanted to take over my blog for the day.  Kay and I like to create together.  I always look forward to summer when we can go down in my studio in the basement for hours.  We often get what Kay refers to as "basementitis" – where we start to act goofy and loopy due to an overabundence of crafting time in the basement.  :)  I am very very very proud to be her "mum" (stepmom).  You will see why here… 

What’s up? It’s Kay, and I’m taking over an entire blog post for the day! As Mum’s Personal Assitant, this is like a promotion for me, and I’m super excited. I wanted to start by sharing some of the cards from my class.

I got to teach a class at Stamp Your Art Out for kids, and it was soooooo much fun. I tried to make cards that weren’t too girly, because there were two boys in the class, and the kids had a blast. The amount of creativity in the room was incredible, mostly because the kids were not afraid to make something that was nothing like the original card. I loved it! I tried really hard to make the class fun – we had “Story Time” whenever I saw something that made me remember something crazy I had done. Their favorite was the "Great Ink Pad" story, inspired by them leaving the tops off of the ink…

I trip over stuff, and drop things a lot, and a few days before the class I dropped an ink pad on the ground… and got black Staz-on ink all over my foot. Clearly, this is why I never moved up in ballet. And they don’t call it “Staz-on” for nothing.

Anyways, it was a really big hit. They all told me I was the “best” and “coolest” teacher ever, and some of them were really excited for my next class there. So am I, believe me.

So here is the first card!  This card was really really really fun to make, because I just love the stamps. They’re really modern, with “LOL” and cell phones, and either a popsicle or a computer mouse. The card design was inspired by one of Mum’s cards (click HERE), only hers had animals on it and mine has a popsicle/computer mouse and a peace sign.

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

This is my absolute, favoritest card EVER that I taught in the class. The colors were inspired by my Vera Bradley Wristlet (see HERE), and I love owls (and gems, one of my top five favorite products ever), so it was perfect. But my favorite part was the “You’re so COOL!” stamp because that is something I say ALL the time. Again, this was inspired by one of Mum’s.  (Click HERE to see.)

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

This next card was fun, because the colors remind me of St. John. It also used two more of my top five favorite products ever, chalk and diamond Stickles. I really love the Diamond Stickles because they take on the color of whatever is behind it, thus eliminating the use for more than one color at a time. Plus they are a lot of fun to use. It also used clear stamping, which was really fun to teach because it’s easy, and the kids just lapped it up. (Thanks to this class, I am now seriously considering being a drama teacher.  I bet I’d be good at it.)

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

Another fun card. (What card isn’t fun though?) I loved it because, first, it had a cupcake, and second, it got to cut a card in half. I really love the colors too, which were inspired by a picture on the wall.

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

*Special Kay Tip* If you have a color you love, but need colors to match, find an object that you love and use it as inspiration.

This next one was awesome to make and awesome to teach, because it had so much potential for creativity. The kids loved coloring the animals, as did I, and thought the colors were awesome. The card wasn’t too girly or boyish which rocked, and the stars were fun. It used Pop-dots, which is another of my favorite supplies, and a corner rounder.

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

Well, okay! This was fun. I’m currently working on attempting to edit another video, and I’m sure you will know when it’s mine.

Until then, may you be as happy as a bird with a French fry. 😉

Kay (Age 14)

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  1. Great job on the blog today, Kay!!! I have to repeat what so many others have said… you seem to be a natural with this hobby! And your writing is fantastic, too! Maybe soon you’ll have your very own blog!!! 🙂

  2. Hi Kay,

    A job well done? You are just as talented as your “mum”. You have some great cards. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Kay, your cards ROCK! Very cute designs-and you’re right, they’re great for boys or girls. It was great to hear from you. We get to hear a lot about you all, but it’s great to hear from you, too!

  4. Hi Kay, thanks so much for your wonderful post and sharing your cards with us. I really hope my boys grow up to enjoy crafting with their mum like you do.

    My favourite is your star and animal card- so cute and cheerful.

  5. Love Kay’s posting. Why does she not have her own blog page???? You are soooo lucky to have her in your life. Thank you sooooo much for sharing her with us!!!

  6. Congratulations Kay! Your cards are awesome! I think you did an excellent job and sounds let you are following in your “mum’s” footsteps! Have fun at your next class and make sure you take over the blog to show us your creations!

  7. Kay, these are great! I wish I would’ve known about stamping and scrapbooking when I was your age, that would’ve been awesome. Keep it up and looking forward to more posts from you.

  8. Wow! I loved reading Kay’s blog, and the cards are super-cute. Great job Kay – it’s hard to believe you are only 14! Keep up the good work, and I’m glad you love it so much.

  9. Kay…how cute are you! Loved your cards and presentation…I am sure the kids loved not only the projects but YOU! Your shining personality is evident…you will go far…Do the drama thing! YOU WILL ROCK! I’m in love with owls too right now…When my nephews come over…they rush to the craft room…my 4 year old nephew is quite expert already with cutting tools…scares the heck outta me…but his mom says NO WORRIES! lol…Jennifer has much to be proud of Kay…God Bless your family. Cher

  10. kay, you did an excellent job with the blog write-up! your card samples are really cute and i bet the kids had a blast in your class! you are on your way, girl! i know you have great inspiration at home…hope you continue.
    you are SO cool!
    [email protected]

  11. Look out Jennifer – Kay is going to give you a creative run for your money.

    I bet it’s great to hang out together & share this common interest.

    Kay those are awesome cards! You are very talented well beyond your years… maybe partly because you have such a wonderful talented mom to teach you so many great techniques

  12. Kay,
    What great cards you made. I am a teacher myself and could use some of your creative thinking and enthusiasm. Your cards are wonderful and I am jealous of the kids that got to be in your class. Keep up the great work!

  13. Kay, you did an awesome job! your cards are great and it sounds like you had a great time teaching your class!

  14. Hi Kay!

    What a great blog today! It was funny as well educational. You should have your mum let you do this more often especially during the summer! Tell your mum she should be careful that you just might take over her job! (LOL)

    Great Job!


  15. Hi Kay! You did an AWESOME job with the Blog!! I LOVE the cards that you made, my daughter is also into card making and scrapbooking but she is only 7. I hope that we can come to your next card class!!
    Keep up the GREAT work, you ROCK!!

  16. An amazing bunch of cards, Kay. You show real talent, and your blog is such fun to read! I hope your mom will let you bet her guest blogger OFTEN.

  17. I’m very impressed. Your cards are very professional looking. I love the first and last cards. I love to teach too but ithink I’ll stick to papercrafts and sewing!!

  18. Hi, Kay! What wonderful works! Love all of them.
    All cards are so cute and you used such nice colors on individual cards! Loved to see them! 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing her sweet works with us, Jennifer!

  19. Very nice cards. You have the bug. You may go into drama but you will always create. I also teach and know kids are tough to please. You must have been great! Keep up the good work.

  20. Hi Kay,
    Love your style, I think you’ll take over from ‘Mum’ one day…fantastic stuff!!! Really looking forward to your video!!x

  21. Kay, you did an awesome job with your class. I wonder when you are going to have your own blog. Keep the good work, you are a very special and talented girl.

  22. short and sweet Kay….I live 1.5 hr from the store, have visited it often, am thrilled that they let a kid teach a class, an awesome idea for both the store and certainly for you…you did great, your cards are great, you need a blog of your own now…..I sent the link to two others…a girl your age, and my daughter who has 4 creative kids 6 years of age and under that used to live in Cincy.
    Don’t stop now, you’re on a roll,thanks to a good teacher, your Mum!

  23. Kay,

    Congratulations on your promotion. You have done a great job on your mum’s blog. So, now maybe it’s time for your own blog. After all, you are a teacher and a blogger now!

    I enjoyed your clean and simple cards and your writing. Keep up the good job.

    Good luck with the drama thing!

  24. I am many days late and many dollars short as of this point but I couldn’t read this post and not comment!!

    Kaye…YOU ROCK GIRL!! Really…seriously….you do! I smiled all through your post. You inspired me very much to create many cards with my little girl today…we were going to do a scrapbook page but now we have to add cards to it!:)

    Your Mum is very near and dear to my heart. She loves you so very much and I can see why….you are an AMAZING girl! 🙂 ( so is your MUM 😉 )

  25. You both rock, Kay and Jennifer! What fantastic cards, and what a great attitude. No wonder your students LOVE you…you are quite an inspiration. Can’t wait to see you in a video.

  26. Well Kay it seems you’re doing a great job following in your Mum footsteps. I think you did an awesome job and I am sure that she is really proud.

  27. Great job Kay! How much fun it must be living in a house full of crafting stuff! My grandaughters love coming to my house……….all they want to do is go to my space and make things. When we talk on the phone they say “don’t forget to get us more craft supplies”, very cute! And what a wonderful way to share something you love.
    Laurie VF

  28. Kay – what fun cards you created, I love them all! I too have a 14 year old (soon to be) in my home, who loves to craft with me – she is much more artistic then I (she is always telling me that I think about things too much … that is why I loved your blog entry so much – when you mentioned how much fun it was to teach the kids because they were so open to just create! oh to have that freedom!)
    thanks for sharing your art work with us all. I wish you lived near by Tori would love to create with you!
    Keep on creating and sharing your art with us!

  29. Kay

    My daughter and I had a lovely time at your class. She learned so much and I having fun making cards.

    We look forward to more card class from you for children.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sandi N.

  30. You are one incredible young lady! Your choice of cards was perfect; they look terrific and have an element of fun. I’d take a class from you myself. I’m sure I’d have a blast!

  31. You did an awesome job, Kay! I can’t wait to read your other posts and see more of your projects! It is wonderful to be able to have someone to do this craft with!

  32. Welcome Kay, I liked the confidence in you.. Very beautiful card and presentation. Good work and keep sharing your cards with us.

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