I’m back… with three videos!


Was sick there for a bit, but better today.  So I have several things to link ya up to in case you missed them.

Twitter.  I have to tell you all that you need to sign up for Twitter.  For me, it is so much better than Facebook.  (I never go on FB anymore – but my tweets just go up there automatically.)  I like Twitter because people seem to share more links there than on Facebook.  People link to great ideas, inspiration, etc.  Also, it is so less overwhelming.  If you haven’t started tweeting, I would recommend it.  Even if you don’t want to tweet, you can follow people and learn lots.  You can find me HERE.  And Hero Arts just started Twitter, too!  They are giving away lots of prizes there, so click HERE to find them.

Since we last talked, two different Thinking Inking classes have gone up.  Both are on Ranger Paint Dabbers.  However, if you have other acrylic paints, they work, too.  (But the dabbers are the best.  Trust me.)  Click HERE for the class threads.  And, did you know that you can play along and win great prizes?  Check it out.



Next up… have you seen the blog week over on Hero?  It is a tough challenge – using photos on cards and other projects.  But I think it is a fun one.  Here is a video showing how to make a fold-out card.  For more information, click HERE.

I was just going through some computer files and found this card.  It was one I did for the Hero Arts catalog that got changed a bit.  The original is below, and the “naked” version is HERE. ๐Ÿ™‚  This is one big stamp.  I just stamped it in green and then added color and shading with colored pencils.  You Copic people could have a fun time with this image…

070309 Flowers Supplies: Supplies can be found HERE

Well, I am off to catch up on email.  If you have emailed me in the past couple weeks and haven’t heard back, please send it again.  With my computer dying and me getting sick, I fear I am missing lots.

Hugs all around.  Have a great holiday weekend…

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22 thoughts on “I’m back… with three videos!”

  1. Hey Jennifer! I agree with you 100% on your Twitter thoughts. I get way more immediate gratification on my information addiction from Twitter than on FB. I follow designers, artists, papercrafting companies and some friends. I love Twitter!!! And it’s nice to have the updates go to both. I love all your links, your Thinking Inking class and your funny link to Awkward Photos.LOL!! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Loved your Hero Arts Video on Wednesday!! Funny how you love St John’s…the card I made from your video is for a couple that married today on that very island.
    You’ll have to check out the card I made for them from your video on Flickr. I actually did a shout out for you to say THANKS for the great video.

  3. I’m loving your thinking inking class, i haven;t had the change to play with the techniques and i’m so dying to do so!!!!

  4. I’ve been enjoying your classes very much. I think your card is beautiful. Thanks for showing us how. :0]

  5. I’m glad your feeling better! You’ve had one busy week between HA and 2peas. I’m loving all the wonderful things you’re teaching us. Hoping to find some time to play some more today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Thank you so much for sharing all these great techniques with us! I havenยดt managed to download the PDFs but I find it works well to sit in front of your videos with a pen and paper! I think I will do a little tag book with all the techniques so I can remember them more easily.

  7. Hi.Thanks for the videos..I went out and bought a few of the hero art stamps in them (florish ones) and picked up some of the paint daubbers…I had a blast with them last night…I can’t tell you how nice my backgrounds came out… Love to learn new stuff as I am such a beginner.. Thanks again…I will check out Twitter tomorrow…

  8. Jennifer, you are amazing with your creativity. Thank you so much for all the videos you are sharing demonstrating Tim’s techniques. Keep up the excellent work and it’s good to know you are feeling better.

  9. Jennifer

    Thanks for all the great videos. Lots of great card. I am buying lots of great things to use with your videos.

    Glad you are feeling much better.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Sandi N.

  10. I love all of the fun ink cards!! I’m totally inspired to go and buy some distressing ink so I can try it out for my self!!

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