I *heart* Hero Arts

Ashley planned a wonderful blog hop to thank Hero Arts for all they do.  I am late posting due to company arriving today, but I had to play anyway.

And instead of doing a thank you card for the hop, I decided to share a page that was in the recent CK.  It talks about how I love working for Hero Arts.

Dream Job
(c) Creating Keepsakes

I really don't just say I love working for Hero because my boss can see this.  Ha.  I really do love it.  The people are amazing, generous, understanding, supportive and FUN.  They have incredible values: family-run, green business and made in the USA (in house).  And my favorite thing is that they are supportive to other companies.  They like to see other stamp companies succeed, too.

I am honored to work for them.  The funny thing is, no one can really agree on how I started working for them.  Danny, who used to work there for years, says that he found me because a scrapbook magazine editor told him that they should get me to do samples for them.  Aaron (the CEO) says that he saw my work in a magazine and contacted me.  And I honestly have no idea.  (But I tend to believe my boss – ha.)  All I know is that one fall afternoon 7 years ago, I got a call from Jackie (the Founder) asking me to do projects for them.  And I was thrilled.

OK… enough boring stories.  (Kay's are so much better!) But I do want you to know that when you see me using lots of a company's product it is because I like the company.  That means a lot to me.  And Hero Arts is an industry leader in everything good. 🙂

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34 thoughts on “I *heart* Hero Arts”

  1. Hi Jennifer…you are a Lucky Girl….Loving your job shows in your work….
    this page and EVERY page you do is always perfect….
    Thanks for the constant inspiration you bring to the stamping World!!

  2. You do have a dream job Jennifer! Thanks for all the inspiration and technique that you are so open to share all the time. I am learning everyday of new ways to use those yummy Hero Arts stamps!!

  3. Such a gorgeous layout! You are so lucky to have a dream job with
    a fabulous company, and Hero Arts is lucky to have you as well!
    Thank you for the daily inspiration!

  4. Love the LO! this would deffinatley be my Dream Job

    and Thank you for inspiring me to become a better crafter.

  5. You certainly do have a dream job, jennifer! And you are SO GOOD at it!!!! You are the envy of all paper crafters, lol! Lovely LO, of course!!

  6. Beautiful layout! Thanks for all the great videos and projects you provide! Hero Arts made a great choice when they picked you!

  7. I really like the LO! You are a very inspiring person! Thank you! I have to say, that when I got my CK magazine in the mail and flipped the page, I IMMEDIATELY knew that was a work of Jennifer McGuire!! Then, I actually squinted to read your journaling..LOL

  8. I remember seeing this page in CK and loving it. You always do amazing work and I love seeing everything you create whether it is here on the blog, at Hero Arts, or in CK. You are 100% the best!!

  9. Such a gorgeous layout, you are amazing as always!! You are one lucky girl to enjoy what you do and you totally ROCK!!

    Thank you for the constant inspiration! You are the best!!

  10. wow jennifer…gorgeous LO and you are the luckiest girl in the world…when you are passionate about products…it shows… and I am loving reading everyone’s hero arts story….hugs kath xxxxx

  11. Thank you for sharing this wonderful creation, it always amazes me how approachable every one is at Hero Arts. I’d also like to say reading your story is very inspiring so Thank you for that as well.

  12. I first found Hero Arts through one of your videos on YouTube. I’m so happy I came across it. Love your Dream Job layout – it’s gorgeous. Loved hearing your story too. Thanks Jennifer for all the inspiration you provide.

  13. Very nice layout Jennifer. You can tell you love your job with Hero Arts it shows in your work. There is no store in my area that sells Hero Arts items so I shop the Hero Arts on-line store. It’s a very nice place to shop. If I say so myself they are quite generous, they always include so many gifts with my order, no store does that. TFS!!!

  14. Jennifer, you can tell you are not just saying you love Hero Arts to please your boss! You can see it in all your photos on your page, you are so happy in all of them! My favorite picture is the one of you and Shari – both laughing together. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  15. I am so happy for you having your dream job, you totally deserve it Jennifer. Your layout is gorgeous – happy to see the butterflies there and your HA story is wonderful, thanks so much for sharing and joining in.

  16. although I haven’t been sharing online as much lately due to time constraints, when I make something I always reach for my Hero Arts stamps. They are one of my ‘go to’ products and they never let me down. Feels double-y good to use something from a company whose business practices mirror my ideals. 🙂

  17. Great to see you joining in on the blog hop Jennifer. Just love your layout, the cirlces of photos are so cool and what a neat hand cut title!!!

  18. Thanks for joining us for the HA blog hop. You SO deserve this dream job and HA is just the perfect one for you! Love your work and thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us!

  19. Jennifer

    Sorry I am late MIA all weekend long. Love this layout and Hero Arts too. You make it look so easy, I am so happy you said yes and bless us with your talent. Way to go Aaron!

    Sandi N.

  20. I WISH (really i do!) that i could work for Hero Arts!! (or some other crafting shop)

    In the US are so many oppertunities, and i live in The Netherlands…so …any help? any suggestions?


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