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Happy Sunday.  I love Sundays.  The only thing I don't like about Sundays is that they are followed by Mondays.  And that means Ken goes back to work.  No likey that. 🙂

I wanted to share some links with ya tonight…

  • Stunning page by Brooke Starnes HERE.  Those colors just make my heart warm.
  • THIS page by Laura Kurz is the perfect reminder that a great photo should be the true focus.  And the perfect reminder that I want another baby.  (Which I quickly correct myself that that need not happen anytime soon.  Ha.)
  • THIS page by Jamie makes my heart melt.  It is so true.  I often look at Kay and think the same.
  • And that stinker Robyn is making my heart scream BABY.  So sweet… HERE.
  • Jen amazes me with THIS.  She always does.
  • Audrey and I want to make THESE.

And here is an old page I did in CK.  I just love that photo in the center so I thought I would share it here. 🙂
Tag Layout
(c) Creating Keepsakes

OK… off to work on that pile of email.  Hugs.

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20 thoughts on “A page and links…”

  1. Jennifer, that little boy of yours is just an absolute cutie!! Every layout that has that sweet little face just makes me smile. And that puppy dog hood… darling!

    My baby boy is 18 years old and it makes me miss those times SO STINKING badly. Those times were memories I will forever hold in my heart. Now I guess I really should get busy scrapping about him! lol

  2. Jennifer – you just get more and more amazing every day. That LO is incredible. And the pic – be still my heart. What a FACE!

    (((( hugs back ))))

  3. TFS!!! He is such a CUTIE PIE. That is a beautiful lay out. Looking forward to week 4 in your inking classes : )

  4. You are always so generous with linking us to cool finds in the scrappy world – just wanted to say thanks, I always enjoy them. 🙂

  5. They grow up way too fast, enjoy while you can 🙂 Great scrapbook page, love the color and design.

  6. Your son is so photogenic…what a cutie.
    I have to say I watched the Thinking Inking Class4 part 1 today and wow,,,I was not too keen on the crackle paints so they just sat there on the shelf. Well ,,I ran down and started doing this and that with them and WELL,,,,now I have to go buy all the colors.
    I love them!! Thanks for this THinking Inking workshop.
    It is really informative.

  7. awesome links! i love everything you shared! those watermelons are way too cute!

    super cute layout of colin! i love the circle photos!

    and i had another babe (a boy) 10 months ago. i also had severe ppd after my first and was so scared to have another but i never had it with #2 and i have to say that i have loved being a mom so much more after him. after my first i was so overwhelmed and exhausted and emotional but with my second it all just came so much easier.

  8. Jennifer

    Colin is so sweet in these photos. I love the one under the word “Fall”.

    Looking forward to Bachelorette tonight. I wish she would loose Wes.

    Sandi N.

  9. Thanks for the hook ups to the great sites. Gotta love those creative women out there…and so impressive that not only do you create, but you link us to additional inspiration! Go Jennifer!

    Sounds as though you are feeling better. There is nothing worse that feeling cruddy in the summer, especially around the 4th of July! Glad to hear! Hmmmmm, sounds as though you are thinkin’ babies as well.

  10. Awesome page, but who is looking at the overall design of the page? I just keep looking at that sweet little face – he is absolutely adorable!

  11. WOW! Look at how much Colin has grown! I too wish we could have another – then I remember PPD. Not somehthing I would want to go through again. Thanks for always sharing such wonderful ideas. Love them…keep them coming.

  12. Oh my goodness he is so cute!! This layout is wonderful, but his adorable face makes it a million times better!! I can’t help but smile when I look at him!

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