Thinking Inking has started!

So excited… my Thinking Inking Class has started!

For the next 9 weeks, there will be videos up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I will alert you to them all here.


The first one can be found HERE.  And for info on participating, asking questions and PRIZES, click HERE.  You don't have to do anything to sign up.  Just go to the Education Board and find the threads to follow.  It will tell you how to participate, etc.  It is simple.  You can "take" the class without playing, but what fun is that?!?  Hee.  I sure hope a lot of you can come by and say hi and play.  It will make all the hard work worth it.

And, did I mention there are prizes? 😉

Here is the video:

And a big thanks to Hero Arts, Ranger, Tim Holtz and 2Peas for helping to make this class possible.  After attending Ranger U, I was dying to share the techniques spinning in my head. 

So, let's see… what else can I share…

Oh, yes!  Please go check out Hero's Blog.  Today, I had the honor of featuring one of my favorite stampers, Lucy Abrams.  She is amazing!  You can see the post HEREAnd be sure to visit her blog HERE – she has a great giveaway going on.  Here is a card I did, inspired by her…

051409 Candles (c) Hero Arts Blog – supplies found HERE.

Off to watch the mindless Bachelor.  What do you all think of it?  So glad David is gone.  Can you say "nuts?!"

Have a good night…

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32 thoughts on “Thinking Inking has started!”

  1. So now I”m replaying and replaying the previews, where it talks about someone’s — ahem — problem. I’ve got it narrowed down to either Jake or Reid. I really hope it isn’t Jake — I’m smitten with him. But, it could also be Mike – now there is a guy with a romantic side. What does anyone else think about the preview for the coming weeks???? And it was definitely Wes saying “I want to stay in the Fantasuite”…so does that mean he is for sure there a few more weeks?????Or was he talking in regard to weeks ahead of time?

  2. Today was a good day! Your class was so much fun…I missed recess just so I could play more with the distress inks! Inky fingers but so worth it! And it was so great to see Lucy have her day on the blog with you! She is just awesome….Love that girl!

  3. Awesome tutorial thanks Jennifer. Love the refresher on using distress inks. You make it look so easy. Plus loved your day with Lucy on HA blog…. both of you do such awesome cards.

  4. Oh dear, I think I’m going to have to go a-spending and get myself some distress inks. There’s only so much watching you use them that I can take before finally giving in and shouting, “I want to do that too!”. Love the video and your day with Lucy. Thanks for all the hard work you do for us. Now, where is my debit card….?

  5. The class at 2peas is great! It was my first time with distressing and I have so much fun! Thanks for all your tips and tecniques!

  6. I’ve absolutely loved the 1st class, Jennifer! So complete and fun to follow! Sadly I’m still waiting for my order of HA stamps to arrive and I (still) haven’t got any distress inks, so I’ll have to wait and bite my nails until I can take part in the class.
    Hugs from Uruguay!

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!
    Love the tip on “inking” patterned paper. I have never thought to do that with white backgrounded paper.


  8. Amazing video! I wanna play too!!! Where can I get those blending tools? I only find the ones for alcohol inks.

  9. LOVE that video, Jennifer!
    What cool tips! I need to get some of those
    applicators! That’s next on my list! Thank you
    for taking the time to make this class possible!! Hugs!

  10. Love the video!
    Now about the batchlorette…. Is she BLIND when it comes to WES? That guy has to go. and Tanner is such a wimp for not telling her about him! Lol

  11. Thanks for the video! I’m not really a stamper, I own them but want to use them AND just yesterday I bought the applicator! I REALLY appreciate the tips, I’m looking forward to using my new knowledge! 🙂

  12. I am so looking forward to your videos…just what I need to inspire me to create and use all of the Hero Arts, Ranger and Tim Holtz products that I’ve purchased!

  13. Love the video! Awesome tips girly. You make it all look sooo simple. I’m excited to participate a bit in this class. I’ve just gotten into the distress inks and applicators. Glad to have you teaching me some tips!

  14. Hi from Australia…Many Thanks for this truly Great Video demo…I caused me to want to leave what I was doing and go and try these great ideas that you showed and also I went straight to the shopping basket and mad an order for the great Tim holtz products and the Ink dabbers..How wonderful Love all these products..Many Thanks I will be back to see more. The way i make cards and layouts has changes since I have been watching these great demos..
    Thanks again Bless you..Frenchpossum.

  15. Thank you for this great video. So much to learn, so many possibilites !
    I like your blog, too.
    Thank you for sharing and teaching…..
    Greetings from Austria (Europa)

  16. Well, I’m a few days late watching this video, but it didn’t dissappoint! Great video and tips – I am so looking forward to the rest of this class!!!

  17. Wow! I am so excited about this class!! I loved the video… watched it twice already!! The water stamping technique is ingenious! I also love the text stamped over the flower embelishment, something I would have never thought to do. On your finished card it ties things together so nicely with the background… beautiful! Bachelor was fantastic! I knew Marc (was it??) had to go, he wasn’t putting much effort into getting time with her and always looked sloppy, not shaving, etc. I told my girlfriends who were watching it with me that if his shirt was untucked for the ceremony that he would be the one going home… sure enough, it was! And he hit the road. Wes on the other hand looked like a disheveled Captain Von Trapp and he still got a rose. That man can do no wrong in her eyes!!

  18. gosh I so enjoyed the video…WISH I COULD BE AT THE CLASS! I live in Denver and would love to have someone like you here…would be at each and every class for sure.

    Love all that you give us …. big hugs!

  19. Jennifer,
    I am so super excited about this class…especially the distress inks part of it. I swoon for Tim’s stuff, but have a hard time using it all the time because I’m not quite as “grungy”. I love that you are teaching me how to use it, and grunge my normal style up. You rock, and I love all the inspiration I get from you. Thank you.

  20. This inking class you have going on is just the best!!
    Thanks so much for reminding us on your blog. I want,,,I HAVE,,, to see every episode.

  21. Thanks for the video! I have so much Tim Holtz ink and don’t use it nearly as much as I would like. The techniques you show are great!

  22. Thank you Jennifer for this AWeSOME class! I own several colors of Distress Inks, but I don’t use them as often or as effectively as this. Now I can’t wait to run out to buy more, and with the tools you taught tonight, CREATE more wonderful designs.
    Thank you! I love your blog, love your tutorials. As a rather new scrapper, I appreciate you showing how to get the effects that I desire, but do not know how to achieve. Love IT!

  23. Jennifer

    What an amazing job you did on this video! You did a
    great job and so worth all your time and effort to make it.

    Blessings for sharing.
    Sandi N.

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