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I am really excited about today’s post.  A few weeks ago, Ali Edwards asked me to be the first special guest in a new series she is doing.  I love my Ali, so I was happy to play along.  (Note: Before you continue reading, go read her post first HERE, in case you haven’t already.  Then continue reading this post, as it contains added information.)

I told Ali about how I scrapbook.  I actually have two ways of scrapbooking: the “practical way” and the “playful way.”  First up?  The “practical…”

Ali pages

Yep, this is how I scrapbook my events and basic memories.  Here is my “practical” process:

  • At the end of the month, I edit/crop my photos to 5×7 (mostly) and/or 4×6.  I order doubles online at Costco.  I prefer larger photos and never crop these smaller than 4×6.  Why?  Because when I look at my mom’s awesome scrapbooks from when she was little, the photos are so tiny.  I want to make sure people can really enjoy these in the days to come.
  • I adhere photos on 12×12 black cardstock. I then type up my journaling on the computer and print it on white cardstock.  This is the only other thing added to the pages.  No title.  No embellishing.  Fast and easy, and the kids can help.  And the focus is 100% on the photos and the memories. 
  • I store these pages in order in 12×12, 3-ring binders.  All the family members pages are mixed together.  Afterall, we are family.
  • I keep the doubles of the photos.  I use favorite ones for my “playful scrapbooking” and send the extras to family or friends.  Sometimes I give some to Colin to play with.  He loves to carry them around and show the whole world.

Easy, fast and no pressure.  And that is exactly why I started doing this.  My memories are recorded, checking off a big to-do on my life’s list.  This frees my mind and heart to have some fun with my hobby. 

This brings us to my “playful” side of scrapbooking.  Ah, yes, this is my favorite.  This is where I focus having fun and enjoying the hobby.  For me, this means:

  • I use my favorite photos, often enlarged.  I often will throw in extra photos, sometimes even tiny ones.
  • I love love love to play with new techniques.  That is where almost all of my joy lies.  On almost every page, I include at least one technique, often with stamping.
  • I also like to use up product in creative ways.  For me, product is a big part of the fun of scrapbooking.

So, on Ali’s site, I shared an example of some pages from a “playful” album I recently started.  It features favorite quotes from my son – which he is known for. 🙂  This is the perfect example of “playful” scrapbooking for me.  Since I am not really good at design, I decided to keep the basic design the same on all the pages.  And since I am not great at writing, I kept the journaling simple.  But since I love techniques, I made sure that there is at least one area on each page where I can try something new.

Here are my example pages and video.  (For a closer look, just click on them.  For supplies, visit Ali’s blog.)

053109 Ali Page 1  053109 Ali Page 2  053109 Ali Page 3

Now, I know this wouldn’t work for everyone.  But this is what is best for me.  Maybe this will inspire some of you to find a way to make scrapbooking 100% fun and 0% stressful. 🙂

Moving on…


I also thought I would mention that I have a HUGE class coming up at twopeasinabucket.com starting on June 15th called Thinking Inking.  It is 9 weeks long, with three projects and videos a week.  Yep – 27 videos in all.  I will be teaching countless techniques for stamping, inking and painting.  It will be such fun.  And, of course – lots of prizes.  If you are interested, be sure to keep a look out here for  links, or over at the 2peas education board.

Thanks for stopping by.  I will be back tomorrow with some more shares.  Have a good one.

[ETA: If you are interested in more of my videos, please click HERE.  This will give you links to the three places I create videos for: 2Peas, Hero Arts and JenniferMcGuireInk.  You can easily subscribe and be notified anytime a video is added.

Also, if you are interested in a Hero Arts giveaway, check out Jana’s blog HERE.  Many of you know this is a favorite stamp of mine!  Good luck.]

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66 thoughts on “LOTS of good stuff today… Video + more…”

  1. Thank You so much Jennifer!
    Your videos and creative ideas are fabulous!
    Tuesday is my favorite day to go visit Ali’s blog now!
    You are such an inspiration!
    Merci! Merci! Merci!

  2. Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer–you have completely just inspired me to go back to the original reason I started scrapping. Thank you SO SO much for sharing your “practical” way of scrapping. Love it!

  3. You inspire me not to give up. I might need to copy some of your layouts so that I can work up the courage to develop my own technique. I am afraid I have jumped into scrapbooking in the deep end and haven’t learn’t enough techniques so now my half finished pages are a mosh posh of ‘try hards’. Will have to look back and try and scrap those every day photos for the month and then just do the ‘fancy’ stuff for the great photos. My question is do you use the same general design for your simple layouts or do you find inspiration in the direction of the photo? thanks Jennifer. Regards Tracy (Australia)

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    Wow! I totally love your process and I am now thinking of ‘borrowing’ it (wink!). I have been feeling the joy slip away lately as I try to keep up with creating wonderful new pages for each story I need to tell. Why, why? Your simple albums will always be stylish because you avoid the trends in this hobby. And then, you can truly play. Thanks for sharing.
    ps…your simple album reminds me of those in Scrapbooks: An American History which is an awesome book and a great reminder of why we do this!

  5. Me again… I have a question about the classes…

    By any chance, can you post a recommended supplies list for those of us that have to order online and don’t have a store in our neck of the woods – and that want to play along??? For instance, you mentioned paint… I have some Making Memories paint, and lots of acrylics! Anything special that we need???


  6. So many brilliant techniques and you make it all look so easy you encourage all to have a go. Thanks so much.

  7. Such a simple idea yet so logical! I am going to try this approach also, to stop that feeling of all my photos going unscrapped as time slips by. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. :o)

  8. Such a simple idea yet so logical! I am going to try this approach also, to stop that feeling of all my photos going unscrapped as time slips by. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. :o)

  9. Hello from AUSTRALIA..I just wanted to tell you what an insperation you and a few others like Mr Tim Holtz have been to me with your great video demos.I am 57 and in the past 18 months I have had 5 small strokes which for a while left me unable to think or do anything I had lots of scrapbooking items and wondered if I would EVER be able to get back to them ad craft like I used to (nothing like the things that you and Mr Tim do ) but I love to dabble when I go a little better and was able to get my head around things I thought that I would sell all my craft goodies that I had collected over the years on e.bay as I thought I would not be able to do it any more.So I sold my treasures but in doing E.Bay My brain started working again and then I have been watching these Super Great Video demos and Oh My Goodness my insperation has returned THANKS to you and MR Tim and a few others that I watch Mind you I use up all my internet time watching these videos but It has helped SUCH A LOT..
    Bless you HEAPS..I just Love the Videos only thing is Now I need to Buy More Goodies..
    My Deepest Thanks to you and Tim..You have been such a great HELP to Me..Best Wishes Jennifer( Frogette)

  10. Man, am I confused. The scrapbooking class that started June 15 sounded perfect. The only problem is I can’t find it. I found something about week 2 and minis but nothing earlier than that. Is it really too late to start?

  11. Hey!
    Wow…………you are costing me $$$$$…….that’s ok, I’m so busy on your blog that I’m not gettin any housework done either……….te he he LOL…….
    So this video has got me charging to the basement…I LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE……..I have a lot of creative memorie albums with the white pages….now I know what to do with them. I started off with CM and then found I didn’t like the plain white pages….but I LOVE what you have done on your pages….they are “BEAUTIFUL”. I have been following everything you do and you have got me so inspired. Please visit my blog and you will soon see some of your inspired ideas there.
    Thanks so much.
    When are you coming to Toronto, ON Canada????? We need you to do some classes in our area!!!!!!!
    Laurie VF

  12. Jennifer
    I just love your tutorials…so easy to follow and learn from. Thanks for all the techniques and info on products and stamps too.

    Your scrap pages are so easy to look at and so uncluttered. The pictures tell the story. I think your just amazing and so talented.. thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

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