Happy times…


Big big big news for ya.  Next week, there will be the biggest week yet over on the Hero Arts blog.  Lots of prizes.  Lots.  Big prizes.  Lots.  Big.  Woohoo!  Will be fun.  Be sure to check there every day… can't wait.

Looking for some new card ideas?  Be sure to look at the galleries HERE at Hero Arts – the newest are first.  My favorites: THIS and THIS and THIS.  Lots of new cards were recently added using the newest stamps.  HERE is one I did…

060609 Dad
(c) Hero Arts – click HERE for information and supplies

Oh!  And how about a tiny peek into my Thinking Inking class over on 2peas that starts on the 15th.  (Just watch here for links when the time comes.)  Here it is…


Summer has officially started here.  And we are going to kick it off the right way with a trip to Georgia to a lake house.  A week on a boat is heaven for us.  :)  My parents will be staying here to take care of the flowers and such – so we will have a stressful time.  Can't wait.  I will post from the trip.