Gotta balance out some Distress with some cutesy… (and a giveaway!)

Hey there.

Since I have been sharing so much distress-y stuff lately, I thought I would balance it with a bit of non-distressy. 🙂

First up, I am leading the Hero Blog this week.  The challenge is to use photos on a card or project.  I love this theme.  I hope people can play along.  A lot of people leaving comments there today said they have never done one!  Here is a peek at what I created.  Click HERE for more info…

Cards 2(c) Hero Arts Blog

Here is a card I did long ago for the Hero Arts catalog.  (Since it is an oldy, I hope I haven't share it already.)

062909 Old Catalog Card Supplies: The supplies are the same as the card found HERE.

Well, I am watching the fabulously guilty-pleasure that is called "The Bachelorette" now.  Wes gives me the creeps.  (And usually guys with a guitar melt me.)  Oh, and Jake?  I want to hook him up with my friend Courtney.  Hmmm… I am thinking there are going to be some great one-liners in tonight's show.  (Yes, I know the show is a joke.  That is why I like it. 🙂


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55 thoughts on “Gotta balance out some Distress with some cutesy… (and a giveaway!)”

  1. Love your work, Jennifer. Got to meet you in Dallas several years ago. Anyway, I too am watching the disaster called Bachelorette. First time I have watched the whole season. Fun. Don’t like Wes one bit, either. nite

  2. This is a clever idea. I’ve never done that either a picture on a card, great Idea. Nice card with the stamped panel. TFS!!! :0)

  3. Jennifer

    Very pretty cards. Great colors and balance.

    I am right there with you on Wes, he is a pillow puncher. I thought for sure he was gone. Oh and that guy from Dayton I think his name was David. My DH works with him and says he is this way in real life too.

    Sandi N.

  4. You make the cutest stuff! Very inspiring and so clean. I always end up making a smudge somewhere…it is getting better though…practice makes perfect I guess. I watched your Inking video over at Two Peas this a.m. and I heard you say that the old world text stamp was actually taken from your great grandparents love letters?? Are you serious? That is so interesting and such a great way to memorialize their love.. Tricia over at Cocoa Daisy has an envelope from her grandparents love letters enlarged, framed and hung in her scraproom. The handwriting is so beautiful. Now I’m interested in finding some of my grandparents letters to claim for myself. So memorable and inspirational!

  5. I love your photo cards! Having such cute little faces running around your house, must be very inspiring:) I also heard that the script stamp was from your great grandparents love letters. What a wonderful thing to have made into a stamp…

  6. Love the cards with the photos — what a great way to use those “loner” photos that don’t always fit in a scrapbook. I’m with you on Wes, and the fact that she’s still keeping him around confounds me. It gives my sister and I a good 45 minute telephone conversation after the show ends.

  7. Fun challenge! I’m in need of one of those. And Wes… ugh. I’ll be watching the show today and am positive that I will be yelling at the screen.

  8. I LOVE your Photo cards…I’m getting out of the box and making some right now…YOU inspire me….
    As for the Bachelorette…i am so MAD she kept that WES…He is so CREEPY!!! What is she thinking??
    Jake was my favorite…now?? Maybe Kipton??? At this point…anyone but WES!!!!! Have a Great Day Jennifer…

  9. Hi Jennifer,
    love all of your super ideas & the beautiful cards you create. Thanks for the wonderful class at two peas. I truly enjoy watching your videos and so do my daughters. I will have to try the idea of a phot on a card.

    Fran H

  10. Love the cards and ideas thanks for sharing. Now on to the bachelorette, I was so upset because yesterday was my birthday and I knew we would have company until late so I set up my DVR and low and behold it says it recorded my show however it did not it recorded the wrong channel. The home visits are always my favorite part of the season so I was a little sad last night. Anyways Wes totally creeps me out too.

  11. great photo cards!! i did photo cards for my daughter’s birthday invitations, and i loved how they turned out!

  12. I’m loving the Inking class on 2peas and, as always, your week on the HA blog. You do great work! : )

    Question: I know you love your Silhouette, but you mentioned that you use an Apple. Do you use something like “Boot Camp” to make the two compatible?
    (I’m a new Apple owner and not in love yet. Should have stuck with what I know (PC).


  13. Loving the videos Jennifer! I haven’t exactly participated yet. I’ve been having a baby and going on vacation. I’m finally a mommy of two! I’m hoping to get in on the HA challenge and your thinking inking one too this week. Talk to you soon.

  14. I’m really enjoying your videos. Thanks so much for sharing what you learned at Ranger U. As for the Bachelorette…I’m totally disgusted with Jillian now. What would Jake have to gain by ratting Was out falsely? She’s completely blind. It is a guilty pleasure of mine.

  15. Very cute cards! My oldest daughter is really into taking pictures of flowers lately and we were just saying how she could use them on cards. Now we just need to try it!

  16. Very cute cards! My oldest daughter has really gotten into taking pictures of flowers and we were just saying how they would be great to use on cards. Now we just need to try it!

  17. Jennifer,

    Awesome cards, so pretty. Your son is so photogenic.

    I saw that you are having a class at SYAO called Hero Arts Card Blast coming up, and the price seems a little high, so I was wondering how many cards will you be doing for that class?

    Lisa Atha

  18. I agree with poster above…would love to see Jake as the new bachelor! That would be a great show to watch. Yes, this is a guilty pleasure of mine, too!

  19. Ok, I didn’t keep up with the bachelorette. I was so excited to go into rerun season so I could actually sit at my desk and create every night….and I have. I am a die hard Red Sox fan too so I listen every night as I create. But when Sept. hits….I too will be watching again.

    I have never made a card with a photo. I am actually intimidated by it. I have been sitting here for 2 hours trying to figure out what to do. I think I may make my cousins birth announcements with one.

    Love the cards. The 2nd one is beautiful (as is Colin and Roxie! 😉 )

  20. I love using photos in my cards … and my favorite subject is my one year old grandson who can make the funniest faces!

  21. great idea – photo on a card?

    Sounds silly, but maybe it is Christmas in July. I don’t normally do Christmas cards, but something is formulating in my mind right now.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. loving the Thinking Inking series!! I love getting new technique ideas from your blog for my scrapbook pages.

  23. I only got into the Trista season of Bachelorette because my BF and her husband were renting their house to a close friend of Trista’s… felt like I knew her personally… HA! Oh, great photo cards 🙂

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