I gotta say…

I adore Shari Carroll.  We became friends a few years ago when I started working for Hero Arts.  And even though we have very different lives (she has two older boys and lives in a small town… I have young kids and live in a big town, etc.), we instantly became friends.  Not just friends, but the soulmate-kind-of-friends that just grab your heart in an amazing way.  Like you have always known each other.  I adore and respect her, admire and love her.  In fact, one of my favorite things about Shari is that we say "I love you" lots to each other.  I think that is a sign of a true friend.

Another thing that makes me love Shari so much is how talented she is.  She is my favorite cardmaker, hands down.  She never disappoints.  I create a lot of cards that are inspired by her, and here is another.  I love THIS card by Shari, and created this one based on it…

042109 Class 8Inspired by Shari Carroll's card HERE.
Supplies: All Hero Arts, including stamps (circles and greeting), Shadow Inks and felt flower.

Thanks, Shari, for always inspiring me… and for just being you.  God was in a really good mood the day you were born.  Love you.

Next, I wanted to share a funny card.  I didn't intend for it to be funny.  I just started making this card for Audrey… masking off the circle… inking… inking scallops for clouds… stamping… coloring… glittering. 

Then I realized…

… the card was upside down.


I thought you would enjoy the laugh, so here it is, before it went in the trash.

050809 Opps Supplies: Hero Arts stamps and glitter, EK Success punches for masking.


Hope you have a good Friday.  See you tomorrow.

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28 thoughts on “I gotta say…”

  1. Audrey would love that it’s funky and upside down! And yep, that Shari. A true gem. I am so glad I can consider her a friend because you brought her into my life. So thankful.

  2. you are so lucky to have such a sweet friend!! Love all the cards and I was like “oh no” when I saw the boo-boo. If you haven’t thrown it out, you could cut it and matte it on a colored card!

  3. Love your card and Shari’s! The upside card was great, too! Why not just cut off the front panel, trim it down a bit, and adhere it to the front of a kraft-colored card? It’s too beautiful to throw away!

  4. Don’t trash it!!! What seems upside down for English speakers is perfectly right for other languages speakers…

    [both cards are beautiful and Shari is indeed overflowing with talent and so do you]

  5. Don’t trash it! Glue the open side and the bottom together (just use a small line of glue) and use it as a holder for a pull out card, or a piece of cardstock that holds a gift card or something. I’ve done the exact same thing before, and that’s how I remedied it. Either that, or cut out the stamped part and make it into a bookmark. It’s too pretty to throw away!

  6. I would cut off the front and mount it to another piece colored cardstock. It’s beautiful! I agree, Shari rocks, she is my favorite as well! She is the queen of shabby:)

  7. I love the rainbow card! Please don’t trash it! cut it out and layer it upon layers and layers of colorful cardstock to mimic the rainbow!

  8. LOL everyone has said what I was going to say! Don’t throw it away, why would you want to do that??? πŸ™‚ Recycle it’s too cute to throw out!

  9. Aha…you’re NOT perfect after all! Sure makes me feel better! πŸ™‚ jk! I follow your blog and think you are a stamping goddess – so it’s nice to see that even stamping goddesses make mistakes now and then. (unless of course you did it that way on purpose just to make the rest of us feel better!) πŸ˜‰

  10. Like the others Jennifer, don’t trash it. Cut it out and mount it on blue card …and voila… no-one (but a few of your blogger mates) who ever know…. it is lovely. I too find Shari inspirational. Her HA techniques are wonderful. Glad you are such a great friend with her….lucky you

  11. I think you should give the card to someone that ‘turns your life upside down with joy’! What a beautiful friendship you have with Shari and so wonderful that you girls came together with this craft!
    Have a wonderful mothers day!

  12. I’m a big Shari fan too – she makes such strikingly beautiful cards. As do you. πŸ™‚
    You are so lucky to have such a wonderful crafting friend.

  13. Don’t trash it! I agree with the others – cut the front off and layer it…or make a pocket. OR give it to a lefty! LOL.

    I love when you show that you make mistakes like the rest of us! hee hee.

  14. My first thought was nooooooooooo… don’t throw it away. Seems like everyone else had the same reaction. πŸ™‚ It is too cute to throw away, recycle it for another please!

  15. Too funny you could have sent it to my daughter Heather who is left handed she would have gotten a good laugh with that one LOL.

  16. Great cards, Jennifer! Like everyone else I hope you saved the second one and mounted it on another card.

  17. Just cut the front and adhere to a card. You could even trim it a little and adhere to a colored card. I had just finished a card the other day, and a torn portion of my cuticle bled on the card. I had planned to only use one button, but I ended up placing a button on the blood stain and another button elsewhere on the card. No one will ever know. LOL

  18. Jennifer, that is the sweetest public testimonial of our friendship. Love you girl, I feel blessed to have had you walk into my life, it was destiny. I’m not deserving of all the praise, You know me, I make as many poop cards as I do good ones.

  19. DON’T TRASH IT!!!! Just cut it out and mount onto another card, it is far too good to waste, alternatively tell everyone you made it so that it could be read by someone from the middle east (they start from the back) πŸ™‚
    I have been fortunate enough to meet Shari and Tom they are both wonderful people and Shari is so tallented too.

  20. I agree–too pretty and too much work to trash! thanks for sharing both your card and Shari’s. Beautiful.

  21. I manage to make an upside down card at least once a week. I never throw them away. Just cut off the front, flip it over, an attach it to another card base.

  22. Not only should you save the card front but what about the back! Can totally be used as a layer for another card. I’m my house, that is so big I wouldn’t even call it a scrap. Go GREEN girlfriend!! Reuse and recycle!!

  23. Where did Ms Green go? Tons of ways to recycle! Do we need a challenge on this topic? I also hope cardmakers recycle all the cards they receive into reusable cards for the many worthy causes. I continue to ask for a stamp set that promotes recycling including some for the card back.

  24. The friendship between you and Shari is very special; you two are very blessed to find each other! To have that soulmate-kind-of-friend is priceless!! You and Shari are not only talented but also wonderful and sweet; I’m so happy for the two of you!

    Gorgeous cards as always! I adore you and Shari’s style very much, thanks for the inspiration!

    Please don’t trash the upside down card, it is adorable!!!

  25. oh my gosh. i’m so glad i’m not the only ding dong to do a card backwards like that. doh!

    i’m so glad you and shari found each other. there’s nothing like a great friend.

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