Women everywhere are…

…so jealous of me…

The one and only Tim…photo.jpg

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11 thoughts on “Women everywhere are…”

  1. OK, I’ll make you a deal! I promise not to be too terribly jealous if you would give him a big ol’ kiss from me! Just tell him Andi, who lives on a ranch where the men are few and very far between, wishes she was with all of you, with the man!!! (and yes I do have a husband! But he doesn’t get inky )

  2. Jennifer

    I met him once, before I even knew who he was. Tim was so sweet to me in his booth. Showing me product and showing examples. As I left the booth I looked up at the name and it read Ranger Ink. Looked back at the man standing in the booth, did a double take. Smiled and waved good bye to Tim as I was leaving.

    You are in good company Jennifer and Jana.

    Sandi N.

  3. Yes, so jealous..in a good way. Looking forward to all the inspiration you will share when you get back!

  4. Yes! Say hi to Tim from his adoring fans. I love him because he is so genuine, authentic, giving and talented. He is the REAL DEAL, kwim?

    So glad you are doing Ranger U. My two fav things combined – HA and Ranger. Yay!

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