…paint dabber lovin’.

Mine is the Hero Arts fern. Jana’s is the Tim Holtz butterfly.
Script on both is Hero. Love this…photo.jpg

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24 thoughts on “Some…”

  1. Jennifer

    Oh I want to lean this ghost like style of stamping. It looks so cool all layered on together.

    Sandi N.

  2. ohhh so pretty!
    looks like you had a blast!
    were your ears burning this weekend? kelly goree and i may or may not have been talking about the fact that we adore you. 😉

  3. Ok everything is so cool can you please share the techniqe you used in detail with the alcohol inks and the multi colored fern? They are all so incredibly cool. I bought the alcohol inks a while back and have not been happy with any of my projects using them. Thanks so much!!! I love when you have major shares!!!

  4. GORGEOUS!! I’ve been dyin to try the paint dabbers, can’t find them locally, so will probably order online soon. I try to order from my LSS as much as possible before doing that….but I’m gettin impatient! 🙂 thanks for showing what they can do!

  5. WAY COOL!!! You are right – we are all so JEALOUS that you are getting to work with Tim. At least you are sharing the projects. Glad you are getting to do this!

  6. Thank you so much Jennifer for showing us all the photos of what looks like fantastic classes – you are very good.

  7. The watery tag with the white palm fronds reminds me of Palm Sunday. What a lovely technique. Sounds like you had lots of creative fun!

  8. Beautiful… You’re leaves are great but that butterfly is fabulous! I love how it looks like paint splatters off the wings!

  9. WOW WOW WOWSER – Now we need videos to show all the wonderful techniques, because I know I can never figure it out on my own.
    Glad you are having fun. Lucky you and Jana.

  10. Oh so fun. I’m totally jealous … thanks for sharing even if it is making us all green with envy. I’m more inspired than I am jealous … ok no it’s the other way around really. *grin*

  11. Thanks for all of the teasers of what you did at ranger u. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us blog readers! On a non related crafty note, I thought I read on your blog last year that you watched the “deadliest catch.” It’s a fave of mine, and in case you didn’t know, it starts again on tues!

    thanks for all of your great inspiration…michele h..

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