It’s LINK time!

You know me… I love to share fun links.  Got some more for you tonight.

  • First, a blog friend of mine shared this giveaway opportunity HERE.
  • HERE is an amazing amazing amazing blog.  You must check it you.  Lucy is one of the great artists who often enters (and wins!) Hero Arts Blog Challenges.  And I didn't know she had a blog!  But now that I do, I will be visiting often.
  • I love Melanie's walks through the 2Peas warehouse.  She takes her video camera with her and shows you products up close.  What a great way to help shop.  Check one out HERE
  • I adore THIS great page by Cindy.  Adorable.
  • It is Stamp Camp '09 over on 2peas.  Check out Robyn's class HERE and Kristina's class HERE.  They are both great!
  • One of my favorite stampers, Kandis Smith, was the Guest Garden Girl this month.  THIS page caught my eye big time.
  • A fab card by Kristina Werner HERE.
  • How come every time I do a link list, Robyn Werlich always has several things that I love?  She is just too good.  Check out THIS one.
  • I am SO gonna make one of THESE for one of my friend's who just had a baby.  SOOOOOO fun.
  • I am a big Moon Ko fan.  Me lovey THIS one she did.
  • THIS one jumped out at me.  Fabulous page by Brooke Starnes.
  • That Jennifer Gallacher.  Wow.  Look at THIS.  Fab.
  • I am SO gonna have to buy THIS Papertrey Ink set.  Check out Dawn McVey's creations.  Yum.

And HERE is one of mine.  Just some stampin' and crackle paint fun.

29214-1 (c) – for more info, click HERE.

I am getting lots of questions about Ranger U.  Yes, I will totally be sharing ideas here.  I promise.  Working on it. :)  Many want to know how you can attend.  They have information on the site about applying.  It is an amazing experience.

Off to watch mindless TV. 🙂

Oh… and I have just three words: "Gilles – OH MY."  Wow! 

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9 thoughts on “It’s LINK time!”

  1. Jennifer

    Wow…love Lucy’s site. She is something special. As is the others you linked:o)
    I really like to see all these links, I miss a lot from time to time. It is nice to get caught up.

    Wonderful, happy beach photos. Great colors of blues too. Stamping is very pretty.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sandi N.

  2. Your blog is on my daily “lap around the internet.” I have learned never to skip any of the links you offer. I always look forward to you link posts! Thanks for doing all the hard work for us! The examples you link NEVER disappoint.

    Loved your travel companion LO. May have to buy those letter stamps.

  3. Thnaks for the links Jennifer!!
    I truly can’t wait for you to share 🙂 with us all the fun things you learned at RU!!!
    that is one of the reason we love you!!! 🙂

  4. Your layout is great! I am a fan of Lucy, too. It is always adorable what she shares at the HA group…

  5. Thanks for taking the time to give us all these wonderful links which I just visited! Great ideas and really enjoyed the trip around TwoPeas.
    I agree with you about Gilles. WHOA! He’s a smoker when he dances! Wonder who is going home tonight.
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  6. Oh Man! I loved all your links, but the tour of the 2Peas warehouse cost me some big $$!! I had to place a big order after seeing all the cool stuff, and they’re having a great sale so I had to take advantage of that, too. Thanks for sharing! I love your blog 🙂

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