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Hello from NJ!

I am here for Ranger U with Tim Holtz.  We have always talked about me coming here to attend, but it just never worked out.  So glad I am here now. 

Quick share before I head for a day of classes (which I will get some video and photos!)…

Did I share this one?  Hope not – but sorry if I did. :)  This is a pocket card that hold a few mini-cards.  This is a good thing to do if you want to send a card to a family and have a message for each family member.  Fun and easy to do.  I have to run to class, but I can come back and link to the supplies tonight along with details.

031209 Class 4

Time for some Dunkin Donuts and some fun with my Jana and Tim!  Hugs all around.  I miss you all out there and look forward to next week when I am home for good…