Some links and shares…

Hey, folks!  How about some fun links for a Friday night, from 2Peas…

  • Ummm… WOW!  THIS is the most amazing project I have seen in a long time.  I may do something like this for the kid's room.  Audrey would love a huge butterfly.  Colin… an airplane.  Kay… a big Joe Jonas.  Just kidding. Hee.
  • Another big wow for THIS one by Nichol.  Stunning.  Worth a good look at all the details.  Wow.  And then she made my jaw drop with THIS one. 
  • Have you ever had a friend who became pregnant for the first time and you were extra excited… just knowing they would be the best mom ever?  That is how I feel about Laura.  I love THIS layout about her dog and future baby.  Sweet.
  • Love the simple design going on HERE.  And HERE.
  • Jennifer never disappoints.  I could stare at THIS for days.

And here is one I did HERE.  My little guy absolutely loves sunglasses.  It is a good thing – he has sensitive eyes.  The page uses papers from THIS incredible pack from KI Memories.  I love KI…

28993-1 (c)

Oh!  And the cards and layouts for the Australia Card Drive are pouring in.  WOW… you folks are generous and kind.  Great projects.  I love you all!

Question for you all: If you buy papers other than 12×12, do you like 6×6 or 8×8 better?  I am addicted to 6×6, but wonder if there are some good 8×8 ones out there. 

Thanks, all.  Have a great night.  It is Friday, afterall!

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15 thoughts on “Some links and shares…”

  1. I really like to get the 6×6 of the Basic Grey packs because their prints are smaller than the 12×12 size. I really haven’t bought much 8×8. I have TONS of 12×12 though! LOL!

  2. I also love 6×6 paper packs (Basic Grey,
    Memory Box and SEI (dill blossom). Dill
    blossom comes in 8×8 and I would consider
    others if I liked the patterns.

  3. Making Memories has some “Project Packs” that include 8×8 patterned papers, border strips, stickers, die cuts, and alphabet stickers. I have the 5th Ave one, and I love it!

    I also love the Basic Grey 6×6 pads! I have four of them so far.

  4. I love your “delight” layout, what a simple design yet it show cased all the adorable picture of your boy so well. I love 6×6 packs by Basic Grey, they are all very lovely.

  5. I love that layout! I was perusing your seeds yesterday trying to find some inspiration for a bunch of pictures I have that I want to incorporate on one layout. You are soooo good that way. Totally inspirational you seeds are! 🙂 Now to just get rid of this flu so I can scrap! 😉

    As for 8×8…I use to buy that size but then couldn’t part with the scraps. Then I got overwhelmed by the scraps (i buy 12×12 too) and went back to 6×6 (and still buy lots of 12×12 for layouts). It’s just perfect for cards and I don’t have as many scraps to worry about parting with. (I am a total paper hoarder! {hee})

  6. Wow! That tree is amazing! I want one for my scrap area.

    I like the BG because of the scaled down designs. I wish the other lines scaled them down, too.

  7. dcwv has some great 8×8–i’ve never bought 6×6–usually if i buy anything other thatn 12×12 it is smaller papers like 5X7 to use for mats or cards.

  8. thanks for linking my tree :D. my little 5,5 year old was freaking out when i finished the project and it went up her walls. best feeling ever. thanks for sharing it!

  9. Love all the links! Nichol is so talented and super sweet in person too! I was so lucky to meet her.

    My super great sister gave me a pack of 6×6 just because. I probably had a weird look on my face because I’m a 12x kind of person and wondered what I would do with shrunk paper. Duh! Cards. However in card world I can see using 8×8 because of the size. Just cutting in half.

  10. Hey Jen, thanks for the links. I have a couple new things added to my favorites because of all of the fun stuff you point out. I wanted to let you know, Melissa (Bachelor) is going to be on the new Dancing with the Stars season that starts tomorrow! She’s replacing someone injured!

  11. Jennifer

    Love all the links. Wonderful ides for the kids room and great layouts.

    Love how you put all these cool links together for us.

    Sandi N.

  12. Such an awesome layout! Of course, Addie’s man looks great in his shades. She was like “Look at Colin, he’s so fun!”.

    Love ya girl!

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