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Thought I would share some from last week.  I did THIS card on the Hero Arts blog…

022609-blog-birds-1 (c) Hero Arts

… and I had this extra bird that was a "reject."  So, I had to do something with her…

30309 Bird Window

30309 Bird Window 2
Hero Arts stamps (bird and greeting
Basic Grey ink patterned paper
Cosmo Cricket green patterned paper
Bo Bunny yellow patterned paper
Stampin' Up scallop die cut
Prismacolor pencils and Gamsol
Copic Glitter Pen

The birds were stamped with a light ink and then colored over with pencil, gamsol and glitter pen. The bird is on the front of the card.  So, she floats there and the yellow circle is the only thing adhered to the inside of the card.

Now, some mindless talk – feel free to tune out… 🙂

I am glad several of you mentioned the Amazing Race.  I usually watch and love this show, but missed the first few episodes of this season.  But I guess I can catch them online – so I am going to do that!

And some interesting Bachelor links.  One friend sent me THIS awhile back.  It is a "where are they now" video of Bachelors.  Turns out that some girls from one season have hooked up with guys from other seasons – interesting.  And!  More on Jason.  THIS is interesting.  Hmm…  (Yes, I know all this reality tv isn't real… but it is great mindless fun. 🙂

OK… off to watch the Real Housewives of NY.  Alex and Simon?  Eek.  That is the only word I have: Eek. And then I see that Hope Floats is on.  Harry Connick Jr.  Yum.

See you tomorrow. 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Quick one…”

  1. beautiful card jennifer! your “reject” bird is lovely, i think!

    i’ve been reading everything on the bachelor story. and i found that a very interesting read … kind of crazy that we can read their actual emails. lol! i’m all for some mindless fun! and “hope floats” … one of my most favorite movies ever!

  2. I just came home from the library today with Hope Floats! I’m so surprised you mentioned it on your blog today of all days! I’ve never seen it but it sounds great. I just LOVE Harry Connick Jr.

  3. You make beautiful cards. I get so inspired by looking at all the lovely cards you make, that I want to rund downstairs and find my own stamps and make some myself…

  4. I love the real housewives of …new york, atlanta, OC…and alex and simon…what can i say except that my sister’s father in law has the same issue that simon has…he’s a little too in touch with his girly side for me AND he is just plain CREAPY!!
    I’m with ramona…he makes my skin crawl!
    I really like bethanny! who is your fav?

  5. Yes! watch Amazing Race! You couls easily catch up and this is a great season. There is a pair of sisters from Louisville, where I live. However, I grew up in Cincy. My aunt turned me on to your blog and told me you lived there. Small world! Have a great day.

  6. Beautiful cards! I am totally with you on the whole Alex and Simon thing. They are almost unbearable to watch and they really do creep me out! Ewww!

  7. I love that cute card! The colors are so pretty. I enjoy watching those mindless reality shows too especially those Real Housewives shows.

  8. Jennifer,
    I lost all respect for Jason and he did NOT have to break up with her on national TV. He made a statement to that fact, but the host of the show was on Good Morning America today (Thursday) and said he did not have to do that and that it was Not in his contract. I think he strung Melissa along and I am sure Ty was told that Melissa would be his new step-Mom. Very tacky!

  9. Hi Jennifer, the card you made for the Hero Arts blog is brilliant. It looks so simple but it sure gives a punch. And I like what you did with the reject bird.
    I always tune out when you write about TV programs because I haven’t got a clue what you are talking about and I almost never watch TV, not many interesting programs here on the telly.

  10. OK, had a yuck day – yucky time at work, my favorite doctor is retiring, my sister had surgery on her back, daughter got in trouble at school for talking to the boys (mind you she is only 7) and I am behind on working for our school levy……….then I got your blog e-mail. They highlight of my day. Thank you for bringing some joy into my day!!! Love the peacock!!!! Hugs to you!

  11. Great card out of the image. i save ones too that I don’t use for later. I tivo’d Ellen today cause she had the jilted one. i don’t watch the show but all this hulabaloooo sucked me in. Later I’m tivoing Jimmy Fallon on the The Late Show. Have you seen him and Justin do teh Gibbs on the SNL skit The Barry Gibb Talk show?? YouTube it 🙂 He’s my YUM!

  12. Love these cards! I have a dear friend who is the one who got me hooked on stamping and she loves birds. I just might need to get this stamp for her.

    I’m so with you about Alex and Simon. They are creepy and in denial about just about everything.

    More Bachelor info – Melissa was on Ellen today and I saw a clip from the show. It’s good to hear her side of what happened and it makes sense. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q02KwQe3ARQ
    Also, I recorded the first episode of The Bachelor this season and saved it because I wanted to be able to go back and look at it after the season was over to see if I could pick up on anything in hindsight. Yeah, I’m a big ol’ L-O-S-E-R. Anyway, tonight I viewed the very end of the episode where they showed the extended preview of the upcoming season and I noticed something that I had forgotten. There is a scene where a bunch of the girls are in the pool and Deanna comes back and is standing on a balcony and the girls see her and comment that they don’t know why she’s there and they don’t like it. I had remembered seeing Deanna in the preview back then and kept wondering when she was going to show up so when she finally did in the final episode I thought that was the footage shown in the preview at the beginning of the season. But it was different because there were lots of the girls there at the time, not just the final 2 and the setting was totally different. So Deanna must have shown up earlier but then they never showed it. Makes me realize even more how they manipulate the show with their editing. And of course in the preview they showed Jason proposing to a girl in a light blue dress but Melissa wasn’t wearing a blue dress when he proposed.

  13. I’m just starting to get into card making, I’m in Canada and having a hard time finding some of the supplies you use. Right now Gamsol is eluding, any suggestions on where I can find it?

  14. Love your ‘reject’ bird! I would love to know more about how you choose colours and get inspiration for your card designs. I love the slightly graphic/clean feel you have – often mixed in with buttons, twine or something else for texture. It works a kind of ‘balance miracle’ for me. Your cards just ‘sit right’. (Does that make sense?? 🙂 Thanks for sharing – it’s always such a pleasure to drop by!

  15. I already commented on the HA blog, but LOVE these cards! The birds are gorgeous – I love the one you did in the scallop circle!

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