I have two words…

Poor Ty. ☹

(This message is just for your Bachelor fans.  More stamping to come later. ☺ )

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39 thoughts on “I have two words…”

  1. I was so upset with that show!!! Not sure I will watch it again….I understand there are real feelings and emotions but this was an awful ending!!
    Poor Ty is right….!!!

  2. Yea, I don’t think they should have had Jason break up with Melissa on national tv. I thought that was terrible. I may not watch it any more either.

  3. Perfect comment about “poor Ty”, Jennifer! I can’t believe I watched the whole series and then it turned out like it did! What could they possibly doing tonight?? Will he change his mind again????

  4. I agree with he should not have broken up with her on National TV that just sucks. In life we make mistakes, we learn from them and try not to make them again so for Ty’s sake I hope it all works out and I hope that Jason and Molly are right for each other. My husband and I liked both Melissa and Molly. Melissa will find her prince charming eventually and who knows maybe this will even help her.
    I know I know I always try to see the good in people.

  5. I hate how I was able to read all about what was going to happen in US magazine before it happeded and MOSTLY I hate that Molly acted like she had no idea!!! Give me a break they’ve been talking to each other for weeks.
    I have never been so happy for Jillian ~ Not getting caught up in this mess.

  6. WOW. Poor Ty is right. I think they should have come on already broken up instead of on tv too. I do hope Molly and Jason can slowly work on their relationship instead of rushing it.

    I know it makes for a much better finale to have the proposal but it puts way too much pressure on the relationship. I do like how he wants to approach a relationship with Molly though….slow.

    GMA alluded to something being on tonight. Is there something on?

  7. Didn’t you feel just awful for Melissa being broke up with on national tv! She was nice about it compared to how I would have taken it. Hope Ty wasn’t exposed too much to all of this – how confusing for a little boy!

  8. I don’t know about him, torned between two beautiful women ,that must of been the hardest desition ever ,how can you choose what would you do…… I adore ,love that little man ,he is just to cute

  9. I wanted him to pick Molly in the first place. The whole thing was probably a set up for TV. I’m sure they had already broken up and it probably wasn’t a surprize to Melissa. They are all actors and this was a way to get viewers to watch. They can’t have the same outcome for every season, no one would watch.

  10. Poor Ty is right. That is the one thing that kept going through my mind. I have to say I think so much less of Jason now. In fact, I find him despicable. What a horrible thing to do to someone. Break up with them on TV. How tacky and insensitive is he?

    This has left a very bad taste in my mouth for this show. I can’t believe that they stooped so low for ratings.

    I also find that having a proposal at the end is terrible. I know that feelings can accumulate over a short period of time (I am married to my whirlwind relationship) but I feel the producers put too much pressure on them. All I could think of last night while the show was airing and he kept saying “I’m falling in love with 2 women” is that they say THAT EVERY SHOW. They need to freshen that line up a bit…it’s very old by now.

    Ok, I could write a novel here. Very upset by the whole thing. Moving on to other things….I got my Hero Art blinky today…has everyone else?

    (my 1st blinky ever too!)

  11. That whole thing was just so tasteless and tacky. Made me mad, that’s for sure. It’s so horrible how low TV will stoop for ratings. Geesh. Isn’t anything sacred anymore? Ugh.

  12. I didn’t watch until the last 20 minutes because I knew this was happening. I just thought kissing and skipping off with Molly minutes after breaking up with Melissa showed such a lack of class.

  13. Think Mellissa might be the next “Bachelorette”??? Will her family appear then?…..Stay tuned……

  14. There’s a reason that a REAL courting relationship (with any hope for marriage) is exclusive! Because if you date more than one person intimately like that, you get a mess. The Bachelor sets people up for disaster so that’s what they get. It’s a horrible show. It’s even MORE sad when there is a little person involved.

  15. I totally think there were lots of things going on behind the scenes…there is a lot of talk online about that..the “Reality Steve” site had all the info before it aired..they are all actors..

  16. I agree with the poor Ty! Apparently the tv breakup was the network though and not Jason’s idea. Though I do think he’s a complete PUTZ!

  17. I thought breaking up on TV was bad..plain and simple. I know hes human and can make a mistake. But I feel compassion for Melissa.
    I saw Jason on the View last week and he said he was happy now and that his pick was moving to Seattle. If he has made it work for him then I am happy for him. They are both nice women. And both deserve respect.
    There is a follow up show tonight. And yes I am going to be a sucker and watch it. I think this follow up is weeks after the last rose show..
    Yes poor Ty..

  18. I was SO busy with the Hero Arts challenges and did get to watch all the episodes of The Bachlor until last night’s! What an ending!! I don’t think Jason knows what he wants…that is the problem. Poor Ty (& Melissa & Molly)-that is!

  19. Yeah…I was very upset about it and have lost all respect for Jason and the show. Real life, maybe so, but there are definitely things that could have been handled better, but I’ll spare you my rant about it…

  20. Oh the drama! So the Bachelor has had like 13 seasons now, right? How many have turned out well? I can count one. I can’t imagine that many people watching my love life. Yikes! I feel sorry for Jason…just think all this time he knew that we were all going to hate him.

  21. Horrible! What a sad waste of time! Poor sweet Melissa and Ty. Now we know why that jerk was divorced in the first place!What a loser!

  22. What a way to be for your kids, “I love her, we are getting married” after 6 wks and then…. 6 wks later, I have changed my mind. What a great thing to drag your kid into…

  23. Poor Ty is exactly my sentiment. I think a lot of this was scripted. I am not buying into it hook, line and sinker. But I do think this whole thing was in such poor taste. I am done with this show. It is not for the benefit of those involved. Too ugly and messy. Yuck!!!

  24. I watched Jason’s interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show which explains some of the reasons. I agree with everyone that the break-up on national television was bad, but I also agree that Melissa knew it was coming. Molly, I don’t know. I can’t believe they kissed each other when he just dumped Melissa. Since little Ty hadn’t been around them that much, I think he was spared with some of the emotional junk. After reading a lot of responses on the internet today, it sure sparked a lot of anger from most people. Doesn’t say much about ABC. Of course, I have to think all of them knew what they were doing when they signed the initial contract with “The Bachelor”. It is a reality show. Sorry for being so long winded. Tonight’s show should be interesting, I think. Thanks for letting me vent.
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  25. I agree – poor Ty.

    Poor Ty has a father who thought he could find the love of his life and a good mother for Ty in just a few short weeks of living in a fishbowl with a bunch of women.

    Poor Ty has a father who makes terrible decisions. He’s in love with two women but chooses to propose to one of them rather than telling her he would like to see what happens with them when they are in the real world.

    Poor Ty has a father who lacks common decency and will break off a relationship in front of a camera that allows all of the world to see, then 5 minutes later is professing his love to another woman and locking lips with her.

    Poor Ty has a father who doesn’t have a backbone to stand up and tell ABC that things should be handled in a respectful manner.

    Poor Ty has a father who is attracted to a woman who is so desperate that she thinks her relationship with Jason will last.

  26. Poor Ty is right. Very tacky to show the breakup on tv – even if it was in the contract. All I can say for Jillian is that she had better read and reread her contract before going any farther – and change anything in the contract she doesn’t like!

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