Funky card opening…

Hey there, stampers.

First, I just wanted to give an update on Keegan – remember him?  (Click HERE for a past post on him.)  I think he had been in the hospital since early fall, along with much time before that in his young life.  Well, he has had some big steps ahead lately and it made my heart happy to see these pictures.  I thought I would share THIS link in hopes to make you all smile, too.  God is good. 

And I thought I would share a card that I did for a class a few weeks ago… and that is a fit for the Weekly Challenge at 2Peas.  This card opens a bit funky – it swings to the sides to reveal the message.  I used to do these years ago in classes, but hadn't done one lately.  Thought it was time.  Those are brads in the top two corners.

032609 Swing Card 1

032609 Swing Card Supplies: All Hero Arts, including stamped circles, frame, greeting, shadow blossom ink, shadow apricot ink, gems, flowers… and old brads.

I am so excited at how well those little plaid circles stamped.  I used this set… it is a good one…


And that Apricot Shadow Ink is the most incredible color.  I also like the Sand, Pool and Blossom.


I am off again tomorrow to teach at a rep show in Boston – will be good to see friends.  Thanks to some big ol' steroids shots from the doctor, I am hoping the ears don't go nuts on the plane again.  Boo on my sinuses!

Oh, and I am up-to-date on emails.  If you have sent me emails past 2 weeks ago, please resend.  I know some didn't make it to me and I don't want to ignore you. 🙂

And!  Grey's Anatomy.  Well, I had lost interest, but McDreamy caught my interest tonight.  Yum.  What do you all think?  Is Izzy gonna die?

Hugs.  More soon.  I have some fun things up my sleeve. 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Funky card opening…”

  1. Thanks for sharing about Keegan… I’m sure his family is just thrilled to have him home. 🙂 Beautiful card! Love the yummy colors and it’s a great swing card. That HA set is one I keep wishy-washing on… Hope you have a great time in Boston and that the meds help. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the update about Keegan. So good to hear some positive news when there is so much doom & gloom being reported at the moment. God is indeed very good! Safe travels.

  3. Such great news about Keegan! Thanks for the update, Jennifer! Love that card! Beautiful!
    Oh, and I think Izzy is going to die. She wants off of the show (so does George) and so not sure if the cancer will kill her or not, but she’s going soon, unfortunately. I love her character, actually and McDreamy is yummy. 😉

  4. I heard she hasn’t renewed her contract for next season…and neither has George…so sadly I think the are gonna be outta there ;o(

    good news about Keegan ;o)

  5. Love the card! Great news on Keegan! LOVE Grey’s. I’m hoping Izzy doesn’t leave. I heard the reports of them leaving the show aren’t true. I hope they aren’t.

    When will you be posting another video??? I hope soon! I miss your videos!

  6. What a great card! I think I might need those stamps now! lol

    As for Grey’s, I don’t think Izzie is going to die, but I think one of her friends is!!

  7. Jennifer…I too have problems on planes because of sinus’….perhaps you know of this technique but it helps me enormously….hold your nose tightly, ‘blow’ down really hard and your ears will pop… relieves the pressure and I keep doing this occasionally during flight..sometimes my ears are very painful, sometimes not so bad…must be how much the cabin is pressurized which affects them.

  8. I just read yesterday that Katherine Heigl says she’ll stay on the show as long as they’ll have her, although I, too, had heard that she and TR wanted to leave. I guess they’re just keeping us all up in the air 🙂

  9. I hope Izzy doesn’t die, she’s one of my favorite characters. I would hate to see here leave the show.

    It’s great to here some good news about Keegan. All of a sudden there are so many kids I’m reading about online that I’m routing and praying for and I would have never heard of any of them if it wasn’t for the internet.

  10. Happy Monday! Thanks so much for sharing about little Keegan…those pictures definitely made me smile and I will pray for continued recovery for him 🙂

  11. Great news about Keegan, I’m following another story that is having a happy ending too! About Greys…I got sucked into it finally this season and rented the last 4 on dvd. I’m totally hooked but the show won’t be the same without the original cast ya know…look at ER
    Have a great trip!

  12. According to the website, Ms. Heigl is making nice with the producers and indicating she will stay if they will have her. I hope she does stay – I love her character, and it is about time she and George got some decent storylines. They have painted such a bleak picture of her prospects though – 5% survival rate?

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