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Happy Monday.  Have you ever had one of those weeks where there couldn't possibly be more for you to have to do?  But you enjoy it anyway?  A happy busy?  That's where I am right now.  Just keepin' a smile…

Here is a fun site for you: Creative Therapy.  These gals are true artists – they create amazing masterpieces.  They asked if I would play along with one of their challenges.  I have to say, I was very nervous!  I don't think of what I do as "art," so I double checked to make sure she really wanted me. :)  But I am so glad I did it – SUCH fun.  I have been really down this late winter due to the cold, dreary weather.  It makes me long to go to the islands for an escape.  So, I decided to bring the feel of the islands to a set of cards… one for each of my girls and one for my husband.  They love the islands as much as I do.

Please go HERE to see more about the project and techniques… but most importantly, go see what their artists created for the challenge.  Wow.

Here is a peek at mine:

030509 Therapy Cards 2
More photos and details HERE at Creative Therapy.

So, tell me: are your kids on spring break?  It is spring break here… love having the girls home all day.  Last night?  Movie night for me and Kay.  Today?  We went and bought birthday gifts for Colin.  Tomorrow?  A trip to Hobby Lobby, swimming and bowling.  Love it.  What are you all doing for your spring break?

Also, I had a few questions on the project in my last post.  I will go back and add to it, so be sure to check there if you are interested.

Off to do a video. 😉

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11 thoughts on “Creative Therapy”

  1. Spring Break isn’t til the first week of April here in Dayton…we’re doing a bunch of little things–swimming at the rec, movie, bowling, skating, maybe a trip to g’mas. Plus, we might fit in an ice cream tasting day.

    Have fun!

  2. Oh, and yeah, your projects count as “art”.

    (Which reminds me, maybe a trip to the Dayton Art Institute during Spring Break–it’s free!)

  3. Beautiful cards, Jennifer! I have to get myself down to those islands one of these days. 🙂 We’re homeschooling the kiddos and since we took the first week of March off so the DH and I could have a little romantic getaway we considered that our March Break. Really hard to do school this week (even though we only do a couple of hours in the morning) with the GORGEOUS weather we’re having. We did spend a good chunk of the afternoon at the park enjoying the sun and the singing birds. So good for the soul! 🙂

  4. Sounds like a wonderful week of family time. Enjoy!

    So my question — if what you do isn’t art, what do you call it? I can’t imagine another word for it…

  5. Here in North Dakota, we don’t really do spring break. We take a three or four day weekend, if we’re lucky. We originally had a four day weekend, but because we had so much snow this winter, we had to take alot of snow days and will only get Friday through Sunday off this week. Bummer.

  6. Jennifer

    As always lovely cards!!!

    You bring so much sunshine to everyone. I always stop by your blog to have my daily dose of sunshine. Sorry the winter has been unkind to you. Spring will arrive this Friday on the 20th. The sun will warm your spirit.

    We will be on Easter break April 6th. We are looking forward to this week.

    Sandi N.

  7. spring break is next week here in columbia, mo. we will spend 1 day at my brother’s track meet. each kid gets a day with grandma. lots of playing outside with friends. just lots of hanging out.

  8. This card has the ‘WOW’ for me, the clouds are wonderful. Here in the UK we have had some lovely sunny days but a frost this morning. Im looking forward to the end of the month when we change our clocks to summer time

  9. Hope the sun starts to shine for you soon. Our Easter holidays start on 4th April and we get 2 weeks off school. Easter weekend is slap bang in the middle of the holiday so we don’t usually get away (DH is a vicar, so not so much of a ‘holiday’ time for us), but we have lots of fun celebrating Jesus. For the past couple of years we have had gorgeous warm weather at Easter in the UK. The summers have been washouts, but at least we saw the sun in March & April!

  10. Maggie’s spring break is in a couple of weeks, so I have some time. I might see if Scott will take off and do something with her. (I’m almost out of days due to our vacation and the funeral)

    Call me if you girls have time. The kids can have their “date”. LOL!

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