Boy oh boy…

Hello, everyone.

Yes, the Bachelor is not a nice boy.  I am ok with him changing his mind, blah, blah, blah.  But breaking up on tv?  Tacky.  Not that there is much class to a show with this "storyline", but this is too low for me.  I think they really made a wrong move with this – I bet the lose more viewers then they gain.  I tried to talk my dear friend Courtney into going on the show (she would be such fun to watch, would win the heart of any guy and is drop-dead gorgeous)… and thank God she didn't listen to me.  So, the better question now is: what shows do you all recommend?  I need things to record and have on during the day.  Working at home can be lonely.  Any ideas?

(ETA: Shirley mentioned watching Jimmy Kimmel's interview with Jason.  It makes me like him a bit more again – it seems Melissa knew ahead of time and he had to do that on TV due to contracts.  Whatever.  But, HERE is the link if you want to see.  I love what Jimmy says to him about being friends with Melissa some day.  I love it.)

Oh, wait: If you watch Brothers and Sisters, you probably are a bit peeved at the hottie Robert, too.  I guess that cute ones mess up a lot, huh?  โ˜บ (Now THAT was a good episode!)

OK… on to more important things.  Much more important things: Stamping and more stamping.

Wanna see something fun?  Check out the blinkie over on the left there.  It is for Hero Arts.  They have three different ones you can download and put on your blog.  And I have 3 reasons why you should add one to your site.  โ˜บ  1. If you do, you can win a prize.  (See HERE.)  2. With how depressing this economy is, doesn't a fun blinkie like this make you smile?  3. Hero Arts is a good company.  They are made in the USA, family run, green as can be and remarkably generous and good people.  I love to support that.  So, go grab a blinkie.  โ˜บ 

Next, how about some sharing?  2Peas has some great new stuff up. This month's theme is sewing.  I love stitching on cards and pages.  On another day I will share my favorites… there are a lot.  In the meantime, HERE is one set of cards I did using two of my faves: Hero Arts and Basic Grey.





(c)… click HERE for more details.

Lots of people ask about the white ink I use.  It is White Memories Ink… you can find it HERE.

Well, I hope you all have a good night.  See you tomorrow.

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34 thoughts on “Boy oh boy…”

  1. I love these cards. The designs, colors and embellishments are perfect. I was wondering if you could let us know what ink you used to stamp the background on the Take Good Care card that was stamped on kraft paper. The ink shows up so well and I have not had great luck with creams or whites showing up on kraft. Thanks and have a great evening.

  2. As always my friend….they are STUNNING!! As for shows….I am a die hard Grey’s Anatomy fiend. I got hooked due to the Peas message boards. I rented the first 3 seasons from Netflix when I was down to due to my back. I was instantly hooked. I love it and I watch it religiously. I am going to do Brother’s and Sister’s next. I have wanted to see it from the get go and never managed to do it.

    Also the Houswives of the OC is now on DVD. I never saw that from the beginning either. I saw it tonight when I was watching the Housewives of NYC. I loved it…Ramona is such an obnoxious woman and she needs a hairbrush! ๐Ÿ™‚

    happy watching whatever you choose! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I really really enjoy watching the following shows: Jon & Kate Plus 8, Gossip Girl, Privilege, Damages, Reruns of Hope and Faith on WE (kelly ripa is super funny), Real Housewives of NY, Millionaire Matchmaker, The Tudors (starts 4/4), The City, 24, Eli Stone, Ugly Betty, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money.

    Ok ok….this sounds like I do nothing else but watch TV. I DVR all of this plus I’m a Research Analyst for a Cable company. I have to watch tv…but I love it too. Some of the shows are off till the next season but all of the shows listed about are amazing!!! So hope you try them out.

  4. Wow beautiful cards ๐Ÿ™‚ I added a blinkie too! Thanks!

    As for shows, I am getting ready for Dancing with the stars, I don’t usually watch it but I like Shawn Johnson and I think Steve O will be funny! I also enjoy the Ellen show which is on daily, shes so funny! And then the oldies Friends….thats all I scrap too, I have all the seasons and I LOVE having that on whilst working away!

  5. Dancing with the Stars starts next week and I love it…really good family entertainment and there’s no heartbreak! (And I think Jillian will be a great bachelorette and I will watch that I think)

  6. I agree…Bachelor is annoying and Brothers and Sisters was a good one too! How about that new Castle show on ABC that got a lot of promos during the Bachelor? Looks like it could be interesting. How about Private Practice and American Idol? AI should be getting good once they pick the 12 finalists.

  7. yep, they’ve lost a Bachelor fan in me. I get that he changed his mind. I don’t believe he HAD to break up on tv. I don’t believe that he KNEW on that last day that he was going to marry Melissa. I think he screwed up. And it would’ve been nice for him to say that instead of giving excuses. Yuck!

    Let’s see, my fave shows (and I’m gonna stick with NON-reality shows!) are Supernatural, Smallville, Desperate Housewives (it’s gotten better). I like Survivor but only because I love watching the challenges, and that new Castle show looks good. I know there’s more but I can’t think of ’em at the moment!

  8. Beautiful cards, Jennifer! I love the Basic Grey paper you used…such earthy, warm colors!

    I have not watched a Bachelor season in years. It might have something to do with my wanting the couples to be happy & stay together, but most of the time they break up. ๐Ÿ™

    I haven’t been watching the new American Idol too closely, but will when they pick the top 12. I also am a big of The Property Shop on HGTV…Thursday nights. LOVE it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Army Wives is an awesome show. They are playing reruns right now on Lifetime, not sure when the next season starts. I also like Private Practice. Then I like watching all the design and landscape shows on HGTV and DIY.

  10. We have a family tradition at our house on Sunday nights. We watch Amazing Race on CBS. It has won more than a handful of awards for best primetime reality show plus more. It’s usually clean (except for some intense couples racing, the bleeps for swearing and messy challenges). We like to see the adventures and challenges while we check off the places we’ve been or would like to go.

  11. Love your cards!

    Does anyone really think reality shows are real?

    Get a Netflix acct. and watch some great movies.

  12. Hi Jennifer, and thank you for your amazing cards! We love Reba, on lifetime network. It is a great family show, and always makes me laugh. Laughing is great:) My kids say my sis acts like Reba, and I am like Barbara Jean. fun times, fun times

  13. Gorgeous cards! I love every one of them!!!
    I totally agree with you on the Bachelor. I was appalled that he did that on TV, but didn’t know that it was in his contract to.
    I still don’t understand how he could propose to someone while in love with someone else (even if he loved them both.
    And his son had to go through the holidays thinking he was in love with Melissa and then all of a sudden she’s not around anymore. I feel bad for him.
    I’ve added the blinkie to my blog when they came out on the HA site. Mine won’t blink and I’ve tried for so long to fix it. I have no idea what’s going on there. At least I get to see the cute little owl on the even cuter pink houndstooth background (which I got in the mail yesterday! WooHoo)

  14. Love your cards!

    as far as tv shows go–I have aboslutely no time for tv–they only show I dvr is OPRAH–I may not always agree with her, but she has some really interesting topics on her show–DR OZ is my favorite!

  15. I still watched last night, well today on the computer. I think there was stuff that happens with ABC that we, the general public is not privy to. That’s kinda how reality tv is. Breaking up on Tv, yeah kinda bad but I think drawing it out would be wrong too. Could have been done in a better fashion, breaking up ahead of time and just coming out and saying it’s over. But who am I…

    I love love love Amazing Race. So far, I think you should be able to watch the first two episodes on the computer at if you have missed them to catch yourself up. It’s fun to see other places in the world when financally we may never get there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And we love the CSI series. Don’t have cable to if it’s on the big 3 networks, I can watch.

  16. THanks for the link to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Explained a lot. I’m glad he said that Melissa knew because when she came out, she didn’t act like she was with him, yeah they hugged but no kiss. I did notice she was already not wearing the ring which tells me she knew it was happening. Thanks again.

  17. The cards are great, any one would love to recieve one.
    Now, as for TV. I am adicted to Surviver and Real Housewives… With Surviver I like to see all the angles, with Housewives- I am amazed at the shallowness and Sand they have built their life on.
    those are my guilty pleasures. You might want to take a look-see. Janet

    i hope I

  18. cards are great! I gotta have tv on when I sb–for company. And I get dvds of Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley (before your time, I’m sure) and Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. I’ve seen them all, so I don’t have to give it my full attention but they’re still great shows! I would love to have Carol Burnett but can’t seem to find them at the library yet.

  19. Jennifer

    I agree I do not like the contract they set up to break up on TV.

    I like to watch “The Amazing Race”.

    Love the cards, they make me happy.

    Sandi N.

  20. Adorable cards! I work from home quite a bit…and usually have something running in the background…Ellen, Bonnie, Oprah, The View…but I love House Hunters on HGTV. And yeah…Jason…dude! I think the editing probably made him look more wishy-washy than he is, but still…

  21. LOVE the bg and hero cards. you rock it everytime. and I never thought i’d like jimmy kimmel, but i love him after that interview. too funny!

    (p.s. I watch brothers & sisters….and i was sooooooo bummed about what robert did…not to mention it hit too close to home with the heart attack thing. sigh)

  22. I am sure his contract didn’t make him make out with Molly on the couch five minutes after breaking Melissa’s heart!

  23. I always love your work! And about the
    bachelor…don’t get me started! It’s not good for my blood pressure! LOL Dancing With The Stars premiers next week. I also watch American Idol, and The Closer (TNN drama with Kyra Sedgewick). Love that show! I’ve also gotten hooked on the Dog Whisperer on Nat Geo. Not sure why cause we have cats. I guess he’s just so amazing!

  24. Not into reality TV, but DD and I do like Jon & Kate plus 8, and 18 Kids and Counting!(The Learning Channel) I go for Fringe & Bones (Fox). If you liked The X-Files, then you might like Fringe.

  25. Just a little note to say how much I LOVE your cards!! I just adore your style and wish I could borrow your creative side for even 10 minutes (sigh….) I can’t help with TV – sorry. We opted to get rid of it in our family completely and we really haven’t missed it since. (Strange but true ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the awesome inspiration today!

  26. Not really into the Bachelor. Now, Brothers and Sisters, let’s talk!!! I can’t believe that Robert is doing this to poor Kitty! But on the other hand, she knew what she was getting into!!! Oh the drama! I have gotten into Flashpoint on Fridays – oooooooo – talk about eye candy!! Men in uniforms – always have been my weakness. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Great cards, as usual!

    My TV recommendations are:

    Dirty Jobs – Mike Rowe is a hoot and he’s a hottie, too. Plus it is interesting to see the jobs that some people have to do.

    The Amazing Race – it’s a fun and cheap way to see the world.

    The Real Housewives… – I enjoy all of them (Orange County, New York City and Atlanta). The women are so shallow and materialistic. It’s a good reality check to make me appreciate my little ol’ life.

  28. Gorgeous cards. I love love love Jon & Kate + 8, Greys Anatomy, and Lost. Didn’t get into Lost until after the third season started so we got it on Netflix and caught up. Warning: too many details to do anything but watch Lost but I still recommend it. Mind boggling. I am also still and Alias junkie. Even though it went off the air years ago, I still watch reruns when they are on. Love Jennifer Garner! Enjoy and would be interested to know what you decide to start watching. Your TV posts make me giggle!

  29. Love your beautiful cards as usual!

    As for shows I’m a sucker for these: Grey’s Anatomy [totally rent-able to watch from the beginning!] which has lots of crossover with Private Practice since it spun off of Grey’s. Great casts and very well written.

    House M.D. He can be a jerk, but it’s another extremely well written show that you never know what to expect. He makes you laugh as well. Also rent-able…Bonus!

    As for a reality show, I love the Amazing Race. The contestants aren’t forced to do stupid things like eat bugs and you get to see the world and learn about different cultures. Plus, they do give-a-ways as well!

    Hope this helps! Thanks so much!

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