Happy Sunday.  I bet lots of you are watching football and eating yummy foods.  I did the eating part! 😉

Quick card share.  I just adore THIS Maya Road stamp – perfect for a fun and personal card.  I like that they have individual clear stamps.  A good deal.  And THESE bright October Afternoon papers are the perfect "sending cheer" colors.

Medicine Card
EK Success NEW Border Punch (for edge of card – love it!)
October Afternoon Papers
Maya Road Stamp
Fiskars Heart Punches
Hero Arts buttons and notecards

So, I want to give away one of these Maya Road stamp sets… and will throw in a cute Valentines Heidi Grace set, too.  Just leave me a comment by Wednesday at 11:50pmEDT telling me something that made you smile today and I will pick a random winner of these…


Thanks for stopping by.  🙂

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661 thoughts on “Giveaway!”

  1. what as just made me smile is seeing the heidi grace stamps i have been trying to get for a while…maybe i will be lucky.

  2. I love these stamps–especially that adorable Heidi Grace set!!! The almost 70 degree weather and blue sky today made me smile (I love spring!)

  3. getting ready to stay a few hours late at work, then being told i can go home at my regular time. yay! that makes me smile…

  4. I saw a picture of a little puppy asleep on her back in a bunch of beautiful purple flowers. It was so cute that I said to the stranger beside be, oh look at this adorable puppy…. she smiled too.

  5. The perscription stamp, I love it! Made me laugh when I saw “nap” on the checked list. I really don’t need to give my loved one permission for that, he does it enough on his own! Thanks for sharing your great ideas and “candy” to boot!

  6. I felt really lucky today when I saw my DH and my 78 year old Father in thier 3-D glasses, giggling like school children in preparation for the Commercials of the Superbowl….:)

  7. sooo cute – I smiled today as I went in to wake our 7 year up. She looked so peaceful and precious. I just cannot believe how fast they grow up!!

  8. I love that card! And I can’t wait to get my hands on that new punch! And hopefully that cool stamp as well :o) wink, wink!
    Something that made me smile today was watching my 3 yo son playing in the leaves and running around the park with his best friend. Watching them find joy in such simple things is so refreshing and always melts my heart!

  9. We have a family owned grocery store in the Detroit Metro area that carries gourmet type food. The owner always puts pictures of his dog with little captions in the local ad that comes out each week. Apparently, the dog was pictured above the ground beef special and someone sent it in to Jay Leno, which Jay read in his wacky ad segment. When I read about it I laughed so hard! (Thanks for the chance to win!)

  10. My dear sweet mother said she would love to strangle that groundhog that saw it’s shadow yesterday. She is SOOO done with winter!

  11. My dogs! They always make me smile by just greeting me or wagging their tails.
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  12. what made me smile on sunday was finding out when my husband will be coming home from iraq. ive waited a long 15 months and in just a short 24 hours he will finally be home!

  13. My three year old daughter always makes me smile and laugh during the day. She gave me a big hug yesterday afternoon and told me that she thought I was sooooo cute! That made me smile!

  14. Love the cards and the stamp sets, Jennifer! I am smiling today because it is SNOWING! My kids have a half day of school, so I know we are in for an afetrnoon of FUN in the snow!

  15. HMMM, something that made me smile today. The sun is shining, I’m actually enjoying eating my healthy breakfast of oatmeal, and I don’t have to be at work until 7 PM!

  16. Hi Jennifer,
    I look forward to getting your emails every day. I am new to card making and your blog is very inspirational to me. Thanks!!
    Something that made me smile today -watching my children. They are just awesome and they always make me smile. I tell ya – if your having a bad day, watch your child/ren, it’ll make you smile:)

  17. such a cute card, love the prescription list. I smiled today as I got to sleep in – that so rarely happens and my granddaughter is coming over this afternoon to spend the evening, always get lots of hugs and kisses from her. It’s a good day!

  18. Love the stamp set, and the card, so cheery and bright. Something that made me smile, my “just” one year old putting everything to his ear as if its a phone!

  19. What a cute card!! It made me smile!! Also, I smiled, really laughed when my high school senior daughter woke me this morning to let me know she was heading to Denny’s for breakfast before school with her girlfriend. She hates mornings, and getting up extra early today still has me smiling.

  20. Hello! Cutie card! Looking at my family’s old photos today and they never fails to make me smile every time I see them 🙂

  21. I have 2 boys, 5 and 3. They were playing Star Wars together, and the 3-yr-old told put his arm around his big brother and told him, “You’re my best buddy, Cole!” That made me smile BIG!!

  22. Love your card and the stamps! Thanks for the chance to win. Exercising with my girlfriend made me smile. We attend classes at the local University taught by 20 year olds in great shape so they are very challenging but always fun when attended with a friend!

  23. Love your card, and the stamps are so cute.

    What made me smile today is when I dropped my almost 13 year old off at the bus stop and she came around to my side of the car and with her cold little face gave me a kiss and said “love you mom”

  24. What makes me smile today?? Wood burning in my woodstove keeping me warm! With more snow on the way today and tempatures in the teens…well, you get the picture!! Thank you for the opportunity to win! These products look great!!

  25. My 8-month old daughter made me smile today as she is finally feeling better after a week with the stomach flu. Its so good to hear her little giggle and see her back to her cheery, adorable self.

  26. The results from my cardmaking event at church made me smile. The crafting group made such 200 great cards which are headed to our local Veteran’s Hospital to say thank you and we are thinking of them for Valentines Day.

  27. Those stamps are so adorable!

    Today was the first time my 8 month old used his jumperoo. He was sooo happy and as laughed at him, he laughed even more! It was so funny!

    I love your work. Thanks!

  28. Oh my these are adorable. Something that made me smile today (everyday) is when my husband gets up to go to work. He’s in the Army and leaves the house around 4:30 am. He always gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me. It’s a great way to start my day and always leaves me with a big smile.

  29. i was worn out from playing all morning with my son, when i called a friend. She shared a story about another friend who’s birthday is coming up. The woman’s one wish for her birthday was to spend one more day with all her kids when they were little. Of course, that wish can’t come true for her, but it can for the rest of us with little ones. So i went back to playing legos & trucks with my boy, which made me smile.

  30. Watching my cute, little, white dog walking around with a big, juicy carrot in her mouth….then she sits down and starts munching away.

    Love your card!! Thanks again for the inspiration.

  31. I’m smiling ’cause my mom is coming home today. She went to AZ before Thanksgiving to spend the holidays with my sister, and I REALLY.DON’T.LIKE.IT.WHEN.SHE’S.GONE.
    So I’m smiling, ear to ear, and will be laughing out loud at 4:30 when I pick her up at the train station!!!!

  32. ok dont laugh, but I’m smiling cause my husband is in jury duty right now, and he’s almost finished his book, so he’s going insane! =)
    I know..i’m evil..there are so many other things to smile about..but this one takes the cake for today! haha

  33. Such a CUTE card!! LOVE that bright paper and what a fun stamp set!!!
    The sun made me smile today! No snow, no rain.. a bit cool but oh my that sun.. makes me count the days til Spring! 🙂
    Have a GREAT day!!

  34. My husband made me smile today when I opened my email and I got mail from him subjet: Happy Valentines Day… I say mmm it is too early? inside: What you been doing Valentines Day of 2006? and below an email I sent him that day…I laugh because I didn’t even remember what I was doing last year on Valentines no wonder in 2006 hahahha… I just answer… mmm You leave me alone because that email says 7PM maybe he was working hahahaa… I’ll ask him tonight 😉

    Thanks for your candy….

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