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… to remind you all to head over to the Hero Arts blog today.  It is the start of my favorite week yet… such fun.  Here is a peek on a card over there today, along with a page.  Be sure to go HERE for more info… along with a chance to win some great new goodies.

Favorites Card Close
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Break Hearts
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I will be back tomorrow with more.  In the meantime: Is anyone else disappointed with the Dancing With the Stars upcoming cast?  Maybe I am wrong.  I am not a huge fan of the show, but do love that the family can watch it together.  (Although every time one of the dancing gals comes out with an outfit with her booty hanging out, Kay says, "Yes, Mum… I like the outfit but know that it is inappropriate."  Hee.)

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  1. I am with ya Jennifer… totally disappointed with the dancing with the stars new cast! I really like the show and last year was not so hot they may lose me this year! tena

  2. Being an older woman, i loved Cloris Leachman last go round. But this year it looks like they are running out of people willing to put in the work that is involved. This “couple” thing has me curious, but probably not enough to watch.

  3. Oh, and I forgot the most important thing. Your card at Hero Arts is a beaut!!!!! Once again I am going to use your idea to advance my status with the mother in law!!!!!!!

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing Shawn Johnson. I was fascinated with her performance at the Olympics. πŸ™‚

  5. I just saw your pretty card and beautiful layout on the Hero Arts blog. The card is so fun with the pretty pearls and the hear embossed Raindrop background! I love that layout… terrific design!

    It was funny to find out that Steve Wozniak will be on the show. Seriously? LOL! He doesn’t need the money or visibility! I just now of him because I live in the Silicon Valley. πŸ˜€

    You’re right… there’s not much to this season’s line up. But I’ll still be watching!

  6. The LO with your little man is absolutely gorgeous! I’m definitely going to lift that title/sentiment for one of my kids (don’t know which one yet, maybe both!)
    As for DWTS, I’m a little “eh” about the stars. I do think Shawn Johnson has a leg-up because she’s an athlete, and I’m sure she’s taken dance before b/c of gymnastics. I’ll wait and see who each of the stars gets paired up with – I always find that part interesting…the producers seem to do a pretty good job about pairing people up!

  7. Hi Jenn,

    I’m not excited about the dancing stars cast either. They seem to come out with the same layout of a male & female athlete, soap star, singer, a class clown, old Hollywood etc. I wish they would change the format some. But you will find me watching it.


  8. Hi Jennifer,
    Love the card & layout. Very excited to see what you have in store for us fo the rest of the week at HA. πŸ™‚
    I only recognise a few of the names for DWTS. My whole family is hooked on Strictly Come Dancing over here in the UK. My 6 year old boy cries each time someone he is rooting for gets voted off. We find that initially we are never terribly fussed about the ‘celebrities’ (I use the term loosely!), but as we see them week in & week out we get more into it. The ironic thing over here is that the professional dancers have become as well known as the celebrities, if not more so, so it’s actually the pros that we watch it for. We had a celebrity husband and wife competing a couple of years ago. They were teamed up with a husband & wife professional couple, so that was quite fun, especially when the celebrity wife, who was way more talented at dancing, was voted off before her rugby player husband, who was pretty bad on the dancefloor. You get two DWTS seasons each year, don’t you? We only have one Strictly each autumn, so we have to wait patiently now until October.

  9. Yeah! I agree on the Dancing cast. Maybe after we watch a while they’ll grow on us?
    I anxious to hear what you thought about The Bachelor last night. Nobody else I know watches it. I was thinking the during the whole show that he wasn’t going to give Naomi a rose. And I’m really starting to like him with Jillian even though Melissa had always been my favorite for him.

  10. I love that layout of Colin! It’s really one of my favorites of yours.

    The Dancing cast is quite a group. Jewel has become the reality show queen in the last couple years hasn’t she.

    I even have my hubby watching the Bachelor… He liked Naomi & was all upset when Jason didn’t give her the rose – I started laughing at him. Her family was quite colorful to say the least.

    I’ve liked Melissa from the start but she seems a little young for him & according to my DH & his expert powers of observance lol she’s hiding something… why don’t her friends know her family, why did her friends keep referring to all the guys she dated when she’s said she hasn’t dated in years & came out of a very long term relationship… My DH was so into it he was saying look at her friends they are lying right now because they are looking sideways when they answered the question & he hit the backwards button on the DVR to show me lol I nearly fell off the sofa laughing. (sorry for the rant but figured you might appreciate it lol)

    I’m sticking with my original pick of Jillian.

  11. I absolutely love your layouts but this one is gorgeous. I love Colins sparkling eyes. Can you tell me the name of the My Minds Eye paper so I can lift this onse. Thanks

  12. I love your layouts. I particularily like the pics of your kids-they are beautiful and all look so happy and healthy.
    Happy scrapping

  13. That layout is wonderful! I`m going to lift it, if you donΒ΄t mind? My little boy, now four,once told his teachers in Kindergarten; “I have beautiful eyes” ,when asked what he liked about himself ! Your sweet boy could really say the same!
    Thank you for the inspiration you give us!

  14. Jennifer-
    Beautiful layout! Gorgeous Son!
    Can you tell me how you do your circle accents? I can never get the paper to stay still to get a circle cut that thin. Any tricks?
    thanks for the inspiration.

  15. I too was hoping you’d post your thoughts on The Bachelor. I must say that there does seem like something is up with Melissa, but if her friends don’t know the parents, maybe what she is saying is correct that they are really private people. Although anti/a social comes to mind. I really like Molly still. I do think Jillian has grown on me knowing about her mom, to me it did explain a bunch of her earlier personality.

    Okay, enough about the Bachelor. I’m a DWTS fan, but think the judging needs to change a bit (more based on content, plus an entertainment score). I didn’t catch all of the cast but I think they are running out of stars so they are finding whomever will do it. Should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    That eyes layout is fantastic. So true for so many little ones.

  16. Jennifer, Thank you for all of you info on cards etc. I love your web pages. You give me so much inspiration. I love making cards and doing scrapbooking. Your sight is alot of help to me. My hat is off to you. Thank you

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