It’s time for some good links…

Hello Monday.

Thought I would share some links over to 2peas… there are some new things in the Garden.  Here we go…

  • THIS one by Cindy Liebel just makes me smile.  Those yummy colors and photos on a white background?  Perfection.
  • THIS one by Erica makes me want to grab my camera and start taking photos of Colin NOW.  Wow.  Every mom can relate to this.
  • THIS one by Nichol is full of fun details.  Wonderful.

HERE is one I did.  The photo on it is actually temporary.  I am reprinting all the mini photos from my Christmas card and putting it in this space, but I had to order the photo.  And this one worked perfect for the time being.  I love being with my brother and my son.


Another one I did HERE.  This photo is one that Cathy Blackstone took.  I love it.  It is all digital – can't believe it!

28881-1 (c)

So… this is a short post since the fabulous Bachelor is on tonight.  Ha.  Molly is going home – I can feel it.  I am starting to lean towards Jillian.  I think Melissa's parents might have ruined her shot at him.  (Although, if I were her parents, I likely wouldn't want to do the TV thing either.)  Or maybe her dress that she is wearing at the rose ceremony tonight – it is bad.  Oh, well.  It isn't nearly as important as the economic crisis, huh?  But I don't like to talk about serious stuff.  That's no fun! 🙂

ETA: Eek!  I was so wrong.  I really thought Jillian was staying.  Hmmm…  Oh… and I don't think Deanna is coming back to get him – I think she just wants to give him advice.  Boo on that. 

Ah… the important things in life. 🙂

Have a good night…

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23 thoughts on “It’s time for some good links…”

  1. Jennifer

    I enjoyed looking at the links. Lots of talent on 2peas!

    Love both of your layouts. Fun looks with great photos. I love the digi kit for doing groupings for families. I might try this on for size. We have a couple large walls with nothing on them because I do not know what to do with them. For most of the day they have full sun.

    I did not think Jillian would go home either! I cried along with her. How sad is that?

    Sandi N.

  2. you know i feel molly and jason are not as connected as they used to be. I really liked jillian … dont care much for the last 2 contestants, hope deanna does stay to spice it up a bit!

    Love your digital layout!

  3. I really shouldn’t read your blog before I’ve had a chance to watch the Bachelor. 🙁 I’m SO disappointed that Jason didn’t pick Jillian. It had looked like her home visit went to best… and she’s Canadian. What can I say? 😉
    Oh well… in other news. Your layout s look wonderful. Digi-scrapping scares me but your page looks great. You’ll have to re-post your other layout after you change the pictures. It would be fun to see the 2 takes. 🙂
    Happy Tuesday to you.

  4. Cute the “2” one.

    As for Jason, I love Melissa. I think she’s great and great for him and Ty. I think with the way Jason was talking about Jillian, I could tell she’d go home. I felt so bad for her, though. Her heart was thoroughly broken. 🙁 Of course, at this point, that’s going to happen. I just really see Jason and Melissa together. She was an early favorite for me.

    It’ll be interesting to see what Deanna has to say. But we have to wait TWO WEEKS for that?!?

  5. Oh, love both of these! Why am I not surprised you would absolutely rock the digi as well as the paper? 🙂 Boo, I thought Jillian was staying too. Has to be Melissa now. I’m very intrigued about the “very sensitive issue” or whatever they were alluding to in the preview!

  6. AARRGGHH- I am so bummed that he chucked Jillian, but I almost saw it coming. There was a little too much tension on their date. BUT I thought she was redeemed when they had the steamy hot tub scene- how could the camera men film that for so long. How can you be totally into a moment when you know someone is peeping right at you? Anyway- I was hoping this was enough to save her, but when she just kept saying “I’m crazy about you”…I feared that wasn’t enough to get it done. I don’t know why he was so hung up on the best friend deal because to make your marriage last an eternity- that’s what it has to be based on – not the “in love” feelings that can be fleeting (Those seem to be realistic expectations in my mind)…her video didn’t do anything to help her out either. She should have told him in the video what she told him once he ditched her. Anyway- with that said- he’s got to pick Melissa. He can’t keep his hands off her and he’s always leaning into her and definitely has that sparkle in his eyes. It’ll be interesting to see what the “biggest finale ever on bachelor history” really means. I doubt it’s DeAnna- she dissed him once and that’s what his ex did- so I can’t believe he’d open himself up to that possiblity again. I know I’m way too emotionally into this, but I’m a sucker for a happy ending. 🙂

  7. Those were gorgeous layouts. Thanks for sharing.

    AHH, why do we have to wait so long…..I think the key to knowing who was going home was when Jillian said that she wanted her best friend, his body language totally changed. Then later at some point he was talking and said something about wanting best friend but more than just that.

    It really seems to be bothering Jason about Melissa and not meeting her parents. And Molly is finally opening up which I can understand could be very hard to do. SO at this point for me it’s a toss up. We’ll see how DeOnna fits into the whole thing and if she wants him back, then shame on her. But if it’s for advice, then okay but the whole reaction they show with him going to the balcony basically in tears doesn’t bode well in my mind that it’s friendly advice.

    I agree with Tami, hmm what’s the very sensitive issue they are talking about. Sheesh, keep us in suspense why don’t you.

  8. Love the layouts! As for Jillian – can’t believe he sent her home. I don’t know – whoever he ends up picking – I’m not sure I would want her to see his “steamy” time with Jillian….

  9. Great layouts Jen!

    I watched the Bachelor. I thought Jillian would be gone and she was. What can you do you know? He said he wasn’t in love with her and I felt so bad for her. Next week should be interesting. What a hard decision he has. UGH!!

    Talk to you soon.

  10. I think that he’s been in love with Melissa for a while, but is really physically attracted to Molly. Molly was an early favorite for me, but then I really started to like Jillian for him. I was really shocked that it wasn’t Molly going home last night. I think he’ll go with Melissa in the end. So what gave you the impression that she’s just there to give advice? I think I need to rewatch the preview. I was probably not paying full attention. I didn’t realize that we have to wait 2 whole weeks now. Ah!
    Anyway, love all the layouts…great inspiration there.

  11. LOVE the layout of you and hubby.

    And I am so boycotting the Bachelor finale…I can’t believe he didn’t keep Jillian!!

  12. I am wondering what sort of creative editing has been done with the whole Deanna thing. They’ve got her saying “I made a mistake…you haven’t proposed yet,” to make it look like she’s there to ask him back, when she could really be saying: “I made a mistake when i used stickers on my early layouts. If you love her so much, I am wondering why you haven’t proposed yet.” They always edit it tomake us so suspenseful. But what is up with the “what we’re about to witness is so sensitive, blah blah blah” during The Women Tell All? Oh my heck — can’t wait to seee that one!

    And he’s going to pick Melissa!! Has to be. The wait is killing me!

  13. Gorgeous layouts!

    And I agree – I was shocked he let Jillian go! Molly is my least favourite and Jill and Melissa were my favs from the start.
    I am so hoping for Melissa now!

  14. I enjoyed all of the links. Thank you for sharing! Your layouts are terrific! I just love that second one… beautiful!

    I’m not quite sure what to make of Melissa because she reminds me so much of Deanna. Doesn’t she look like her? Or maybe it’s just me. LOL! What kind of advice could Deanna give Jason at this point? Go with your heart? hee hee! Oh I see… advice along the lines of “I made a mistake and I don’t want to see you make the same mistake… blah blah blah”? Hmmmm…

  15. Your blog is always so fun!

    I was shocked when Jillian was sent home. Completely caught me off guard. Molly seems so insincere, and I agree that he just lights up with Melissa. I think Jillian will be the next Bachelorette!

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