I love Saturdays

Saturdays are the best, aren't they?  Colin gets up every Saturday and says, "Is it a school day?"  When we says no, he immediately asks Ken, "Do you have to go to work, Daddy?"  When he says no, Colin gets a huge smile.  And so do I.

Didn't do much today – still recovering.  But I thought I would pop on to share a few things.

One thing – if you plan on sending any pages to me to be shipped overseas to our Aussie friends (see the post HERE for more info), please send me an email.  I want to make sure I have them all before packing up and shipping.  Thanks!

Time to share.  This one was for the fun challenge over on 2peas.  The challenge is to create a page inspired by a card.  But I decided to do the opposite. It is inspired by THIS amazing page by Robyn Werlich.  (Notice the folded corner on the card?  Roxie decided to step on it.  Nice. 🙂

022709 Special HeartsSupplies:
Hero Arts notecards, stamp and embossing powder
Lots of patterned papers (from top to bottom: Autumn Leaves, Basic Grey, Cosmo Cricket twice, Anna Griffin, KI Memories)
Fiskars Heart Punch
Sewing machine – man I love that thing

Be sure to come back tomorrow – I have something I could use help with – help from you all. 🙂

OK… I'm off for the night.  Anyone else going to watch the Celebrity Apprentice tomorrow night?  The cast seems good – I may try it out.  Night!

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18 thoughts on “I love Saturdays”

  1. That card is stinking adorable!! And I LOVE Robyn’s LO…well I love them all. I just lifted her last week. She’s so lift worthy, isn’t she?

  2. Jennifer . . . I don’t know how to sew and hence, don’t own a sewing machine. BUT . . . I oh so love the look of sewing on my scrapbook pages. Any advice . . . I would like to get a inexpensive sewing machine, but one that isn’t el cheapo and will work on my pages. Oh and how do you thread those beasts! That step seems like something I need a phd to figure out! Help!

  3. The card is just darling! I have a sewing machine inherited from my mother but have no idea how to use it.

    I have been under the weather this week and was unable to get the layouts done that I had wanted to send to you. I’m so sorry. If I manage to get any done after my trip this week, I will send them from here. They are all still in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Hey, Susan Dukat: I just saw in my new issue of Scrapbooks, etc. a craft sewing machine…it’s made by singer but looks basic and not too expensive. I am always nervous about sewing paper with my machine because of paper lint getting into it…so I may consider this craft model dedicated to paper sewing…check it out!
    Jennifer: such a cute card! Are you so excited about the Bachelor tomorrow night? I can’t wait, and I blame you! I’ve never watched it before…but now I’m hooked and the suspense is killing me!
    Also, funny “slip of the keyboard” in your post…I think you meant “huge smile” but you put “hugs smile”…I think your son got a hug too!

  5. love the card.. so cute.. We love Saturdays too.
    I am a huge Brothers & Sisters fan and they have a 2 hr special tonight. I may tivo the Apprentice.
    Just curious what are your favorite apps. on your iphone? I love the Shazam one you recommended.
    Feel better soon…..

  6. I love this card! Are the hearts a punch or were they hand cut? Roxie just wanted to get in on the fun!!!!

  7. Love the card, corner and all!
    Robyn’s layout is awesome, too.
    My son asks me the same exact question “Is it a school day?” almost everyday.

  8. Jennifer

    Love this card with the heart shapes on BG papers. I like the sewn look too.

    Colin is so sweet. It is fun how they think.

    Sandi N.

  9. Okay just finished watching the Bachelor. What a moron Jason is!! How could he break Melissa’s heart on television like that. I really hope Molly ends up dumping him, it would serve him right because I think he is thinking with the wrong part of his body because Melissa was a way better girl for him.

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